Our Beers

Bangalore's first Irish Microbrewery, Murphy's Brewhouse is equally known for the delicious international food we offer in the menu. From yummy Chicken Wings, French Fries, Nachos and Mongolian Lamb to eternal Irish favorites like Fish N Chips, Irish Stew and Bangers n Mash, the menu covers Indian, Pan Asian and continental cuisines. Each item in the menu is a great pairing option for the fresh brews we offer!



A dark beer of the night that blends roasted caramel, a kiss of chocolate & a touch of smoky flavours, created to bring out that dark side of yours.

Holy Sally

A specially brewed wheat malt with a saucy blend of spices that flirts with distinct flavours of cinnamon, black pepper & coriander is bound to tease a lot more than your taste buds.

Good Golly

A full bodied premium lager with a creamy, rich texture combined with a delicate balance of flavours. Get swept off your feet, literally.

Paddy's Poison

Crafted from a traditional recipe, this refreshing golden ale with its crisp, fruity aroma, noble hop bitterness and a hint of honey will surely hit the spot.