Our Beers
  • Holy Sally

    Holy Sally is brewed using traditional wheat malts and made in the style of a belgian wheat beer. the brew is blended with orange and coriander to give a very smooth finish to the beer and a pleasant aftertaste of fruits and spices.

    Type: Belgian wheat beer

    Abv: 4.2%

    Appearance: Shiny yellow

    Aroma : Pleasant aroma of wheat malts.

    Flavour: Fruity with a starting taste of wheat and ends with a sweet aftertaste of coriander and orange.

    Pairing: White meats, Fish, Chicken

  • Paddy's Poison

    Brewed from special english malts and hops to give the beer a full bodied malty flavour with hints of honey and spices.

    Type: English Ale

    Abv: 4.5%

    Appearance: Light brown

    Aroma : Full bodied and pleasant hoppy notes.

    Flavour: Pleasant malty mouthfeel and hints of honey.

    Pairing: Red meats, Beef, Mutton

  • Good golly

    Traditional german style lager with roasted malts and hops from czech republic to give an excellent full-malty flavour, pleasant bitterness and notes of citrus.

    Type: German lager

    Abv: 4.7%

    Appearance: Golden brown.

    Aroma : Malty taste with higher bitterness levels.

    Flavour: Slightly dry on the palate but crisp and clean with a refreshing bitter aftertaste making you want more

    Pairing: Sausages, Bacon, Roasted pork

  • Black Beard

    The famous beer of murphy's brewhouse with extra smooth flavour of roasted and caramelized malts, giving the beer a blended taste of coffee and chocolate. finishing off with a smooth taste of burnt sugar.

    Type: Dry stout

    Abv: 5.5%

    Appearance: Dark brown

    Aroma : Caramel malt taste.

    Flavour: Heady blend of burnt sugars, and a rich malt mouthfeel with aromas of coffee chocolate and some spiciness.

    Pairing: Red meats, Prawns, Beef

  • Holy Sally
  • Paddy's Poison
  • Good Golly
  • Black Beard