Wine Myths: Debunked

WIne Myths: Debunked by Murphy's Brewhouse

Most common wine thinking is just misconceptions and myths floating around. So, this week we decided to help you clean your palate of these popular misconceptions and debunk the common wine myths for you.

· Expensive wines are better wines- Wine prices are never swayed by the factors such as the taste and the quality of the wine, but the location, celebrity endorsement and image dedicate their price. So, don’t be fooled into thinking that expensive wines will always taste better.

· Age Worthy Wines Should be Sealed with a Cork- Another misconception! Low quality wine is always associated with screw caps. But contrary to this belief, screw capped wines can age very well as screw capped wine promotes quality control. This eliminates the worry associated with spoiling of the bottle.

· Red Wine Should Always be Served At Room Temperature- This misconception popularly surfaced during the 19th This is purely a myth; the actual rule is that red wine should not be served over 20 degree Celsius. The recommended temperature for serving red wine is 14 to 18 degrees.

· Aging improves wine- Usually, there is no benefit involved with aging of wine unless they are very special. This is because wine is typically consumed within the first few years of its production and some within the same year. So go ahead and taste your wine sooner rather than later.

· Only Red Wines Have Health Benefits- Yes, it is true that red wine contains more antioxidant than white wine, but that does not mean white wine has no health benefits. This is just a myth. Both red and white wine contain same amount of nutrients and are equally beneficial for health.

Now, that we have debunked these common wine myths for you, come over to Murphy’s Brewhouse as it is the best hangout place in Bangalore and show off your newly acquired wine knowledge, while you sip on some of the finest wine