Whiskey Types: Decoded

whiskey types

If you are new to whiskey or know little about it, we are here for a rescue. We will help you understand the broad world of whiskey, and whiskey types in a narrow way.

A list of whiskey types decoded for you:

  • Bourbon whiskey a popular type of American whiskey having a sweet flavor with a tinge of woodiness and vanilla. This type of whiskey is aged for 2-8 years in new charred oak barrels and goes well with smoked ribs.
  • Rye whiskey is light and spicy in flavor with a slight bitterness and is aged for 2- 8 years in new or used charred oak barrels. This whiskey can be enjoyed with a pecan pie.
  • Tennessee is a sweet flavored whiskey with slight hints of charcoal, aged minimum for 2 years in new charred barrels and it can be enjoyed with any meaty dishes.
  • Canadian whiskey as clear from a name is whiskey of Canadian origin. This a light bodied and very versatile flavored whiskey made by blending of multi-grains. Chocolate and Canadian whiskey go well together. This type of whiskey is stored in used or new oak barrels
  • Scotch is a popular whiskey from Scotland having a smokiness and fruitiness flavor that requires minimum two distillations and is stored in wine casks or oak bourbons for a period of 3 to 30 years. Scotch tastes best along with a steak.
  • Irish whiskey is sweet in taste with a warm touch of roasted honey and fresh fruit. It is aged normally between 3-12 years in wooden bourbon or wine casks. Irish whiskey can be enjoyed with a good meal of seafood.

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