Whiskey Myths: Debunked

Whiskey Myths: Debunked by Murphy's Brewhouse

Are you flooded with questions and facts about the greatest spirit- Whiskey? The prohibition era left a gap in the knowledge of whiskey, leading to a series of myths and misconceptions. So, we decided to pour forth the facts about the legendary Whiskey and clear away the myths, so you can show off your whiskey knowledge next time someone asks you a question about it.

Myth No. 1: The older the whiskey, the better it will be.

We often believe that older is better and a mark of quality. Older usually means expensive and by default people tend to believe if it’s more expensive than it must be better. This is absolutely untrue, in fact there is a limited number of years you can age whiskey, otherwise they end up tasting woody due to excessive wood from the barrel.

Myth No. 2: Whiskey is a man’s drink.

This is a myth that has prevailed for a long time. Women have been drinking and making whiskey for hundreds of years and their love for whiskey dates back to the 19th century. There’s absolutely nothing that should stop a woman from drinking whiskey, so all the woman out there go treat yourself to a shot of whiskey!

Myth No. 3: Making a cocktail with good whiskey is a waste.

Wrong!!! How could that possibly be a waste? If you are making a cocktail, you would want to use your best ingredients and a good whiskey will make your cocktail extremely flavourful. Great whiskeys will make great cocktails.

Myth No. 4: Never add water in whiskey.

A lot of people are scared of adding ice or water to their whiskey. You will often hear people saying “I like my whiskey straight, no water, ice or fancy drink mixed”. But adding a little water or ice will actually open up more flavours and aromas. So feel free to add ice cube, water or anything, experiment a little with your whiskey; it isn’t that delicate.

Myth No. 5: Whiskey is spelled with or without ‘e’.

The question how whisky is spelled keeps resurfacing over and over again! This will surprise you but our favourite drink has two spellings- Whiskey and Whisky. Canadian and scotch distillers generally use the spelling ‘whisky’, while Irish and American brands go for the ‘Whiskey’ spelling. The origin of ‘e’ is unclear, but whatever be the spelling the taste of a good whiskey is all that one needs!

Now that you have debunked the whiskey myths, go grab yourself a glass of it at your very favourite Bangalore’s best hangout place- Murphy’s brewhouse and have a great time! And don’t forget to show off your newly acquired whiskey knowledge as you catch up for a drink.