Whiskey Cocktails You Must Try

whiskey cocktails

Cocktail is a usually made from a mixture of one or more strong alcoholic drinks and fruit juice. Whether your style is scotch on the rocks or classic bourbon and Irish whiskey, we have got a plenty of whiskey cocktails lined up.

We assure that variety of whiskey cocktails will only enhance your love for whiskey


  1. Honey whiskey lemonade: Mix lemon juice, honey whiskey, simple syrup, and ice in a shaker. Pour it into a glass and garnish with lime.
  1. Bourbon peach sweet tea: For this cocktail you will need sweet tea, bourbon, peach slices, and ice. Mix all the ingredients together and it’s good to go.
  1. Strawberry whiskey sour: This features strawberries, bourbon, lemon juice, and some simple syrup. Put all the ingredients in a mixer. Mix until it combines well and gives the desired consistency. Alternatively, you can prepare strawberry puree separately and add it in. Pour it over crushed ice with a strawberry garnish.
  1. Ruthless: Ruthless is a combination of whiskey, cranberry juice, crushed litchi pulp, mint, and lime. Over gently muddled lime and mint, pour whiskey and litchi pulp. Shake well with some ice. Serve over crushed ice and decorate with a dash of cranberry juice and lime pieces.
  1. The blinker: This is an easy mix with whiskey, grapefruit juice, and raspberry syrup. Shake well over ice to mix. Top up with lemon garnish
  1. Jameson and Ginger: Pour a shot of Jameson Irish whiskey in a glass over ice. Go on and fill the glass with ginger ale and squeeze a lime wedge to garnish.


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