What type of bar you want to own?


So, you’ve decided that you want to own a bar, now the thing is, what kind of bar do you want to own? To start with, you have to decide on the theme of the bar. Is it the Irish bar that you have seen in the movie leap year or the cool sports bar that you visited during your trip to Europe? Or just a casual bar with well-crafted beer with long happy hours to give people the best hangout place in Bangalore. So, based on your teenage dream, when you had just learnt the art of drinking, decide what kind of bar you want to own. In case, you are having trouble to remember those blurry nights, here are few options to rekindle your memory.

  • Sport’s Bar – If you are a huge football fanatic and think there is no authentic place where you can watch and support your team, then why don’t you open a sports bar? You don’t have to be a football lover to open a sports bar, if you like to watch cricket, hockey, Kabbadi, tennis, rugby, basketball, volleyball, just anything on the sports channel, then for the love of the sports, open a sports bar! But don’t forget to add delicious pub grubs as sports bars are famous for it. And we don’t have to tell you to add a big screen TV which is visible from the moon. Kidding! Visible from every corner of the room will do a good job
  • Brewhouse – People are just bored drinking regular bottled beer since ages. They can buy these beers from shop and drink at home. So, why don’t you give them the best brewed beer in the Bangalore? Definitely a hit! For the best tasting brewed beer, people will be more than happy to visit your Brewhouse. Happy Brewing!
  • Specialty Bar – Specialty bars focus on the single aspect ranging from wine to whiskeys. Some may focus on only one drink, whereas, others might give wide range of varieties in the similar category. So, add a twist in your specialty bar and specialize your bar in music or your own personal favorite drink that you think is a crime not share with other people! For the sake of humanity, open a specialty bar. And with the little touch of sophistication by keeping an expensive and rare collection of drinks, save people from same old drink, same old taste!
  • Neighborhood Bar – In case you are highly inspired by the English bar you have seen in your US or UK tour, open a neighborhood bar and let people experience the life of Ted Mosby and his friends like in How I met your mother. Now this is a cool idea. Usually people visiting these bars are a regular customers and are seen hanging out in a bar almost every day. Also, you can put snooker boards, dart boards and other games for people to pass their time with a glass of beer in their hand!

May the coolest place to hang out in Bangalore be yours!