How and what to drink while watching weight

drinking while watching weight

For folks who love boozing, watching weight might be one of the toughest choices because it’s literally their body versus one of the things they find irresistible. All we are left to do is either drool while others drink or make excuses and do it yourself. We thought we would give you the good news- You don’t have to give up drinking to get into shape. Keep reading to find out the hows and what’s of this regime.


Watching weight? Indulge in pure spirits rather than mixed cocktails.

Spirits like vodka, rum, whiskey, and gin do not have sugar and carbs on their own.

These are eliminated in the distilling process. The calorie content shoots up dramatically when the mixologists pair up mixers, syrups and soda with spirits and thus, Cocktails are calorie loaded. So it’s a no-no for those who are watching weight.

Not only do cocktails boost calories, they also have a powerful impact on your coyness. Keep a track of what you eat with your drink because the body burns off ethanol first because it has no nutritional value, and whatever goes in with your drink gets stored as fat. After a few drinks, you might find yourself mindlessly overeating anything in your sight (pizza, nuts). To avoid this mishap, eat food rich in protein, fiber, and healthy fat before you get drinks so that you don’t gobble down unhealthy snacks later on.

You don’t want to take out your calorie calculator the next time you sit down to have a drink. With a little planning, you can steer clear of a diet disaster. Here are some simple and specific directions to make the right choices:

  • Sip on wine. It’s low in calories. Just keep in mind you don’t have glass that can hold a school of fish!
  • Drink liquor by itself. Again, low calories
  • If you can’t do without your mixed drinks, consider diet tonic, sodas, and juices. If diet mixers aren’t an option, most martinis are low on calories (apart from the obvious, like chocolate martinis that are laden with sugar and carbs)
  • Gin and diet tonic is not bad either. Try an equal part gin and soda water with a dash of tonic for a change.
  • If you can’t resist drinking beer, opt for light beer. It’s a little less calorie than the regular ones.

Sounds like alcohol is not the enemy here, right? Try some of these popular, low-calorie drinks next time if you are watching weight; Scale: 1.5 ounces (44 ml)

  • Absolut Vodka (96 calories)
  • Smirnoff Vodka, Pure (121 calories)
  • Vodka and Diet coke (258 calories per 350ml)
  • Rum and Diet Coke (172 calories per 350 ml)
  • Jim Beam bourbon whiskey (100 calories)
  • Wines- red, white, rose (100-110 calories per 150 ml)
  • Jack Daniels (98 calories)]
  • Raspberry-infused vodka with club soda, a splash of cranberry and a lime (115 calories/120 ml)

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