Weird and Expensive Beers!

weird and expensive beer

Microbreweries around the world are obsessed with brewing the most unique beer. There is always a race for producing the extreme level of beer, which will be recognized by beer admirers across the globe. With some philanthropic cause attached to it, fancy packaging or the amount of alcohol content – breweries want to give a unique identity to their beer. Here is a list of the beers that are unique due to their packaging, price or ingredients used:


  1. Samuel Adams Utopias (United States)

This dark brown beer costs $150 (approx. ₹ 9,620) a bottle and should be relished on very special occasions. Encased in a fancy copper bottle, the beer is brewed using traditional ingredients, using up to four noble hops and matured in fine wine barrels for more than six months. The aroma is phenomenal and the taste is rich. Sipping on this fine brew is classy way to spend an evening. That is, of course, if you don’t mind shelling out some money. One bottle won’t do much harm, right?


  1. Sapporo Space Barley (Japan)

This barley brew was born when the Japanese and Russians scientists decided to experiment the effect of space conditions on the growth of barley. Made from the plants that were grown on the international space stations, the Sapporo Space Barley costs $110 (approx. ₹7,700) for a six-pack. Want an out-of-this-world experience? Get some of this Russo-Japanese beer imported, yo!


  1. BrewDog Sink the Bismarck (Scotland)

Costing $80 (approx. ₹5,130) per bottle, this Scottish brew was manufactured as a weapon to attack the Germans who held the record for making the strongest beer. What was the strategy, you ask? Four times the hops, distillation and freezing. Yep. The result? Four times the kick!! Well, yeah, you paid 20 times more than what you usually pay for your beer, but hey, at least you get a buzz from a smaller amount, right? So be very careful while having this amazing beer. No, no, don’t go Dragon Ball Z on everyone and climb atop a table and scream, “Power level over 9000!” No, really, don’t do it


  1. Tutankhamun Ale (Scotland)

We’ve heard how serious people from ancient times were about their beer, right? Have you ever wondered what ancient brews might taste like? Well, lucky for you, you really have a chance to. How? Grab a $75(approx. ₹4,800) Tutankhamun Ale, that’s how. When archeologists discovered King Tut’s tomb, they happened to find some brewing chambers too. These chambers had ancient beer residue, which were analyzed and used to produce 1,000 bottles of the Tutankhamun Ale. The first bottle was sold for a whopping $7,686. Luckily, you can take a step into Egyptian History for a much lesser price


  1. Pabst Blue Ribbon 1844 (China)

This Chinese finery, costing $44 (approx. ₹2,800) a bottle, is brewed using German caramel malts and American cascade hops and aged in uncharred whiskey barrels before packing them in bottles similar to those that incase fine wines. Absolutely delicious, yes? Sadly, this amazing beer is not available for sale outside China. So, have you started booking your tickets yet?