Vodka: Mysteries and Myths

Vodka: Mysteries and Myths

From being tasteless to being tagged as a ‘women’s drink’, there are many tales attached to the Hollywood’s most preferred drink- Vodka. But, do you think all the tales are factual? Think again, there are many misbeliefs’ attached to vodka- a popular drink. So, today Murphy’s Brewhouse, which is the best brewery in Bangalore, decided to debunk some of these myths.

Myth No.1: It Doesn’t Matter Which Vodka You Use In Cocktail.

Vodka has a simple, subtle taste, and hence is a neutral spirit. The truth is that different vodka brings out different taste. For instance, higher proof vodka will bring out a taste that is different from the taste that lower proof vodka would bring out. Super fact: Vodka that has a strong taste, but a neutral smell will make better cocktails.

Myth No.2: All Vodkas Are Not The Same.

According to the bookish definition, vodka is a rectified spirit, which has no recognizably different taste. False and false! Repeat after us, all vodkas are not the same. The truth is, vodka comes in a wide variety of taste depending on where they are distilled. Other factors that influence the taste of vodka are the raw materials and their quality.

Myth No.3: Vodkas Are Made Only From Potatoes.

Not true! In fact, very few vodka is made from potatoes. Vodka can be prepared from any starch or sugar-rich plant. For example, soybeans, grapes, rice, sugar beets or fruits can all be used to make vodka.

Myth No.4: Vodkas Is Odourless and Tasteless.

No Odour? No Taste? Are we talking about water or an alcoholic beverage here? This myth is the most ridiculous one. Of course vodkas have taste and odour, ranging from very light to very strong and empowering tastes and odours.

Myth No.5: Vodka Is a Women’s Drink.

Initially yes, vodka was considered as a women’s drink, but now the times have changed and now, vodka is considered as a cool and happening drink by both men and women.