Varieties of Whiskey

Varieties of Whiskey by Murphy's brewhouse

Whiskey is made of different types of grains like Barley, Malted Barley, Rice, Wheat and Maize, stored in a wooden cask. Choosing on a whiskey is like choosing a candy, there are so many varieties and options that you want them all, which makes it quite confusing for someone who just wants the good old whiskey on the rocks! Hence, it’s important to be informed about the types of whiskey for a perfect and complete whiskey experience.

Malt Whiskey – As the name suggests, Malt Whiskey is made of Malted Barley. It’s still made in a traditional manner, in a pot.

Single Malt Whiskey – Made solely of malted barley and comes from just one distillery. It has a taste that is specific to the distillery it’s made in. To obtain a perfect blend, it’s often blended with other whiskies.

Grain Whiskey – This whiskey dates back to 1830’s and is mostly used in blends. It’s made of both malted and un-malted barley and also other grains such as wheat and maize.

Vatted malt whiskey – Vatted malt whiskey is made from malted whiskey of different distilleries. A whiskey labeled as ‘malt’ or ‘pure malt’ is surely a vatted malt whiskey. It is also known as blended malt.

Blended Whiskey – Blended whiskey is a mixture of grain and malt whiskey. The malt whiskey improves the taste as grain whiskey is considered to have inferior taste and quality. It’s a blend of malt whiskies from different distilleries.

Bourbon Whiskey – Bourbon whiskey is a sweet flavoured, full bodied whiskey and it is among the first alcoholic drink taken into the United States. It has at least 51% corn, is distilled at more than 160 proof and is stored in Oak barrels.

Irish Whiskey – It’s a blended malt of half barley and half oats. It doesn’t have a sweet flavour. Most Irish pot whiskey is distilled thrice. Irish whiskey was once the most popular spirit.

Scotch Whiskey – Scotch whiskey originated in Scotland, it is made from dried malted barley that is fermented and distilled and then blended with corn rye whiskey. Barley is distilled at 140 proof and the corn rye whiskey at 180 proof.

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