Types Of Wine

types of wine

Is it date night again? Wondering what to drink? Well, Wine is definitely going to be your best friend on a date. Be it drinking it, or simply talking about it. For instance, the story about the wine you bought from a winery you visited, is sure to hit off a good conversation. So to educate you a little more on wines we are back to give you details about wine and its different types.

Red wine – Red wine is slightly tinted red as it is prepared from black grapes. Grape juice is colourless but it gets the tint due to the skin. During the fermentation process the skins of black grapes are kept in juice. This is the reason for the slight red tint of the red wine and is the secret behind the crumple feel when you have a sip of red wine.

White wine – As the colour states white wine is white in colour and there is no additional colour given to the grape juice. Grape juice has no colour. Even during the fermentation, the skin of the grapes are not allowed to get in contact with the grape juice. Hence, the grape juice colour remains unchanged. White wines range from dry to sweet.

Rose wine – Rose wine is not completely red, they have a light tint of red. These wines are also made of black grape juice. The skin is removed as soon as it gets in contact with the grape juice. As the contact time is less, these wines get a lighter tint than red wines. They are sweeter in nature and are also called blush wines.

Dessert wine – Dessert wine is always consumed after dinner as desserts because they are the sweetest and contain the highest sugar content. These are made from sugar that is left over after wine making. These wines are made sweeter by employing various methods.

Fortified wine – Fortified wine is made by adding certain kinds of spirits to the grape juice. The most usually used spirit is brandy. These wines have the highest alcohol content as the spirits are added. The reason for fortifying the wine is to preserve it for a longer time. They can be transported easily as well.

Sparkling wine – Sparkling wine has bubbles. They are known for bubbles and the fizz made by them. Carbon dioxide is the reason behind the presence of bubbles in the wine.

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