Types of Liqueurs

Types of Liqueurs by Murphy's Brewhouse

A liqueur is an alcoholic beverage that has a touch of different flavours such as fruits, cream, herbs, spices, flowers or nuts, and contains added sugar. They are usually served as desserts with coffee, but can also be used while cooking to add distinct flavours. They are served in very small glasses as they are sweet, slightly sticky and fairly alcoholic.

Listed below are some of the best liqueurs:

• Advocaat- Made from eggs, sugar and brandy, this is a traditional Dutch alcoholic beverage. This delicious liqueur is best when served with cold pudding on a Christmas evening.

• Cherry Brandy- This liqueur with a cherry touch has long been a tradition in Europe. As the name suggests, it is made from cherries and brandy. It is an excellent liqueur and gives that extra boast to your dessert.

• Benedictine- Made of herbs, roots, sugar with a cognac base, Benedictine has a very distinct taste. It is a French brandy-based liqueur, which gives a lift to dried fruits or dishes that incorporate dried fruits.

• Tia Maria- Consisting of coffee beans, Jamaican rum, vanilla and sugar as main ingredients, Tia Maria is a dark liqueur. The blend of coffee with vanilla makes this very intriguing. This rum based liqueur is very pleasant to sip on.

• Kummel- It is a sweet, colourless liquid, which is flavoured using caraway seeds, cumin seeds and fennel. It is also called as Kimmel. They taste delicious with seed cake and other types of port dishes.

• Anisette- This liqueur is flavoured using aniseeds from Spain. It is popularly used in traditional Spanish cooking, especially in sea food.

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