Top 8 Mocktails

8 Top Mocktrails by Murphy's Brewhouse

Mocktails are non-alcoholic beverages; they are typically non-alcoholic versions of alcoholic beverages. They are the perfect party drinks for both who consume alcohol and who don’t. They are cool, refreshing and completely party friendly. So here is the list of mocktails that will tantalise your taste buds.

1. Shirley Temple- This traditional mix of ginger ale with grenadine and garnished with a maraschino cherry is everyone’s favourite and is sure to please everyone, be it a kid or an adult.

2. Italian Cream Soda- Watermelon, passion fruit flavoured syrup, carbonated water and cream are all blended to provide a sense of indulgence.

3. Safe Sex on the Beach- A non-alcoholic version of our very own sex on the beach is here. The orange, cranberry and peach mixture brings a refreshing experience. They are perfect to be sipped on a sunny day at a beach.

4. Virgin Margarita- This is a virgin version of the classic margarita. Its refreshing properties make it a reminiscent of a sunny day. But the flavourful properties make it hard to resist even during the month of January.

5. Queens Punch- Spicy, tasteful, tantalising, rich and refreshing. Want to have a taste of all these flavours in one sip, then opt for a queens punch mocktail. As the name suggests, the quality makes it a perfect fit for a queen.

6. Chocolate Liquer Shake- A mouth-watering drink, the chocolate liquer shake, with its chocolate infused with vanilla, coffee and almond flavour is a must try.

7. Cinderella- This fruity mocktail involves pineapple, lemon, orange and a dash of grenadine. This when served chill is sure to impress and please everyone.

8. Sundowner- It is a sophisticated mocktail, which includes grapes, sparkling water and mint sprig. The mint leaves used in this brings out the best flavours.

These are the top 8 mocktails that every party must have. If you are yet to try these, wait no more and drop by at Murphy’s Brewhouse- best hangout place in Bangalore to give all these mocktail a try!