The different kinds of drunks

The different kinds of beer drunks

We all fit into certain categories in society, the do-gooder, the agony aunt, the party animal and the party pooper. The same idea applies to drunk people! You may have noticed quite a few at Murphy’s and among your friend group but here is a broad classification of the kind of drunks you are bound to come across:

The Happy Drunk

This is the best ‘kind of drunk’ to be! Happy drunks are the life of the party and are almost always in a good mood. The beer only adds to their happiness and it would be really hard hanging out with one if you have made an oath to stay sober throughout the night.  However, being around a happy drunk isn’t always fun. They almost never want to go home after a party and are so disgustingly happy that you feel like dumping them at the side of the road…in front of a cop

The Angry Drunk

Angry drunks are bad company and probably the worst kind of drunk to be. It is best to stay clear of angry drunks, lest they break a beer bottle over your head for disagreeing with their political views on squirrels. And if you happen to be an angry drunk (please don’t hurt me!) then it’s time to take some anger management classes and chill the heck out

The Sad Drunk

Beer can bring out a ton of emotions, some of which may be sad. Sad drunks may come across as buzzkills, though there may be several reasons for their despair, a bad day at the office, may be something worse. However, some people become mopey after drinking for no reason, and its best to avoid these sullen folks unless you want your night to turn into a sour mix of beer and wet tissues. However, it is best to cheer them up and watch out for them as everyone has their bad days. And if you happen to be one of those sad drunks, then head to Murphy’s and we’ll give you some free hugs!

The Philosophical Drunk

Hey, even Plato was a beer lover!  is it no wonder that booze brings out the philosopher in people? With a few kegs down, most people will be either trying to dance (unsuccessfully), or turn their charm up (again, unsuccessfully), but this doesn’t apply to the philosophical drunks. These folks are not concerned about the sillier things of human life and would rather talk about the bigger topics like politics, death, war, and some other stuff John Oliver spoke about the other night. While it is always fun to engage in intellectual conversation, it is better to avoid philosophical drunk if all you want to do is get down and party!

So there you have it, the four broad classifications of the kind of drunks you are going to come across. Of course, with the kind of booze and parties these days, there are bound to be several other subclassifications like the Impulsive drunks and AntiSocial drunks, but we will discuss those later. So which kind of drunk are you? Head to Murphy’s Brewhouse and find out!