The Best First Date Night Drinks

The best first date night drinks by Murphy's Brewhouse

For some people, “The first impression is the last impression”! So, if you are going on the first date with the one you actually want to spend more time with, you need to read this article. You have to be very careful, especially when it comes to drinking on your first date. So, here we give you the list of perfect drinks that are well tailored and labeled as the best first date night drinks. You’re welcome!

• The Manhattan – In case you are a martini person but don’t want to expose your love for them on the very first date, we recommend you to order the Manhattan. This has the perfect pinch of your love for the martini and exact amount of sophistication you are allowed to carry on your first date. And you can lavishly enjoy this beauty without the eye-roll from your date

• The beer and a shot – We know. Though it sounds like a weird combination to order, this can be the perfect way to start your relationship. In case your date is a beer loving person, they will instantly fall in love with you. In case, the person is not, you still have your shots to save your date! This is actually the fun, unserious drink, which is exactly the point of the first date

• Old Fashioned – In case, you want to impress your date in a James bond style, go old fashioned. Big ice cubes, no soda water, not too sweet and of course whiskey of your choice with the twist of citrus rind. What can go wrong? And remind yourself, if your date orders this old fashioned with the exact whiskey or brandy, you better start planning your wedding right then and there

• Negroni – If your date orders a Negroni to start a night, just remember the saying – “If you want to impress your date – order Negroni!” They are totally into impressing you. And if you want to impress your date, order Negroni! This elegant, beautiful drink is the cupid of your long beautiful date night

• Gin and Tonic – If it wasn’t for the class gin and tonic holds, it would have never made it to the classic Billy Joel’s song – Piano man. “There is an old man sitting next to me, making love to his tonic and gin!” The thing is, gin and tonic is a classic for a reason. This is a light and refreshing drink, which is impossible to ever go wrong with. Even when the place is crowded, it is a perfect order to make sure you don’t ruin your happy mood waiting for drinks!

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