The Beer Pong Game

The beer pong game by Murphy's Brewhouse

Everyone enjoys sipping on a cold brewed beer but what makes it more exciting is adding a game touch to simple beer drinking. Beer pong is a popular drinking game; it is extremely fun and can be enjoyed by anyone of legal age. Today, we decided to cover the basic rule of this amazingly fun game.

• Set Up the Table – The first step is to set up the table for the game. Beer pong is usually played on a ping pong table, but any table that is large, flat and stable will do. It is important to have a stable table so the beer won’t spill.

• Set Up the Cups – You can either arrange 6-7 cups in a triangular formation or you can arrange the cups across the length of table on either ends. After arranging the cups, fill it halfway with beer.

• Clean Water Bucket – Sanitation though often overlooked while playing this game, is very important. So make sure to keep a bucket full of clean water so the balls can be cleaned before they are thrown. It is always a good idea to use a towel or a tissue later to dry the ball.

• Teams Or One On One – Beer pong can be played either one on one or in two teams. Teams of two, throw the ball every time they get a turn.

Game Play – Beer pong revolves around the idea of shooting the ball in the opponent’s cup. The opposite team is expected to drink every time you successfully get your ball into the opponent’s cup.

Types of Shot – There are three primary shots- The ‘Arc’ shot, which is a direct method. The ‘Fastball’ shot also known as laser beam. As the name suggests, it might sometimes get out of hand and hence is not allowed under house rules. Last, but not the least is the ‘Bounce’ shot, which is an indirect shot. Here, the shooter usually bounces the ball into the cup.

• Re racking -The cups need to be re-racked at various levels in the game. When the number of cups drops to 6, 4, 3, 2 and 1 or at the end of a team’s turn, the cups are re-racked.

Defence – The opponents can defend by blowing, fingering or by using ball blocking techniques.

Win – To win the Beer Pong game the team needs to make both shots in the final cup. And the losing team needs to drink all of the remaining beer on the table.