The Art of Drinking Single Malt Whisky

art of drinking single malt whiskey

It is said that drinking single malt whisky is an art in itself. And if you don’t know what single malt whisky is, you are probably in a very wrong place. Still to help you out, single malt whisky is malt whisky from a single distillery, which is distilled from a fermented mash made exclusively using malted grain. Now moving forward, people may say the only rule to drink whisky is not to impose any rule. But don’t believe those people. To unlock the real flavour of single malt whisky, the best way to drink is the way it is really meant to.

  • Step 1 – Buy single malt whisky – If you don’t know the best single malt whisky in your town, ask your friends or relatives who are labelled as whisky gurus. And in case you don’t know any experts on single malt, you can always take help from your liquor store friend. But make sure you get the best one
  • Step 2 – Buy a good glass – In case you think you have the perfect glass to enjoy your liquor, think again! If it is not the most preferred tulip glass, which focuses on the aromas and splashes of good old single malt onto the tongue, go and buy one. Though some whisky lovers prefer tumblers and snifters, we suggest you go for tulip
  • Step 3 – Pour yourself a drink – Depending on your need and experience, pour yourself a drink. But make sure it’s anywhere between half an ounce to two ounces
  • Step 4 – Tilt and turn the glass – In order to let the whisky coat your glass, tilt and turn it. This helps in greater evaporation to enhance the aroma of the single malt
  • Step 5 – Nose the whisky – In order to know the different kinds of aromas in the glass, place your nose a few inches away from the glass and smell it. Also, you can slightly open your mouth to get the taste of different aromas from single malt whisky
  • Step 6 – Add water, ice cubes or neat – Based on your preference, you can either add water, ice cubes or neat like a professional. If you are adding water, add as much as half or as little as few drops. We let you decide on this one
  • Step 7 – Gently agitate the whisky – Now after adding water to your drink, nose it again. You can change the distance and angle of the glass for different aromas. But as whisky and water take a good amount of time to get married, have patience!
  • Step 8 – Take a sip – Please don’t gulp the drink! Take just enough whisky to coat your mouth and slowly swirl it around your tongue. You will experience different kinds of mouth-feels from different brands of whisky
  • Taste the whisky – In order to notice all the flavours that single malt whisky has to provide, try to hold the whisky in your mouth for some time

After tingling your taste buds from the distinct flavours single malt whisky has to provide, swallow it. And repeat the same thing again! And to try the best single malt whisky in the Bangalore, visit Murphy’s Brewhouse. We pour the best tasting single malt whisky in the perfect glass!