Tequila and Its Types

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Tequila- a distilled beverage is a regional specific name. Distillation of the juice from the blue agave plant results in tequila. Pure tequila begins its life with the fermentation process, while Mixto tequila is first mixed sugar or molasses. Then, the subsequent processes decide the type of tequila.

• Gold Tequila– Typically, gold tequila is a mixto. The colour of gold tequila is from the caramel colour and flavours added to tequila prior to fermentation. They usually contain only 51% agave tequila and are normally not aged.

• Silver Tequila– Often referred as Blanco, silver tequila is not aged for more than a couple of weeks. Silver tequila is considered as the purest form of tequila, and is often used in margaritas.

• Reposado- Reposado means rested in Spanish, and as the name suggests the first step of making this tequila involved resting and aging. Wood barrels or storage tanks are used for the resting process, which results in a gold hue to the tequila.

• AñejoConsidered as the best type of tequila, they are aged from one to three years. They are darker in colour when compared to Reposado, but have a smooth flavour to them.

• Extra Añejo- This is a new type of tequila that is aged for over three years. This tequila is the most expensive, because of its improved taste and the type of distilleries used for ageing.

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