Stout Beer Guide

irish stout beer

He was a wise man who invented beer.”

And he was a wiser man who invented Stout beer.

Have you ever thought that you might be missing out the best tasting beers in the world by ordering same beer every day? Or why the Irish are culturally known for good quality beer and famous for having a good time? That’s because they know what to drink better than anyone else. So, if you are a beer drinker but don’t know much about beer, then this guide is perfect for you. Stout beer is the Irish’s best gift to this world. Stout is a bold and strong beer, which stands out for its roasted flavor. And if it doesn’t contain 8% or more alcohol, then it is not a good stout. Its intoxicating taste and deep flavour will surely bring back your good times. Here, are the list of best stout beers which shouldn’t be missed by a beer enthusiast.

  • Dry or Irish stout – This is the most common stout beer in the world. This is deep in colour with a thick and long lasting flavor. This is famous for its dark roasted aroma which will probably remind you of coffee, barley or chocolate. Named after the Irish themselves, this beer surely promises to give you excellent taste and a good time.

Shepard’s pie and steak go perfectly with this drink.

  • Milk stout – This is also called as cream stout because of its creamy nature. As you can perhaps tell from the name itself, it balances the bitterness of beer with its sweet nature. You can think of it as the sweetness of chocolate and caramel. This is the most preferred beer in Great Britain.

The combination of milk stout with barbeque or spicy Asian dishes is amazing.

  • Oatmeal stout – Adding of oatmeal during the brewing process gives this beer a slightly sweeter taste. It is a great beer for people who are drinking stout beer for the first time. Your taste buds will thank you the smoothness that this beer brings.

Beef Barbeque and cheesy food go well with this beer.

  • American Stout – Inspired by the English and the Irish, the Americans have added their own version of stout and taken it to a whole new level. American breweries are really proud of this innovation. They add chocolate and coffee to complement the roasted flavor of the beer.

This beer pairs up well with grilled and smoked chicken.

  • Porter – This stout stands out for its roasted and smoky flavor. This beer is usually a blend of 3 different beers – old ale, new ale and weak ale. The original taste of porter is chocolaty and a bit spicy, with a distinct roasted grain and dark malt flavor.

Roasted meat and sausage blends well with the porter.

Did you know Murphy’s Brewhouse (Irish Brewery) serves the best Irish stout beer in Bangalore?