Drinks for Different Occasions

Murphy's Brewhouse

“I drink when I have an occasion, and sometimes when I have no occasion!”

Wedding, graduation, promotion, birthdays all are incomplete without a drink. Drinks are major part of celebrations, gatherings and social occasions. Sometimes, you need a reason to drink and sometimes, let’s just say you feel like drinking. The knowledge of the best drink for different social occasion can actually make you the expert of your social group. You may actually make your social hangout better.

  • Cold Days – Scotch – Have you ever dreamt of drinking scotch on the rocks like in the classic Hollywood movies? I surely do. The older, the better! Scotch is the perfect drink for cold days.  It helps warm your body up and also saves you from cold and cough. What you think is the reason behind the scotch being made in Scotland? Obviously to make their brutal cold season fun. So, when it’s cold, ask your friends to hangout with a glass of scotch in their hand and some good memories in their mind.
  • Bachelorette party – Long island iced tea – Who goes to a bachelorette party without thinking of getting smashed? No one. The aim of every Bachelorette party is to get smashed as early as possible. And what can be better than a nice long island iced tea? This amazing cocktail of rum, whiskey, vodka and any possible drink will hit you in the shortest time possible. Long island iced tea will definitely give you the quirky stories in your favorite hangout.
  • Romantic date – Red wine – Wine is a symbol of luck and prosperity. In some religions, wine is part of the tradition and celebration. So, what can be a more gracious drink on a first date than red wine? Appropriate amount helps you to keep you on your feet and who knows, you might get lucky. Fingers crossed!
  • New Year – Champagne – New Year’s Day comes once a year. So, instead of being stingy, let’s open up a good bottle of champagne. As you know, morning shows the day, so actually your rest of the year can turn out to be as delicious as the bottle you just opened. Let this bottle of champagne bring the good fortune and fun that you may need this year.
  • Sunday Brunch – Beer and wine – Are you the kind of person who loves to spend your precious Sunday holiday with your friends and a good brunch? Then, to add more charm to your hangout, make sure you order brewed beer as your drink. In case, you are not a huge fan of beer, wines are the perfect substitute. Wine goes perfectly with the fabulous dress and the heels that you wear for your exotic Sunday brunch. And who says no to a good Wine and a fun time?!

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