How Red Wine is Made

red wine

Wine is a drink that holds a special place among all the alcoholic beverages. It is a drink reserved for the celebration of the special moment. But have you ever wondered how much effort is required to make a right kind of red wine?

Today we will take you through the steps involved in making a perfect glass of red wine.

Sorting of Grapes

The best wine can be made from right kind of grapes, therefore, the first step involves sorting of good grapes from bad ones followed by destemming of grapes.

Crushing Grapes

The crushing of grapes is an important step in wine making, in this process the skin of the grapes are gently broken to release their juices then the grapes are left under the conducive condition for enabling yeast to thrive.


The fermentation of wine starts when the yeast starts to culture itself and starts consuming sugar to turn it into alcohol. The fermentation can take place in amphora, stainless steel, cement and oak containers.

The second kind of fermentation carried out is malolactic fermentation where a bacterial strain is used to soften the malic acid to lactic acid.

Aging of wine

The fourth step involved in wine making is aging of the barrel where wines are stored along with sediments. There are essentially two types of process used in aging, battonage and aging on lees. The sediments are stirred from time to time in the battonage.

Racking and Finning

In racking wine is pumped from one barrel to other to get rid of lee and after that protein of different kinds are added to make the wine clearer and transparent.


Bottling is the last step involved in wine making, where wines are packed into bottles and are aged further in the cellar to harmonize the flavors, acidity and tannins in the wine.

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