Preparing for a beer festival? Check out our do’s and don’ts list!

Preperation of Beer festival

Beer festivals are not too famous (or common) in India yet but it is getting there! Though if you are on a holiday or going around brew houses, you are bound to come across at least one beer festival. And just like any festival, there are a few do’s and don’ts you should abide by before joining in on the fun!


Sleep: Get enough rest before the festival or you are going to feel groggy and weak and may just end up collapsing on the pavement. And after a few brewed beers, nobody will be sober enough to lift your drunken bum. And speaking of sober…..

Have at least one sober person in the group: There is going to be a ton of people at a beer festival. And where there is crowd, there is confusion, traffic, and stumbling.  This is made ten times worse if the crowd is drunk on brewed beer. You will need to have at least one sober bro, the champion, the hero who takes one for the team! The sober bro is your designated driver and human GPS for the night. And if you don’t have one then scout out public transport options and always stay together with your group

Dress appropriately: most beer festivals happen outdoors, in the heat (or cold depending on where it is). So it is best not to go to a festival dressed like a model on the ramp. Wear flats, as you will be walking around a lot, and try to wear cotton clothes in case it’s warm, or a jumper if it’s cold. Also, there will be a bit of spilling involved, so don’t wear expensive clothes unless you want it dyed like brewed beer


Get there late: There is no such thing as fashionably late for a beer festival. People will be too drunk to even notice if you are wearing clothes, let alone what kind of clothes. Beer festivals will get very crowded, which means traffic will be chaotic and parking space a myth. Also early birds get the best beer! (and tables, we get tables)

Stand around the pouring tables: Get in there, get your beer, and get out. Beer festivals are crowded and everyone wants their keg quick. So crowding around the brewery’s tables will just make wading through them an utter nightmare

Go on an empty stomach: Be sure to find out if they are serving food at the festival. If not, then get some grub before heading out.  A full belly means you won’t get drunk too quickly, this way can enjoy even more brewed beer!

Beer festivals can be a ton of fun if you are prepared! And if there isn’t any beer festivals happening anytime soon, then head over to Murphy’s Brewhouse! We have the best brewed beer in Bangalore. And where it is a festival all year round