Pizza and Beer – A Super Delicious Drinking Combo!

Beer N Pizza Bash

The most beautiful relationship in the world is between an ice-cold beer and a cheesy pizza!

Pizza and cold beer are meant to be together, for life. The tanginess of tomato, the richness of cheese and thin crust of a pizza perfectly complements the bold and bitter tasting beer. Whether you are having a hectic day, a bad day, a happy day, or an ‘I don’t know what I’m doing with my life’ day, you can just order a pizza and relax. Cold beer and pizza are spiritual. The beauty of this combo is that you don’t need to check your calendar, gather your family and friends and make a big occasion out of it. All you need to do is hit a pub and order pizza and beer. But the problem here is that you get lots of options in menus for both of this, which can confuse you. So, to clear your doubt, here are the best combos of pizza with beers which you can order the next time you visit a Brewhouse.

Spicy Beer with Spicy Pizza – If you want to spice up your life, order a spicy pizza with a spicy beer. Three pepper spicy pizza, spicy sausage and mushroom pizzas go well with spicy flavored beers. If you love traditional Indian spicy food, then this combination is surely a treat for you.

Lightly acidic beer with acidic flavored pizza– When the acidic flavored pizza like simple tomato topped pizza is combined with lightly acidic beers like Pilsner, you can never go wrong. The acidic flavor of this beer will mingle with the tangy acidic tomatoes, making the whole combo seem less acidic. The bitterness in the beer is likely to keep the acidity in these pizzas on track and give you a mesmerizing taste.

Cheesy Pizza with a Strong Beer – Imagine a thick and puffy, extra cheesy pizza with an ice cold strong beer – a divine combination. As delicious as it sounds, cheese pizza goes really well with strong beers. The rich protein in a cheese tends to balance the bitterness of strong beer, giving you a delicious taste.

For mouth-watering brewed beers and pizza, don’t forget to visit Murphy’s Brewhouse. Not boasting, but we definitely have the best brewed beer and the best tasting pizzas in Bangalore. And with the Pizza and Beer bash fest going on till 14th June, you are in for a great time. Cheers!