Parties Are Fun With Drinks!

Parties are fun wit drinks by Murphy's Brewhouse

Imagine a party with just food, talk and decorations, boring right? Sounds like something‘s missing? Booze it is! Did it cross your mind right after reading the first line that I missed the drinks? Then you’re on the right page and definitely an enthusiastic party animal!

Parties are fun, they help us escape from the everyday in and out efforts we put in our jobs. Be it an official party, a social party, pool party they are all fun especially when there is alcohol. Everyone looks forward to visit the bar section of the party!

Don’t agree with me? Read further to know why drinks make parties more fun!

  • Most of them turn up at the party – As soon as your colleagues or friends hear there is booze, they all get excited and show up.
  • Drinks make people open up – Some people by nature are prone to not express themselves. Alcohol allows them to express! They open up, chat, laugh, express opinions, dance and sing. And it’s good to see them this way!
  • De-Stress – People might be overloaded with work, anxiety or they may be simply bored and tired. Drinks help them chill and relax.
  • Helps you mingle – Drinks can make two strangers best friends. People come out of their comfort zone and talk! It gives them extra confidence.
  • Different varieties – There are a lot of drinks out there and a lot of them have names you would have never thought a drink would have. You get introduced to many such drinks that you can add to your ‘Tasted ones’ list!
  • Keeps you company – if you are stuck in a dining room chair off to the corner in no-man’s land, it’s the glass of drink that keeps you company and not makes you feel awkward and lonely.

Are you craving a drink or a party, after reading this? Don’t over think it, just hop into Murphy’s Brewhouse and have the best beer in Bangalore!