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Why You Should Drink After Work Today?

“Happiness is a soul-refreshing Irish craft brewed beer to unwind your tiring day!”

Are you living a crazy busy life? Are you the one replying “I am tired after work, just want to go back home and sleep”? Then this article is definitely for you. Do you know that if you don’t unwind yourself after work, you are just carrying your today’s stress to the next day? If you haven’t thought in that way, don’t worry. It’s still not too late. At the very moment, you can start searching for the best brewed beer in Bangalore.

In case you are looking for more motives to grab a beer, then here we give you more reasons why you should visit Murphy’s for a drink after work.

  • Post-work recovery drink – Beer after work has a 100% record of refreshing you and recharging you. And if it’s a chilled brewed beer, it’s even better. Beer helps kill your exhaustion and makes you active, as we all know beer has a food value whereas food doesn’t have beer value. So, if you want to recover from hectic work, grab a beer.
  • You deserve it! – You work all day long in an office. You slave and slog the whole day and you still are looking for a reason to drink? The fact is, you deserve it for all your hard and determined work in the office. And what can be better than brewed beer to treat yourself.
  • Ready to face tomorrow – If you cannot unwind today’s pressure, then you are bound to carry it forward tomorrow. So, instead of being grumpy at work every day, grab a chilled beer and hang out with your friends. And what can be better than flavorful and densely crafted beer.
  • Stress Busters – Beer makes you younger and kills stress. So, chilled beer might just be the right thing that you need after work. Beer actually helps cheer your spirit and softens your temper. And who can understand the importance of killing stress more than a person who is working?

So, drinking beer after work can actually increase your efficiency and productivity at work. When you don’t carry the baggage of previous day’s stress and pressure, you can always start the next day fresh. As we all know, miracles happen when you are happy with your work. Therefore, visit Murphy’s Brewhouse to unwind your tiring day and enjoy the best brewed beer in the Bangalore.

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Drinks for Different Occasions

“I drink when I have an occasion, and sometimes when I have no occasion!”

Wedding, graduation, promotion, birthdays all are incomplete without a drink. Drinks are major part of celebrations, gatherings and social occasions. Sometimes, you need a reason to drink and sometimes, let’s just say you feel like drinking. The knowledge of the best drink for different social occasion can actually make you the expert of your social group. You may actually make your social hangout better.

  • Cold Days – Scotch – Have you ever dreamt of drinking scotch on the rocks like in the classic Hollywood movies? I surely do. The older, the better! Scotch is the perfect drink for cold days.  It helps warm your body up and also saves you from cold and cough. What you think is the reason behind the scotch being made in Scotland? Obviously to make their brutal cold season fun. So, when it’s cold, ask your friends to hangout with a glass of scotch in their hand and some good memories in their mind.
  • Bachelorette party – Long island iced tea – Who goes to a bachelorette party without thinking of getting smashed? No one. The aim of every Bachelorette party is to get smashed as early as possible. And what can be better than a nice long island iced tea? This amazing cocktail of rum, whiskey, vodka and any possible drink will hit you in the shortest time possible. Long island iced tea will definitely give you the quirky stories in your favorite hangout.
  • Romantic date – Red wine – Wine is a symbol of luck and prosperity. In some religions, wine is part of the tradition and celebration. So, what can be a more gracious drink on a first date than red wine? Appropriate amount helps you to keep you on your feet and who knows, you might get lucky. Fingers crossed!
  • New Year – Champagne – New Year’s Day comes once a year. So, instead of being stingy, let’s open up a good bottle of champagne. As you know, morning shows the day, so actually your rest of the year can turn out to be as delicious as the bottle you just opened. Let this bottle of champagne bring the good fortune and fun that you may need this year.
  • Sunday Brunch – Beer and wine – Are you the kind of person who loves to spend your precious Sunday holiday with your friends and a good brunch? Then, to add more charm to your hangout, make sure you order brewed beer as your drink. In case, you are not a huge fan of beer, wines are the perfect substitute. Wine goes perfectly with the fabulous dress and the heels that you wear for your exotic Sunday brunch. And who says no to a good Wine and a fun time?!

If you are looking for a perfect hangout place in the Bangalore to celebrate different occasions, visit Murphy’s Brewhouse. We are known for our beers, delicious food and good trendy upbeats.


5 Special Ingredients Used for Brewing

“Remember, beer has food value, but food has no beer value.”

Who says brewed beer has to be brewed only with grains, yeast and hop? In many breweries around the world, they mix different kind of food during the brewing process to add zestier flavour to it. These craft beers are delicious with their distinguished taste and aroma.

Some of the common ingredients used in the brewery are as follows:

  • Fruit – In order to further pump up the fruity taste and aroma in the beer, fruit is used in a brewery. Apricot, blackberry and raspberry are few examples that blends well with beer. It helps to nicely balance the bitterness of the beer and add sweetness to it. As these beers are light and refreshing in nature, they are a perfect for summer. Especially in Belgian breweries, these kinds of fruit beers are very famous.
  • Coffee – If coffee is the daily dose of energy you need, then beer can add more energy in your life. Stouts and porters go perfectly well with coffee. In order to add the unique flavour to their brewed beer, microbreweries add coffee in their stout. Breakfast stout, Jahva coffee stout are few examples of brewed beer mixed with coffee.
  • Honey – In order to balance the bitterness of beer with the delicate sweetness, honey is added during the brewing process. Usually in lagers, brewers add mild honey to flavor up normal beer. It is used to make beer lighter and more refreshing. It affects the aroma, style, flavour and colour of the beer. Wild honey authentic ale and Bourbon flavored beer are few examples of beer brewed with a hint of honey.
  • Chocolate – If you are a beer and chocolate lover, this combo is a treat for you. Chocolate stout is a classic example of chocolate mixed brewed beer. The addition of chocolate or chocolate malt during the brewing process gives its distinguished taste. Malt and chocolate support each other perfectly and enhance the taste of the beer. They are dark, rich and creamy in nature. It is like silky, smooth chocolate milkshake in your glass.
  • Peppers – What is the best ingredient for a spicy brewed beer? Peppers! It is used to balance various other flavours like vanilla, coffee or chocolate. It brings spiciness in the beer. And Imperial stout is a perfect example of spicy beer, a beer for the legends!

So, if you want to the best brewed beer in Bangalore, then visit Murphy’s Brew house.


The Infamous Ale from the West

Did you know that your beer is largely divided into 2 categories – Lager and Ale? Lager is produced from the bottom fermented yeast whereas Ale is produced by the top fermented yeast. Sweeter and fruitier in the taste, Ale is prepared from malted barley. Hops are added in this to get that bitter flavour. The list of world-famous ales that every ale lover should know are:

  • Brown Ale – This is a sweet and low beer, which is deep amber or brown in colour. This style of brewed beer is very famous among the Belgians, Americans and English. The taste of caramel and chocolate is dominating. This has an alcohol strength of around 4%.
  • American Pale Ale – This pale ale generally contains around 5% alcohol. Pale malt is used to give that light colour. The taste and the strength of this ale is based on the brewing style and hop levels being used in the brew house.
  • Indian Pale Ale – This ale is known for its hoppy flavour and low gravity. It’s alcoholic strength is around 4% or less. Indian pale ale is famous in Canada, US and UK. And if you like high strength beer with same hoppy flavour, then there is double Indian pale ale. The strength of double Indian pale ale is 7.5% or more. So, be careful when you order this, you may end up getting more drunk than you desired.
  • Golden Ale – Also known as blonde ale, this beer has a moderate bitterness. They are very pale in colour. This golden ale is popular in France, Belgium and UK. This beer is crisp, clear and dry in nature. A good golden ale contains 4-5% of average alcoholic strength. A hop profile added during the brewing process gives spicy and citrus taste to this brewed beer.
  • Scotch Ale – Based on the country and their brewing strategies, this ale differs from place to place. Although the style of the beer – dark, strong and bittersweet, are common in all the countries, the essence of the beer, like the taste, strength and gravity differs. Some countries add smoke flavour to this ale. In the US, the strength of this beer is 7% and above, whereas in other countries it’s average strength is 5.5%-6.5%. This brewed beer is popular in Scotland and US.
  • Spiced Ale – During the brewing process, ginger, cinnamon and other spices are carefully added to bring spiciness in beer. This beer is popular in cold places because of its warm nature. You will get warm spices and toffee flavour in spiced ale. This beer is rich in flavour and goes perfectly well with pork and steaks.

And if you are looking for a best hangout place in the Bangalore with the best brewed beer, then don’t forget to visit Murphy’s Brewhouse. Here, you get the perfect combination of brewed beer and pub grubs. Also, we are known for having huge pizzas, which goes perfectly with our beers.

Irish brew houses

The Tales of Irish Brew Houses around the World

“A quick death and an easy one
A pretty girl and an honest one
A cold beer – and another one!”

Ireland is a country known for happy, musical, hardworking and hard drinking people. Their social life circles around pubs. They celebrate their life with Guinness and Stout beer. And they surely know their drink better than anyone! Their pubs are not only about drinking alcohol, but also to socialize, kill the stress and celebrate sports. Their Brew houses has a traditional Irish charm. But, why have Irish pubs become so popular worldwide?

  • Great beers – The Irish are known for great beer. Stout and Guinness are the heart and soul of every Brewhouse in Ireland. Also, other local brewed beers have an authentic Irish taste. Every Irish themed pub around the world tries hard to meet the high standard set by the Irish.
  • Great Music – Ireland is known for its music. Songs like whiskey in the jar and whistling gypsy are the charisma of many pubs around the world, which are originally Irish traditional songs. These kinds of local tunes are the highlight of traditional pubs. Local musicians come, play the local tunes and get paid with glasses of free brewed beer!
  • Pub Grubs – Apart from pubs being famous for music and beer, they are also well-known for their traditional pub foods. These gastro pubs serve you authentic Irish food which goes perfectly well with your beer. Boxty, Irish shepherd’s pie and traditional pasties should not be missed by anyone who visits an Irish brew house.
  • Social place – Irish pubs are the perfect place to hang out with friends. Irish pubs are always full of friendly people. You will never feel lonely or out of place in Irish pubs. Someone will always be there for friendly chitchat.

Irish brew houses are famous all around the world. They stand for joy, celebration and fun. In recent times, with the trendy touch and upbeat music they are able to mix Irish authenticity with modern demand. So, if you decide to visit Irish Brew house in the Bangalore, don’t forget Murphy’s Brewhouse. Where the food is hot and the beers are sexy!

Brewpubs and beer glasses

The Eternal Love for Beer Glasses in Brewpubs

“There cannot be good living where there is no drinking.”

The Belgians were the first people who thought that the right kind of beer bottles give you the right kind of taste. Imagine you are given a strong ale in a wine glass or stout in a steel glass. Disastrous! That will surely ruin your drinking mood. Therefore, in order to give the right display, right taste and compatibility to hold, you have to choose the right kind of glass. You have to respect the beer you love, by drinking in a right glass or else you are just another normal person who came for a drink in a brewpub. Don’t panic! It’s not too late to learn.

  • Pint glass – These pint glasses are the most common type of glassware in bars and brewpubs. Based on the country, they have slight changes in the structure of their pint glasses. These simple pint glasses are good for mild and brown ales. So, next time you visit a brewpub, make sure you are getting your porters and stouts in a pint glass.
  • Beer mugs – Easy to hold, these are found in both houses and brewpubs. These beer mugs are easily available and are easy to hold. These mugs are also strong enough for toasts and can hold plenty of beer. Moreover, these kinds of mugs gives better clarity to your drink than your bottles. From next time, even for your house get together, better raise beer mugs for stronger cheers.
  • Pilsner glass – Tall and skinny in nature, these beer glasses are found serving, obviously, Pilsner in brewpubs. When the beer is light, aromatic and spritzy, then Pilsner glass is used. They are usually smaller than a pint glass. These glasses are used in brewpubs to maintain a beautiful head and showcase clarity and the colour of light beer.
  • Weizen glass – These curvy Weizen glasses in brewpubs are used to hold wheat beer. Thick and tall, these Weizen glasses showcase the fabulous colour of wheat beer. They allow a thick and foamy head with a good visual appearance. Thus, you have to remember that, in order to appreciate the aroma and the flavour of the beer, you have to start drinking it in a Weizen glass.
  • Tulip beer glasses – In case you are a beer geek, you might be smiling at this name by knowing the beauty of this glass. These glasses add the intimate experience to your drinking session. Their unique shape helps to trap the aroma which is missed by other beer glasses. This is the perfect glass for aromatic hoppy and malty beers. Scottish ale, Belgian ales and double IPAs are the types of drinks, which has to be consumed in tulip beer glasses.
St. Patrick's day - brewery

Best Brew Pairings for St. Patrick’s Day

May you always have love in your hearts and beer in your belly!

Every day is St. Patrick’s Day for a beer lover. But then again, March 17th holds a special place in every drink enthusiast’s heart. It is the perfect occasion to try out the best Irish brews. A day to unwind, enjoying delicious pints with friends and family, is what makes it special. Indulge guilt free and have a good time, because, as the saying goes, “Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.”

No matter which brew you choose, the best news is that Irish beers are a delight at the table, as the perfect companion for savory as well sweet delicacies.  Here are the perfect pairings you could try out, this St. Patrick’s Day:

  • Irish Mint ale: Irish ale has a gentle grassy, floral aroma mixed with caramel and toast. With plenty of toasted bread, light bitterness, faint sweetness, and a smooth mouth feel, this brew goes perfectly with Reuben sandwich or a crème Brule tart. The beer’s dry, crisp nature complements the salty, greasy glory of the sandwich. Paired with a crème Brule, the caramel flavours in the tart, accentuates the toasty sweetness in the beer.
  • Guinness: This luscious, dark and creamy brew feels like heaven when consumed. A tad bitter with appealing notes of roasted coffee and chocolate, this beer feels like liquid silk. And what would go best with it other than a wholesome Shepherd’s pie or a scrumptious slice of Guinness stout ginger cake? Nothing! So, dig in!
  • Stout: This brew has many variations; from dry to sweet, some hoppy and some alcoholic. What makes stout stand out from other beers is its prominent roasted flavor. It slides down your throat with rich, smooth finesse. Ah, perfect! So when you’re clinking mugs full of stout, be sure to accompany it with pot roast, oysters, chocolate pudding pie or a delicious chocolate mousse.
  • Irish Cranberry lager: This beer tastes lightly of toffee and freshly baked bread, with a fruity and refreshing crisp, which reminds you of apples. It has a floral aroma and restrained bitterness. Irish lager goes perfectly with seared tuna with olive-tapenade vinaigrette and arugula or a caramel apple crisp.

So, when you’re hanging out with your friends or family, be sure to grab a bite while enjoying these first-class brews. And who else can serve you the best Irish brews better than an Irish brewery itself? So come on over to Murphy’s and celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, the Irish way!

Microbreweries and Irish Drinks

Microbreweries and Irish Drinks

St. Patrick’s Day, the beloved festival of every drink enthusiast, is just round the corner. You can only try to fathom the amount of pressure microbreweries undergo during this season. First, they have to make it Irish and second it has to be the best. So, these are the most loved Irish drinks around the world.

Microbreweries and Irish Drinks

  • Guinness – Every beer lover is grateful to the Irish for giving them Guinness. As smooth as silk this dry stout beer goes right down your throat. Guinness has always been the official drink of St. Patrick’s Day, which shouldn’t be missed by anyone. Microbreweries around the world try to brew this majestic beer to perfection.
  • Irish whiskey – How much the Irish love whiskey? A famous song “Whiskey in the jar” is the traditional folk song of Ireland. So, the point is, the Irish hold a special place in their heart and stomach for their beloved Irish whiskey. These whiskies promise to make you enchanted by their vibrant flavors and smoothness. They are the darling of microbreweries in the Ireland.
  • Irish Cider – Cider is an alcoholic drink made from apple. When its Irish cider you can raise your expectation level and fun quotient. This one has a unique and refreshing taste. Microbreweries around the world always try to keep the recipe of Irish cider authentic and crispest as possible.
  • Bailey’s Irish Cream – This creamy and chocolaty drink of Ireland is the best thing that can ever happen to the people who don’t like harsh drink. Usually, best for shots, Bailey’s is internationally recognized and is a truly loved drink. Although very smooth to drink, Bailey is high on alcohol content. Therefore, don’t get fooled by its chocolaty smoothness. It can hit you really hard without you knowing it.
  • Murphy’s draft style Irish stout – When it comes to drinking and Ireland, we cannot miss the drinking Casanova, Murphy and his secret recipe for fun times. This super smooth and creamy stout is an easy to drink beer. This is a sweet drink with a little touch of sourness in the end. Along with Guinness, microbreweries also try to brew the best Murphy’s draft style Irish stout to give you more option on your favorite drinking festival. More the merrier! Isn’t it?

This St. Patrick’s Day, celebrate like an Irish. If you love good music, good beer and Irish culture, then don’t forget to visit Murphy’s Brewhouse, which has the best brewed beer in the Bangalore.


Microbreweries and Spring

Best Beer for Spring

Spring is coming! This is the season of happiness, festivals and gatherings. It marks the end of brutal chilly cold days and the start of long sunny days. It is a perfect season for a barbeque, get together and outings. And what can be the perfect thing to welcome such joyous season? A perfect beer. Microbreweries around the world start mixing and matching the ingredients to make flawless beer for this season. These microbreweries are in a pressure to give the well-balanced, dense, bold beer which suits this season.

The list of brewed beer that is considered as the well-suited beer for spring are as follows:

  • Irish Stout – Irish people surely know how to celebrate good things. Microbreweries around the world brew this famous dry stout, which is known for its dark roasted aroma which will probably remind you of coffee, barley or chocolate. Being light in nature, calories and alcohol content, this beer is good for a long drinking session.
  • American double IPA – This brewed beer is highly acclaimed beer of American microbreweries. Stronger version of an Indian pale ale, American double IPA is highly emphasized on hops. In microbreweries, citrus fruits like fresh grapefruit are added to it to give the sour taste which perfectly balances the bitterness of this beer. This beer is perfect for a guy’s night out!
  • Blonde Ale – Microbreweries have reserved malty beers for the spring. The maltier the beer, the better it is. Therefore, blonde ale made from the dried malt is good for spring. These beers are light and refreshing with a slight hint of honey. Crisp, clear and dry in nature, this beer adds refreshment to your spring days.
  • Fruit Beer – Spring represents flowers and fruits. And drinking fruit beer in this fruity season is what spring is all about. Fruits like raspberry, peach and cherry are some of common additions to brewed beer. These beers retain the delightful flavor and aroma which is ideal for outings and picnics.
  • Belgian White beer – This is a spicy beer, very pale and cloudy in appearance. High level of wheat is brewed with spicy ingredients like coriander, herbs or spices to make a good Belgian white beer. American microbreweries love this beer and didn’t change its brewing style which they usually do for other brewed beers. This beer will do well in slightly cold spring nights.


Murphy’s Brewhouse is all set to welcome the spring season in style,  March 14 till March 21, the mother of all beer festivals. Happy March!


What secrets do the best breweries around the world carry?

Brewing Grains
Have you ever noticed that the taste of fresh beer from the best brewery in Bangalore and Mumbai is different? Even within the city, you might have realized that different microbreweries in Bangalore gives different taste. What makes a perfect pint of brewed beer that you are holding? What is that making it taste distinctively delicious from other beers? The answer to your questions is grains that are used to brew beer. Do you know what kinds of grains are used for which kind of flavour? If not, then this guide will help you master the art of beer conversations.

  • Barley – Barley is the foundation grain used from the early ages of brewed beer. There are 100 of varieties of Barley giving each unique taste. This is the most preferred grain in the world to brew a beer. With the addition of yeast and hop in this barley, tasteful perfect pints of beer are prepared.
  • Corns – Mostly used in American breweries, Corn is used in a brewed beer to balance the neutral flavour and lighten the colour without affecting the strength of an alcohol. It was first used to control the high protein generated from barley. It is used in a small quantity and does not affect the flavour of a brewed beer.
  • Rice – Same as corns, rice is used in the brewing process to balance and lighten the colour of the beer. It doesn’t affect the flavour of the beer, but makes the beer drier. Rice is used in American and Japanese brew houses to make a lighter beer.
  • Wheat – Like Barley, wheat also has a long antiquity with brewed beer. Wheat is used in beer to give it a sharper taste. It contains protein, even higher than barley which give foamy, rich and creamy flavour to the beer. The flavour of wheat beer is long lasting in nature.
  • Oats – As they are rich in protein, oil and fat, they are unsuitable for brewing, but they are mixed with barley for creamy flavour. Oats are most famously used in Oatmeal stouts which is sweeter in comparison to other stouts. Oat adds rich mouth-feel and sweet cookie like aroma in brewed beer.
  • Rye – In order to add complexity, spiciness and crispness in the brewed beer, rye is added in the brewing process with barley. Generally, they are used to add spicy flavour in a beer. Also, they are kiln during process to bring caramel and chocolate flavour in a brewed beer.