Light Is Your Enemy by Murphy's Brewhouse

Light Is Your Enemy!

The mouth of a perfectly happy man is filled with beer! And if it’s a bad or skunky beer, then I don’t think a man can even fake a smile. Many people believe that when beer absorbs heat, it becomes skunky. But the truth is, it’s the exposure to the light that ruins the beer. The hops used in the beer are light sensitive. So, when exposed to light, it becomes skunky. You can always check the odor, flavor or appearance of beer to know whether it is a good enough to chug. Beer, our beloved drink, always promises us a great time. Therefore, it is our duty to pamper our beer and protect it from all the evil things that ruins it. So, here are a few tips to keep your beer healthy:

  • Storage – Always store your beer in cool and dark place. Light sensitive hops cannot take the UV rays of sunlight, which can give an undesirable effect. So from the next time, even if you don’t have a refrigerator to store your beer (where it is meant to be stored), store it in a dark place. Make sure your beer is away from light at all times
  • Packaging – You may be surprised to know that the packaging of the beer like, color of the cans or bottles can affect your precious beer. Talking about the bottles, clear glasses are the worst when it comes to filtering UV rays. In comparison to clear bottles, brown bottles do a good job while filtering light, while green bottles are okay at their job.

When given an option between a bottle and a can, always go for a can. Their metallic body is better at reflecting UV rays and do not give off a metallic taste. They are also light proof containers. Also, if possible, select boxed bottled beer. Beers inside these boxes are secure and well protected

  • Sourcing – If you are not going to the brewery for a fresh beer, then you have to pick your beer up from the local vendor. There are few things you need to remember while picking up beer and think of a good time ahead. Firstly, see where the beer is stored. If it is on display, then it is best not to buy that beer. Secondly, reach for the beer that are in the back of the shelf. These are the ones that are well protected from the UV rays

In order to avoid the situation of skunky beer, always go for fresh beer. And for well balanced, flavorful beer, visit Murphy’s Brewhouse. Along with best brewed beer in Bangalore, you will also find cool place to hangout.

strange facts about beer

You think you are serious about beer? Think again!

Different countries have different drinking policies. Be it an economic downturn or a happy festival, people will continue to buy beer. Some countries take their beer very seriously. For instance, ancient Babylonians were so serious about their brewing that if people brew a bad beer, they were drowned in it as a punishment. Bad beer is a crime against humanity! So, talking about how serious people are about beer, there are few countries who love their beer more than anyone on this planet.

  • On an average, Irish people can finish their drinks relatively faster in comparison to people of other countries. Be it a pub, club or home, they just need a beer bottle to gulp it down. Bravo Ireland!
  • In Amsterdam, if an alcoholic cleans the city street, he is paid 10 Euros, half a packet of tobacco and the best part – 5 bottles of beer. Now who would complain about cleaning the street of Amsterdam? This policy is win-win situation for both beer lovers as well as for the city
  • Czech Republic has the highest consumption of beer. This is officially a beer nation. They have given us beer like Pilsner. It is heaven for beer lovers. People here love to drink and talk about their beers. They take their beer very seriously. So, if you are visiting the Czech Republic and if someone offers you a beer, don’t say no. That is a serious offense
  • In Russia, beer wasn’t considered as an alcoholic beverage until 2013. They seriously do know the real meaning of alcoholic beverage. Beer is actually just a refreshing drink to add the fun quotient to your social life
  • In Argentina, political parties have their own brands of beer. I wonder who wouldn’t want to vote for these political parties
  • Nigerians consumes more Guinness beer than Irish. We didn’t see that one coming! Guinness being the national drink of Ireland, didn’t expect this
  • Belgium with its interesting history and culture regarding beer, used to serve table beer in the public school. Until 1970, even school children had easy access to the table beer. Then, 1970 happened
  • In the US, beer commercials are not allowed to show people drinking the beer in the advertisement. Who cares? Their brewery still has a delicious collection of American beer
  • Every year in Germany, they hold the world’s largest beer festival – Oktoberfest. Its 16 days of paradise for all beer lovers. With lots of fun events, competitions and parades that you will be surrounded by, don’t expect to remain sober

Even in India, especially in the city like Bangalore, people take their brewed beer very seriously. So, in case you are the one who takes your brewed beer very seriously and in search of the best microbrewery in Bangalore, visit Murphy’s Brewhouse. We give well flavoured fresh beer!

amazing facts about beer

12 Beer Facts You Need to Know

Beer Facts You Must and Should Know!

  • The oldest beer recipe and advertisement was found on a clay tablet from 4000 B.C.
  • In many cultures, the first professional brewers were women, known as brewsters. These maidens were extremely beautiful. Women make everything seem better, eh?
  • Ancient Babylonians were really serious about their beer. If anyone brewed a bad batch of beer, they would be drowned in it as punishment. Talk about drinking till you die!
  • In the 19th century, expectant mothers drank 7 pints of beer. No wonder, people from that century were a bit loopy
  • Women who drink 2-3 beers become smarter. No pun intended!
  • Obama is the first president in history to brew his own beer. Exactly why he’s so “chilled out”
  • Beer contains all the minerals that we need to survive. New power food? Uh huh
  • People who worked on pyramids in Egypt were partially paid in beer. Which means, a slave got paid better than you!
  • A person who is a beer expert is called ‘Cerevisaphile’. In lay man’s term “The Man”
  • Hops, the bittering agent in beer, belong to the family Cannabaceae, making them marijuana’s close cousins and lending a little perspective to the term “hopped up.” Wanna get “hopped up”? Well it’s completely legal!!!
  • In the Middle Ages, it was difficult to find water. Many people drank beer as an alternative. Save water, drink beer!
  • Beer strengthens bones due to its high alcohol content. We don’t need calcium supplements anymore. We need beer!
  • Fact No 13: Murphy’s Brewhouse is one of the best places to hangout in Bangalore
history of cheers

History of “Cheers”

Ever wondered why people say a big ole ‘cheers’ before drinking? Clinking their glasses together, spilling precious beers, pronouncing ‘cheers’ as ‘cheyers’, it doesn’t really make sense does it?. However saying ‘cheers’ or a toast before gulping down an ale is an age old tradition which has been in existence for around thousands of years. Heck, some countries even believe that not saying a toast before drinking will jinx you for seven years, though the stumbling and falling is probably because you’re drunk and clumsy and not cause of a curse.

The word ‘Cheers’ has been derived from the French word ‘chiere’ meaning ‘face’. Glasses were clinked together so that some of the drink was spilled in each other’s glasses, indicating it was free of poison. Talk about trust issues. However, this is just a legend.

In the early days, in some parts of Europe, it was also believed that clashing of mugs would scare away the ‘evil spirits’, no pun intended. The latest notion suggests that clinking of glasses is done to appreciate all five senses among the revelers i.e. sight, taste, smell, sound and touch. As a toast, the word “cheers” is an early 20th-century saying.

Well, there you have it. So the next time you sip on a glass of fresh beer, don’t forget to say ‘cheers!’, unless you want evil spirits and jinxes following you.

Visit Murphy’s Brewhouse, undoubtedly one of the best microbrewery in Bangalore. Cheers!


History of craft beer

Craft beer and Microbreweries!

“Beer is beer!” they say.  But that’s not true. All beers are not the same. Craft beer is hand brewed beer with its aroma boasting about its purity and taste. So, why should you drink craft beer? And if you want best craft beer in Bangalore where do you think you should go?

First answering the first part of the question.

Burp! One more beer

Craft beer is all about purity and flavor. Microbreweries spend their time finding the best handpicked ingredients, which have improved over the years, for making the best brewed beer, quality and taste wise. They strive for perfection. There are no doubts about craft beer being the most preferred by your taste buds.

Which one do I drink?

Craft beers are unique and have exotic ingredients. Microbreweries have a diverse variety of beers to serve you. Every microbrewery serves exceptional beer whose wonderful aroma and taste will keep you wanting more.

Hi Brewster!

One of coolest things is that, you can actually meet the people who make the beer at the microbrewery. They are sweet and fun loving and their passion and expertise will surely astonish you. With all the knowledge imparted by them, you will love your craft beer even more!

I am drunk today!

Craft beers can have up to 40% of alcohol content. So, yes, after all the delicious craft beer you’ve had, you are bound to feel a wee bit tipsy.

I am healthy!

Craft beer has many health benefits! Experts say craft beer contains healthy nutrients like fibre, some B vitamins and are also a rich source of silicon. You will also consume less calories as you will drink less

Have a great time

With craft beer, you will definitely have some great time with friends and family. You can have a healthy beer discussion on its smell, taste, flavor and lots more. Drinking together can be a great way to bond with your friends and family

So if you’re looking for the best craft beer in Bangalore, Murphy’s Brewhouse is the best place to satisfy all your needs. What are you still waiting for?

Loose your beer belly - Murphy's Brewhouse

How to Loose a Beer Belly

Are you one of those guys who think twice before gulping a beer? Probably afraid of the aftermath? Fret not, because we have 3 golden rules which ensures that you won’t get that big belly.

  • Consume in moderation

Beer has been in the limelight for causing big bellies. The misconception is that you will get a belly regardless of how much beer you consume (even when consumed in moderation), which is not true. The best way to beat big beer bellies is to consume beer and food in moderation.

  • Select a premium beer

Chugging a lot of low quality bottled beer these days? Well, you’re mostly likely to end up with a beer belly. Low quality beers contain a lot of calories and are usually the main cause for big bellies. Always prefer the best brewed beer over mass produced bottled beer. This will ensure that you consume less calories.

  • Exercise

Consuming in moderation sometimes become difficult. Isn’t it? We know it’s tough. Working out for a couple of minutes every day will not only ensure that you’re fit, you can also kiss that big fat belly of yours good bye. The icing on the cake is that the more you sweat, the more you can chug.

If this article makes you feel like drinking high quality craft beer, visit Murphy’s Brewhouse. We have the best brewed beer in Bangalore.

Beer makes you creative

Beer makes you more creative!

Yes! You read it right! Drinking beer in moderation does make you more creative.

Alcohol affects the brain, a part called the cerebral cortex. The cerebral controls language, thought processing etc. When the alcohol enters the blood and reaches the cerebral cortex, you tend to become more relaxed and less worried about the world. You feel that you have gained the ability to accomplish any task.

Your brain is free from external disturbances, which gives you more room to process your thoughts on a particular thing. In fact, it also helps you to generate new ideas quickly as your brain can think better and faster.

A study was conducted on a group of 41 people and it has stated that people who drank beer were able to solve more puzzles and be more creative in the task given than the people who did not drink.

So, drinking beer is a great idea when you want to get creative. But make sure you drink moderately to add some extra fun. And drinking best brewed beer in Bangalore can actually give you a good time along with making you creative.

In case you are looking for the best brewed beer in Bangalore to enhance your thoughts, then visit Murphy’s Brewhouse. We serve fresh beers that will help you explore your mind.

How to Get Your Beer Hating Friend to Start Liking Beer!

Get Your Beer Hating Friend to Start Liking Beer!

So your best friend hates beer? Don’t worry we all have that one friend who just won’t admit that beer is the best drink. So, you would definitely want him to taste the best brewed beer in Bangalore that you love the most. We at Murphy’s Brewhouse have come up with these 3 simple steps to ensure that your friend gets going before you do.

Make your friend taste a brewed beer

Your friend normally would have heard about the bad taste that comes with a bottled beer. In fact, he might not be willing to drink a beer solely for this reason. The best way to get him/her to start drinking beer is by taking him/her to the best microbrewery in the Bangalore. The place sets up the mood and the distinct color, flavor and taste will definitely get him/her hooked. You can always drop by at Murphy’s Brewhouse to grab the best brewed beer in Bangalore.  Along with thirst quenching fresh beer, it is also a cool hangout place in Bangalore. So, why not give this place a try?

Treat your friend with a cold lager on a sunny day

No one can resist a chilled beer on a sunny day. Serve him a cold and refreshing beer – preferably with less hops. It will help him quench his thirst and probably end up liking beer. . Remember, the right combination of beer and food ensures a better time and your beer hating friend might actually fall in love with brewed beers.

Organize a beer tasting party

A beer tasting party is a get together of friends, where different type of beers and food are served. Invite few friends and don’t forget to invite your beer hating friend. Choose a beer which your friend might possibly like. Start a conversation around the beer, its aroma, smell and flavor. Involve your friend in the conversation. This will help your friend understand more about the beer and its history. He/she may start appreciating it and might gulp down a few.

Warning! Your beer hating friend can turn into a loyal brewed beer fan. He might actually start collecting more knowledge about the best hangout place in Bangalore, best brewed beer in Bangalore and great tasting fresh beer in Bangalore than you. And this might be a bad news for your ego!

A beer tasting party

A beer tasting party!

A beer tasting party! Bottoms up!

When was the last time you said bottoms up with the people you love with fresh beer in your hand? Why not now? See to organize beer tasting party, you have two options: either organize it at your place or find out a real cool hangout place in Bangalore.

A beer tasting party is more than just a get together. It does involve a bit of food and a lot of drinking but, it is a way to reignite your passion for the art of beer drinking.

Make a plan with your friends

Gather few friends who are of the appropriate drinking age. Talk to your friends about their preferences and taste.

Decide on the beers to order

Decide on which beers you’re going to start with. Order one type of beer at a time. You can request the brewer to serve one beer at a time and provide all the information about that particular beer.


Make sure to have the lightest brewed beer first, combine it with snacks and small finger foods. Ensure you order the right combination of food and beer

Final Countdown

After you’ve gulped down all the brewed beer. It’s judgment time! Rate the beer from the best to the worst. Hear what your friends have to say about the beer. Order a final round of the best brewed beer in that microbrewery.

So, in case you decide to move your beer tasting party outside, you are always welcome to Murphy’s Brewhouse. Here, you get the best brewed beer in Bangalore along with a really chilled place to hangout. So, next time you decide to throw a beer tasting party, come to Murphy’s Brewhouse.

Myths about drinking beer

Myths about beer!

Whether you are a beer enthusiast or just another beer drinker, you might say that you know a lot about beer. Due to your regular visits to microbreweries in Bangalore, you might think you know everything. We agree, you might know about the best hangout place in Bangalore or where can you find fresh beer in Bangalore but there are few myths about your favorite brewed beer that you are totally unaware of. Probably, might have heard few things about this godly drink here and there. And surely, not everything you hear is true right? So, here we bust few myths about brewed beer.

  • Myth: Dark beer has more alcohol than light beer

Myth Buster: Most people think that darker the beer, higher is the alcohol content.  This is just a myth. The truth is, color of a brewed beer depends on the type of malt used while brewing and the alcohol content depends on the proportion of malted barley added to the mash

  • Myth: Beer should be served cold

Myth Buster: When beer is served cold, the sensation of coldness inhibits the tongue’s receptors. As a result, the taste of the beer is not felt. Beer is at its best when it’s served between room and ice cold temperature, so that you can actually drink beer in all its glory

  • Myth: Less foam is better

Myth Buster: The foam on top of the brewed beer stores carbon dioxide and aromatics which provides a unique fragrance. The foam is generally called the head of the beer

  • Myth: The shape of the beer glass makes no difference to the taste

Myth Buster: Beer glasses are uniquely designed to release all the flavors in a craft beer

  • Myth: A low calorie beer is better

Myth Buster: There not much difference between a low-calorie beer and a normal calorie beer. A normal beer has about 150 calories and a low-calorie beer has 100 calories. There isn’t much difference in the calorie content but a huge difference in the taste. So, drink a lower calorie beer to reach the buzz going. Grab a normal calorie beer to indulge in its flavors.

So, if you ever want to grab the best brewed beer in Bangalore, which busts all these myths, Murphy’s Brewhouse is the place to visit. It is a cool hangout place in Bangalore with thirst quenching fresh beer.