What type of bar you want to own?

So, you’ve decided that you want to own a bar, now the thing is, what kind of bar do you want to own? To start with, you have to decide on the theme of the bar. Is it the Irish bar that you have seen in the movie leap year or the cool sports bar that you visited during your trip to Europe? Or just a casual bar with well-crafted beer with long happy hours to give people the best hangout place in Bangalore. So, based on your teenage dream, when you had just learnt the art of drinking, decide what kind of bar you want to own. In case, you are having trouble to remember those blurry nights, here are few options to rekindle your memory.

  • Sport’s Bar – If you are a huge football fanatic and think there is no authentic place where you can watch and support your team, then why don’t you open a sports bar? You don’t have to be a football lover to open a sports bar, if you like to watch cricket, hockey, Kabbadi, tennis, rugby, basketball, volleyball, just anything on the sports channel, then for the love of the sports, open a sports bar! But don’t forget to add delicious pub grubs as sports bars are famous for it. And we don’t have to tell you to add a big screen TV which is visible from the moon. Kidding! Visible from every corner of the room will do a good job
  • Brewhouse – People are just bored drinking regular bottled beer since ages. They can buy these beers from shop and drink at home. So, why don’t you give them the best brewed beer in the Bangalore? Definitely a hit! For the best tasting brewed beer, people will be more than happy to visit your Brewhouse. Happy Brewing!
  • Specialty Bar – Specialty bars focus on the single aspect ranging from wine to whiskeys. Some may focus on only one drink, whereas, others might give wide range of varieties in the similar category. So, add a twist in your specialty bar and specialize your bar in music or your own personal favorite drink that you think is a crime not share with other people! For the sake of humanity, open a specialty bar. And with the little touch of sophistication by keeping an expensive and rare collection of drinks, save people from same old drink, same old taste!
  • Neighborhood Bar – In case you are highly inspired by the English bar you have seen in your US or UK tour, open a neighborhood bar and let people experience the life of Ted Mosby and his friends like in How I met your mother. Now this is a cool idea. Usually people visiting these bars are a regular customers and are seen hanging out in a bar almost every day. Also, you can put snooker boards, dart boards and other games for people to pass their time with a glass of beer in their hand!

May the coolest place to hang out in Bangalore be yours!

Pub crawl

Tips for better Pub Crawling experience!

When young and energetic, you feel drinking in a same place all night is too boring. So, going around a city visiting and drinking at a series of pubs can be a great idea. Make sure you have at least one sober friend or a friend with high alcohol tolerance to make sure you reach home safely by the end of your epic night. So, if you are planning to go pub crawling this weekend, go pub crawling like a pro!

  • Prepare a list of bars – You may have a few pubs in your wish list for a long time. So, it is time to visit those pubs. You can check various Brewhouses (microbreweries), pubs, bars and clubs in your city and prepare this list. Make sure you have at least 4 places in your list. In case, you are in Bangalore, don’t forget to add Murphy’s Brewhouse for the ultimate experience
  • Eat a hearty meal before the crawl – When the big day finally arrives, it is a well-known fact that you have lots of drinking to do. So, if you want to survive till your last destination, make sure you eat a proper meal
  • Be on time – You have so much to do and so little time. To make sure you have enough time to grab drinks at all the pubs you have listed, start early!
  • Try out a new kind of Brew – Instead of trying the same brewed beer at all the places, explore the different beauties microbreweries have to provide
  • Take lots of Picture – With the passing time, this night can turn into a blurry one. So, to remember all the embarrassing events that you have been part of – take lots of pictures. After all, who don’t like to be a part of fun Selfie!
  • Don’t spend too much time in one place – You have a lot of pubs to grab a drink from. So, it is not a good idea to waste too much time on the same pub. Or else you may not have time to complete all the pubs on your list
  • Meet people outside of your group – It is a good time to meet lots of people in different pubs. So, be open to outsiders as well. If they are a fun group, then you can even ask them to join you. More the merrier!
  • Wind up on time – In your crawling plan, it is better to include your wind up time as well. You have drank enough for the day and you need some sleep now! So, better call it a day and go home with a big smile on your face and victory on your chest. Or else your body and head will let you know the price of watching sun rise from last night!

Murphy’s Brewhouse Events!

Like the famous quote goes, “The mouth of a perfectly happy man is filled with beer”. In Murphy’s we make sure it is filled with the freshly brewed, thirst quenching beer that makes you go Hallelujah! And what can be more soul rejuvenating than Irish-Craft-Brewed, Guinness beer. Besides providing you with intoxicating flavors of beer we also assure you to offer a great traditional Irish ambiance which for sure will become your favorite hangout place in town. Murphy’s being the first Irish Brew house in Bangalore believes in giving all beer enthusiasts that Irish feeling which they wish to be born with. Our microbrewery has an Irish craftsmanship of making bold and bitter beer that make you think beer is better than you thought. Along with these well-crafted beer, Murphy’s also provide a delicious, full flavored pub grubs with exotic taste and aroma. Huge fired pizzas, Irish stew, Buffalo wings and mushroom are the favorites on the food menu. Along with delicious beer and foods, every week Murphy’s host an events and discount offers that should not be missed by any beer admirers.

  • Corporate Discount – Starting from Monday to Thursday, Murphy’s Brewhouse gives corporate discount on our beers. All you have to do is walk in Murphy’s Brewhouse, flash your corporate ID card and avail 25% off on your total alcohol bill. Like we say, “Happiness is a soul refreshing Irish-Craft-Brewed beer to unwind your tiring day!” So, don’t forget to grab this discount and get yourself a post work recovery drink for a fresh start next day.
  • Ladies Night – At Murphy’s Brewhouse, every Wednesday for ladies drinks are on the house. On ladies night, they get 3 free drinks with a choice of 330 ml of freshly brewed beer or 150 ml of big banyan or 60 ml of house spirit or 1 can of soft drink. Here, accompanying male will have to pay a cover charge of Rs.1000/head. So, ladies this is a chance to put on your high heels and enjoy the free drinks.
  • Sunday Brunch – Giving you a reason to start drinking early on Sunday afternoon, Murphy’s presents Sunday Brunch every week. Here, you get unlimited servings of 2 veg and non-veg starters and 2 veg and non-veg main course. In case you are not a huge fan of unlimited brewed beer that you are getting, you have an option to choose big banyan wine or soft drink. All this will cost you only Rs. 1299. So, to end you week on a good note, visit Murphy’s Brewhouse and enjoy Sunday brunch.

Apart from these events and offers, you can always visit Murphy’s Brewhouse anytime for perfectly balanced brewed beer and delicious pub grubs.

Movies on beer by Murphy's Brewhouse

Beer Movies – Best to Be Watched While Drinking Beer!

Hollywood and beer are friends for ages. In Hollywood movies, beers, pubs and Brewhouse can be seen as prominent part of the character’s lifestyle. Craft beers and breweries are shown as an integral part of English culture. And there are some movies, where drinks and pubs have a very central part of the plot. So, some of the movies having beer as a critical plot of the movies that a beer geek must watch are:

  • I hope they serve beer in Hell – As interesting as its name sounds, this movie is based on a New York time bestselling book. This movie revolves around the protagonist Tucker Max and bachelor party of his friends Dan and Drew. It’s really interesting to see how this party changes Tucker Max’s life. This is a 2009 American comedy movie which is claimed to be based on a real life. In short, this movie proves the point that, “No great story started with someone eating a salad”!
  • The world’s end – This is a 2013 science fiction comedy telling the story about a group of friends who discover an alien during their long due epic pub crawling. This movie starts with an alcoholic, middle aged – Gary King, who tracks down his school friend and ask them (actually blackmail them, threaten them, beg them!) for an epic 12 pub crawling night. And for the alien and the sci-fi part, you have to watch this movie yourself. Advice – don’t watch it sober, if full fun is intended
  • Hangover – The worst fear of any drink lover, we tend to forget about the after effects of the fun night as we are busy giving our best performance. As people can easily relate to this movie, this movie was a huge success and second and third part was also released. This movie is based on the drinking episode of 3 friends – Phil Wenneck, Alan and Stu Price. The main plot of all this trilogy is how crazily they drink and forget all events that happened in that fun night. And the next day their adventure starts to find out the truth about that epic night with their head blogging Hangover!
  • Withnail and I – This is a 1987 dark comedy movie about 2 unemployed, young actors, whose career is not going in any direction. This movie revolves around a series of misadventure that these two people face and how they try to tackle it. This movie not has our only favorite craft beer, but also wine, scotch and whiskey as its central character. You have to watch the movie and thank beer for being a companion during every hardship of life. Thus verifying “Beer is the proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy!”
Low calorie beer

Low Calorie Beer!

Beer doesn’t make you fat, it makes you lean against doors, tables and walls!

When brewers brew an ultra-beer or low-calories beer, it’s not just the calorie they decrease. They also reduce the alcohol content. Sadly, you have to drink more bottles of beer to match the mellow buzz. So, before you grab a low-calorie craft beer, you have to set your mind that you are just getting the taste of beer and not clouding your head with an alcohol. In case, if you are a person who loves beer but is also a diet conscious person worried about beer belly, then here are few low calorie beer which taste exactly how a beer should taste like.

  • Levitation Ale – Don’t judge the book by its colour! Although this beer has dark reddish black appearance giving you a hint of strong beer but in reality, this beer contains only 4.4% ABV. This outstanding ale has grassy, floral and pine underlying hops. After drinking, this beer leaves nice lacing behind. Best for long drinking session, if you are a person looking low-calorie craft beer, grab this bottle!
  • Murphy’s Irish Stout – If you are a beginner and want to have an ultimate Irish stout experience, then be happy you have your perfect beer. Light on flavour, this beer has 4.00% ABV. This fulfilling drink has coffee bitterness and creamy white, pillowy head. For best result, this beer is perfect combined with oysters
  • Brooklyn Pilsner – This light bodied German Pilsner contains in an average 5.10% ABV. This beer has great presence of sweet malt and spice. All these sweet malt, spice and grains blend together gives you a perfect low-calorie beer
  • Victory Lager – If you are scared of weight and calories, this is a flawless drink for you. This beer gives you the feeling of Oktoberfest in a bottle. This beer has sweet bread and caramel malt with a hint of hops. This low calorie beer is light and tea like. Giving a bit herbal taste. So, this is like drinking green tea of beer
Bitter Beer

Better Bitter Beer!

Brewing is a fine art and the brewer brewing is an artist! These artists want to give best tasting brewed beer to the world. So, in the race of giving best and unique beer to the beer lovers and differentiate ales from the mild ones, breweries started brewing bitter beer. Gold to copper in colour, these beers contain pale malts and more hops in comparison to mild ales. They are light bodied and low carbonated in nature and gives bitter beer enthusiast a hell of a time. These pale ales contains 3-7% ABV.

Here is the list of best pale ales in the world, which is a blessing for bitter beer lovers:

  • Honker’s Ale – This noteworthy pale ale contains about 4.5% ABV on an average. Soft bodied in nature, this craft beer has beautiful golden sunset colour, which is appealing and gives a good vibe while drinking. This has a fruity hop aroma and biscuity malt flavour. This spectacular beer has an excellent happy smell which gives smooth mouth feel to its drinkers. So, all pale ale lovers, make sure this beer is on your list!
  • There and Back – English style – Brewed in California, this English style pale ale is complex yet easy to drink craft beer. On an average this beer contains 5.6% ABV. This beer is sure to impress the individuals who are bitter beer admirers. This light and refreshing beer give a good feel to the one who is holding and relishing this classic English style beer
  • Fuller’s ESB –  This extra special beer is one of the most famous bitter beers in the history of beer. Bright bronze in colour this beer is dominated by light caramel and honey-sweet malt. For those people who want their beer to be extra bitter, you are in for an amazing time
  • Hobgoblin – Brewed in UK, on an average this beer contains 5.20% ABV. It is reddish brown in colour. With the mixture of fruits during brewing process, this beer has sour touch. These fruits are brewed with an earthy hop for extra bitter taste, which leave you craving for more!
Beer Over Coffee

Beer over Coffee!

“Lord, gave me coffee to change the things I can change and beer to accept the things I can’t! “

Beer and coffee, both are the loved beverages in the world. Beer promises you fun time, whereas coffee keeps you busy till the time you are actually allowed to drink beer. Although people say that coffee activates your brain and alcohol slows it down, that’s not the truth. Alcohol actually helps you to think straight and get new, brilliant ideas. Drinking coffee is good but drinking beer is better. There is just way too many reasons to prove this statement right.

  • Beer makes you less worried about the problems that you are surrounded by. Also, craft beer actually helps you to connect things deeply and think of a better solution than drinking coffee and thinking hard to come up with the solution
  • When you drink a small amount of coffee it will result in a tolerance, but your body will crave for more to get the same amount of stimulation. Whereas, drinking craft beer helps you to enjoy the time and relax without demanding more
  • Beer makes you creative. Beer is good when you are in need of an initial idea. Whereas coffee is good only when you are slogging to get your things get done. Why do you think there are numerous drunk artist rather than drunk managers?

Moreover, if you are a craft beer lover who likes coffee as well, then you always have a coffee stout. This will give you the best of both worlds!

The different kinds of beer drunks

The different kinds of drunks

We all fit into certain categories in society, the do-gooder, the agony aunt, the party animal and the party pooper. The same idea applies to drunk people! You may have noticed quite a few at Murphy’s and among your friend group but here is a broad classification of the kind of drunks you are bound to come across:

The Happy Drunk

This is the best ‘kind of drunk’ to be! Happy drunks are the life of the party and are almost always in a good mood. The beer only adds to their happiness and it would be really hard hanging out with one if you have made an oath to stay sober throughout the night.  However, being around a happy drunk isn’t always fun. They almost never want to go home after a party and are so disgustingly happy that you feel like dumping them at the side of the road…in front of a cop

The Angry Drunk

Angry drunks are bad company and probably the worst kind of drunk to be. It is best to stay clear of angry drunks, lest they break a beer bottle over your head for disagreeing with their political views on squirrels. And if you happen to be an angry drunk (please don’t hurt me!) then it’s time to take some anger management classes and chill the heck out

The Sad Drunk

Beer can bring out a ton of emotions, some of which may be sad. Sad drunks may come across as buzzkills, though there may be several reasons for their despair, a bad day at the office, may be something worse. However, some people become mopey after drinking for no reason, and its best to avoid these sullen folks unless you want your night to turn into a sour mix of beer and wet tissues. However, it is best to cheer them up and watch out for them as everyone has their bad days. And if you happen to be one of those sad drunks, then head to Murphy’s and we’ll give you some free hugs!

The Philosophical Drunk

Hey, even Plato was a beer lover!  is it no wonder that booze brings out the philosopher in people? With a few kegs down, most people will be either trying to dance (unsuccessfully), or turn their charm up (again, unsuccessfully), but this doesn’t apply to the philosophical drunks. These folks are not concerned about the sillier things of human life and would rather talk about the bigger topics like politics, death, war, and some other stuff John Oliver spoke about the other night. While it is always fun to engage in intellectual conversation, it is better to avoid philosophical drunk if all you want to do is get down and party!

So there you have it, the four broad classifications of the kind of drunks you are going to come across. Of course, with the kind of booze and parties these days, there are bound to be several other subclassifications like the Impulsive drunks and AntiSocial drunks, but we will discuss those later. So which kind of drunk are you? Head to Murphy’s Brewhouse and find out!

Reasons why you should support your local brewhouse

Local Brewhouse!

Let’s face it, brewing is hard work and it takes some effort to get that perfectly brewed beer we serve every evening. But showing support for your local brewhouse doesn’t just pay us for the effort, it has a ton of other benefits which helps brewing as a business in the long haul! Here are a few reasons why you should support your local brewhouse:

Choices: The different kinds of craft beers offered at local brewhouses are unrivalled. You will have a ton of choices at local breweries, and they are always concocting something new to please your tastebuds! With all these unique beers, you will always be spoilt for choices

Breweries create jobs and help the economy: Wait you mean brewed beer helps people? Really?? But honestly, buying local actually brings that money back to your community. Brewhouses also employ a ton of (very lucky) people! Heading to a local brewery is good for the country so be a good patriot and visit your local brewhouse

Brewers are fun to talk to and always free to share their knowledge: You can’t really strike up a conversation with an employee of a large corporate brewing company. However, the same cannot be said about local brewhouses. So when you are at one, find the brewer and start a conversation with them. These folks love their brewed beer and will be more than happy to share their brewery knowledge with you

Brewhouses are never boring: It’s always a small crowd, so people are friendly and willing to get to know each other. You can start a conversation with your bartender, your server, or the guy sitting next to you, and most times you won’t have to worry about coming across as a creepy drunk (unless you are one, then we can’t really help you)

Craft beer is better: Beer brewing is an art, something large companies often tend to forget. The brewer knows what he’s doing, he has almost a lifetime of experience on the matter after all. Brewed beer has fresh ingredients and unique recipes, all of which are finely crafted, unlike beer that has been mass produced and bottled.

So for a fun time out with some of the best crafted beer, head to Murphy’s Brewhouse!

Raising an Irish toast

Raising an Irish toast!

“Our Irish blunders are never blunders from a heart!”

The Irish are known to be warm, fun-loving, passionate people. They are famous for their musical talent and great brewed beers. There are several funny and quirky quotes from the Irish that are very famous and decorate walls of many breweries around the world. The social life of Irish people revolves around the breweries. These are important meeting places, where people meet up, hangout and share good laughter together. Along with their Guinness and stouts, the Irish are also prominent for their quirky Irish toasts. They believe these toasts brings good omen to their loved ones. So, here are few famous Irish toasts that you can also raise before you start your drinking session in a hope that it brings good luck to your friends as well.

  • May you be poor in misfortune, rich in blessings, slow to make enemies and quick to make friends.And may you know nothing but happiness from this day forward
  • May your home always be too small to hold all your friends
  • May you live as long as you want and never want as long as you live
  • May your heart be light and happy, may your smile be big and wide, and may your pockets always have a coin or two inside!
  • May you have food and raiment, a soft pillow for your head. May you be forty years in heaven before the devil knows you’re dead
  • May you get all your wishes but one, so that you will always have something to strive for

On your next visit to Muprhy’s Brewhouse, don’t forget to raise your glasses of best brewed beer in the Bangalore.

May you be Irish!