Origin of the Classic Cocktails

It is always nice to have a little of everything and when it comes to a mixed drink, what can be better than cocktails? Cocktail is a mix of drinks, typically made with a beverage that is mixed with other ingredients. Cocktail is everyone’s favorite, but have you ever wondered how they originated? No? Well, let’s see how…

Bloody Mary – Though the origin of Bloody Mary is unclear because of multiple claims, we consider the earliest cocktail to have been invented is the Bloody Mary. Its invention involves a bartender named Fernand Petiot, who invented the drink while working at Harry’s New York Bar in Paris in 1921. Back then it was just pale tomato juice with vodka. Then he brought it to King Cole Bar in St. Regis hotel, where he added different seasonings like Worcestershire sauce, horseradish, Tabasco Sauce, lemon juice and celery salt.

Mai Tai – Mai Tai is an alcoholic cocktail based on light rum and dark rum with lime juice. It was originated in Oakland in 1944 invented by Victor Berjeron in his own hotel ‘Trader Vic’s, when some of his friends were visiting him. Carrie Guild, one of his friend said “Maitai roa ae!” which means “Out of this world!” Trader Vic’s rival Don the Beachcomber claimed that he invented this drink in 1933. But the DTB version of Mai Tai with more ingredients differs significantly from Trader Vic’s cocktail.

Black Russian – It is a cocktail of vodka and coffee liqueur served in an old fashioned glass. This combination first appeared in 1949, when Perle Mesta, the American ambassador of Luxemburg was hanging out in the bar at Hotel Metropole in Brussels. The hotel’s bartender Gustave Tops decided to make her a signature drink. To symbolize the cold war going on then, he made vodka blended with the darkness of coffee liqueur.

Sex on the Beach – It was invented in 1987 in Florida USA. A distributor selling his new product peach schnapps held a contest for bars. The bar with most sales would get a bonus of $1000 and the bartender with highest sales would get $100. Confetti Bar’s young bartender Ted mixed the product with vodka, orange juice and grenadine cocktail and started selling it. When asked what it is called he thought about the reason why people come in spring time – The beach and sex, so he named it “Sex on the beach” cocktail.

Mojito – It’s one of the most popular and the best drink. Mojito was born in Cuba in the 19th century when rum was poor in quality, the Cuban farmers mixed rum with lime, sugarcane juice and some mint leaves. From the farms it moved to the working class beaches and gained popularity as America’s favourite offshore cocktail, which was dolled up with sparkling water, ice cubes in tall glasses. But they believe it originated from a similar drink called ”El Draque” in 16th century which was given as a medicine to cure dysentery and scurvy in Havana. “Mojo” means a Cuban seasoning of lime used in flavouring.

Pina Colada – A drink made of rum and strained pineapple, is known as the National drink of Puerto Rico which enjoys its own holiday on 10th July every year as “National Pina Colada day”. Earliest known invention of this drink dates back in 18th century when Puerto Rico pirate Roberto Cofresi gave this drink to his crew members to boost their spirit, but its recipe died with him in 1825. Later, Pina Colada was claimed to have been invented in three places in Puerto Rico. In 1954, Ramon Monchito Marrero Perez created this cocktail with coconut cream called coco lopez. Ricardo Garcia of Caribe Hilton at the same time used to serve this drink in hollowed out pineapple. And Ramon Portas Mingot, a bartender in Barrachina Restaurant also claims that he invented it.

Old-Fashioned – Once known as the manliest cocktail, it is a drink made with a lump of sugar, angostura bitters dropped in lumps of ice with whiskey. It was invented in a gentlemen’s club called Pendennis Club in Louisville, Kentucky. This recipe was said to have been invented by a bartender at that club in honour of Colonel James E. Pepper, a prominent bourbon distiller in 1881.

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A perfect glass for a perfect drink by Murphy's Brewhouse

A Perfect Glass for a Perfect Drink

How do you want to drink today? On the rocks, with a carbonation or with a mixer like cocktails? As every season has its own prominence, every drink has its own aroma and taste. They have to be served in different glasses to boost their elegance. Here is the list of glass wares used for different kinds of alcoholic beverages.

Martini – Martini comes in a cone shaped glass with a long stem. This cone shape avoids the ingredients to separate, it keeps the ingredients together. It’s ideal for cocktail drinks, which includes martinis, manhattans, metropolitans and gimlets (without ice). It has a large surface to flare up the aroma.

High ball – High ball is a long glass which is well suited for carbonated cocktails. This type of glassware holds the bubbles in the glass (carbonation). Carbonated cocktails should not have high surface area. The higher the surface area the more the carbonation gets out of the drink. As highball type of glassware has small surface, it is ideal for carbonated drinks.

Rock glass – This type of glassware is ideal for drinks on the rocks because it holds on an average of 2 to 4 ounces of drink. This type of glassware can accommodate a good amount of ice and there is always a room to stir the drinks. As this glass has high surface area one can smell the aroma of drinks.

Grappa glass – This glassware comes under long stem ware. This long stem keeps the drink cool for longer hours. It also has a bulb shape at its end, which helps in maintaining the temperature. You can whiff a slight aroma of the drink from its small surface.

Tumbler glass – This glassware comes with a flat bottom. It is often used for drinks that are served on the table where they stay more in your hand than on the table. The drinks served in this  glass can maintain their temperature.

Flute – This type of glass is especially for champagne and other wines. The intention of using this type of glass is to retain the bubbles for a longer time. As the aroma is not important the opening is smaller.

Shot – It’s a short glass that is used to serve small quantities of spirits. It’s quite famous for serving tequila, vodka, whisky.

Cognac glass – Cognac glasses have a wide opening and it becomes narrow as it goes down and has a short stem. Its designed to retain the content’s aroma, volume and temperature. It’s usually used for serving whisky or brandy.

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Varieties of Whiskey by Murphy's brewhouse

Varieties of Whiskey

Whiskey is made of different types of grains like Barley, Malted Barley, Rice, Wheat and Maize, stored in a wooden cask. Choosing on a whiskey is like choosing a candy, there are so many varieties and options that you want them all, which makes it quite confusing for someone who just wants the good old whiskey on the rocks! Hence, it’s important to be informed about the types of whiskey for a perfect and complete whiskey experience.

Malt Whiskey – As the name suggests, Malt Whiskey is made of Malted Barley. It’s still made in a traditional manner, in a pot.

Single Malt Whiskey – Made solely of malted barley and comes from just one distillery. It has a taste that is specific to the distillery it’s made in. To obtain a perfect blend, it’s often blended with other whiskies.

Grain Whiskey – This whiskey dates back to 1830’s and is mostly used in blends. It’s made of both malted and un-malted barley and also other grains such as wheat and maize.

Vatted malt whiskey – Vatted malt whiskey is made from malted whiskey of different distilleries. A whiskey labeled as ‘malt’ or ‘pure malt’ is surely a vatted malt whiskey. It is also known as blended malt.

Blended Whiskey – Blended whiskey is a mixture of grain and malt whiskey. The malt whiskey improves the taste as grain whiskey is considered to have inferior taste and quality. It’s a blend of malt whiskies from different distilleries.

Bourbon Whiskey – Bourbon whiskey is a sweet flavoured, full bodied whiskey and it is among the first alcoholic drink taken into the United States. It has at least 51% corn, is distilled at more than 160 proof and is stored in Oak barrels.

Irish Whiskey – It’s a blended malt of half barley and half oats. It doesn’t have a sweet flavour. Most Irish pot whiskey is distilled thrice. Irish whiskey was once the most popular spirit.

Scotch Whiskey – Scotch whiskey originated in Scotland, it is made from dried malted barley that is fermented and distilled and then blended with corn rye whiskey. Barley is distilled at 140 proof and the corn rye whiskey at 180 proof.

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Tale of Beer History by Murphy's Brewhouse

Tale of Beer History

Doesn’t matter if it’s 9 a.m. or 9 p.m, we all love a beer anytime! We have been drinking beer since forever now yet we know little about it. When was beer invented and how? many a beer lovers wouldn’t know the answer to that.

Drinking and brewing beer has been a part of our culture from the begining of civilisation. It’s hard to date back to the exact origin of beer. Traces of alcoholic beverages date back to 9000 years ago. Archaeologists have found ancient jars with fermented residue of rice, fruit and honey. Demonstrating that earlier civilizations were capable of creating fermented beverages.

Oldest beer – Sumerians from southern Iraq, then known as Mesopotamia have left many references on the clay tablets dated to 10000 years ago. They have also composed hymn entitled ‘Hymn to Ninkasi’. Hymn contained the recipe of beer and Ninkasi is the goddess of beer who would satisfy all the desires of people. Barley besides being their staple food was also used to make beer. The quest for beer may have developed the basic concepts of civilisation. Sumerians considered alcohol to be a wonderful and a blissful drink. Beer continued to be a staple beverage for many civilizations including Egyptians, Europeans to dark ages. Scarcity of fresh water made alcohol the staple beverage of people. As beer was boiled they felt it was safer for consumption than the contaminated water.

Middle Ages – During the Middle Age, beer was mostly prepared at home and by monasteries. Monasteries became the commercial brewers. They used to brew to support their communities. Egyptians took beer in their daily diet and used it in many recipes.

Introduction of hops – In England they produced beers without hops which is known as Ale. In today’s beer world there is a huge difference between hop beers and unhoped beers. Germans began to produce beer in masses. To set the standard of beer, German brewers came up with a law called Beer purity law in 1516. The beer should contain basic ingredients like water, malted barley, malted wheat, hops and yeast.

Industrial beer – Industrial revolution started in the 18th century. Conditions during the industrial revolution led to the commercial production of beer. Large scale breweries started producing huge quantities aimed at masses.

Pale Ale – 1650 fuel burning technology called coke has been introduced. Here, coal is baked to remove the unwanted components in beer. Coke is used to make malt light in colour and safe against the contaminants.

Lager beer – In 19th century, yeast played a major role. Lager beer is mixture of many yeasts. It was kept in cold temperature during fermentation. Light beer called miller beer was also introduced. In 1933 beer cans were introduced.

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Parties are fun wit drinks by Murphy's Brewhouse

Parties Are Fun With Drinks!

Imagine a party with just food, talk and decorations, boring right? Sounds like something‘s missing? Booze it is! Did it cross your mind right after reading the first line that I missed the drinks? Then you’re on the right page and definitely an enthusiastic party animal!

Parties are fun, they help us escape from the everyday in and out efforts we put in our jobs. Be it an official party, a social party, pool party they are all fun especially when there is alcohol. Everyone looks forward to visit the bar section of the party!

Don’t agree with me? Read further to know why drinks make parties more fun!

  • Most of them turn up at the party – As soon as your colleagues or friends hear there is booze, they all get excited and show up.
  • Drinks make people open up – Some people by nature are prone to not express themselves. Alcohol allows them to express! They open up, chat, laugh, express opinions, dance and sing. And it’s good to see them this way!
  • De-Stress – People might be overloaded with work, anxiety or they may be simply bored and tired. Drinks help them chill and relax.
  • Helps you mingle – Drinks can make two strangers best friends. People come out of their comfort zone and talk! It gives them extra confidence.
  • Different varieties – There are a lot of drinks out there and a lot of them have names you would have never thought a drink would have. You get introduced to many such drinks that you can add to your ‘Tasted ones’ list!
  • Keeps you company – if you are stuck in a dining room chair off to the corner in no-man’s land, it’s the glass of drink that keeps you company and not makes you feel awkward and lonely.

Are you craving a drink or a party, after reading this? Don’t over think it, just hop into Murphy’s Brewhouse and have the best beer in Bangalore!

types of wine

Types Of Wine

Is it date night again? Wondering what to drink? Well, Wine is definitely going to be your best friend on a date. Be it drinking it, or simply talking about it. For instance, the story about the wine you bought from a winery you visited, is sure to hit off a good conversation. So to educate you a little more on wines we are back to give you details about wine and its different types.

Red wine – Red wine is slightly tinted red as it is prepared from black grapes. Grape juice is colourless but it gets the tint due to the skin. During the fermentation process the skins of black grapes are kept in juice. This is the reason for the slight red tint of the red wine and is the secret behind the crumple feel when you have a sip of red wine.

White wine – As the colour states white wine is white in colour and there is no additional colour given to the grape juice. Grape juice has no colour. Even during the fermentation, the skin of the grapes are not allowed to get in contact with the grape juice. Hence, the grape juice colour remains unchanged. White wines range from dry to sweet.

Rose wine – Rose wine is not completely red, they have a light tint of red. These wines are also made of black grape juice. The skin is removed as soon as it gets in contact with the grape juice. As the contact time is less, these wines get a lighter tint than red wines. They are sweeter in nature and are also called blush wines.

Dessert wine – Dessert wine is always consumed after dinner as desserts because they are the sweetest and contain the highest sugar content. These are made from sugar that is left over after wine making. These wines are made sweeter by employing various methods.

Fortified wine – Fortified wine is made by adding certain kinds of spirits to the grape juice. The most usually used spirit is brandy. These wines have the highest alcohol content as the spirits are added. The reason for fortifying the wine is to preserve it for a longer time. They can be transported easily as well.

Sparkling wine – Sparkling wine has bubbles. They are known for bubbles and the fizz made by them. Carbon dioxide is the reason behind the presence of bubbles in the wine.

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Alcohol Percentages in Drinks

Alcohol Percentages In Drinks

Drinking for the first time at an office party? Worried about saying things that you aren’t supposed to? That is a bit scary, no doubt. But the good news is, that knowing a little about alcohol percentage in different drinks can help you a little. We understand your worries and need and that’s why decided to educate you a bit this week about alcohol and their percentages. Read further to know more!

Beer – Beer is considered as a universal drink. It is the best and the most preferred drink when casually hanging out with friends or enjoying a dinner party. Beer contains around 3 – 10% of alcohol in it.so, you can be actually still be in your senses even if you chug down an entire bottle of beer.

Wine – Wine is considered as a sophisticated drink and usually preferred on dates. Wine is made using black grapes and that explains its taste and colour. Wine contains almost 8-14% of alcohol. The % differs according to the type of the wine. However, the fortified wine may contain up to 20% of alcohol.

Spirits – Other spirits like whisky, vodka, gin, rum, tequila contain between 35 – 40 % of alcohol. These drinks are made using different ingredients. The percentage varies again a little depending on the type of the drink. You can have these drinks on the rocks and get into trance world soon. Go ahead and feel the high with these hard drinks.

Cocktails – Cocktails are made by mixing one or different alcohols at a time. Check the mix of the drink before you order. Be cautious before ordering them. It is always advised to not order a cocktail which involves mixing of multiple alcohols, as mixing gets you high easily and you may lose control!

Now, that you know about different drinks in detail, choose the perfect one for yourself. And in case, if beer happens to be your favourite, don’t forget to check out Murphy’s brewhouse for the best brewed beer in Bangalore.

Beer and Happiness

Beer- A perfect drink to spread happiness!

Since ages, beer has been the prominent symbol of friendship. It has been your partner in crime, friend in need and sidekick on celebration. Over a beer, you can talk badly about your job, boast your accomplishment or chalk out a million dollar business plan. In short, beer has been and always will be your major source of happiness. Be it craft fully brewed beer or bottled beer, they help bind people close together. So, how’s beer spreading happiness for years?

  • To start with, beer is the most popular alcoholic drink for a reason. Had a tiresome and exhausting day at work? No worries, gather up all your tired co-workers for drinking and wind up your day on a happy note!
  • If your friend is being secretive and you are not able to spill the truth – take him out for a drink. But remember, what goes round comes around!
  • Beer pong! Imaging the ultimate fun game Beer pong without beer. You need beer for this famous game to set up the right mood and create an interactive – fun environment
  • Beer fests. To celebrate the holiness of beer, beer fests are being organized around the world. It brings all the beer enthusiast together and let them savour the beauty of beer
  • Those who believe wine tasting is the sophisticated way of happiness have never experienced the joy of tasting brewed beer. Tasting the freshly brewed beer gives much more satisfaction than your imagination. For this, don’t forget to stop by at Murphy’s for the best brewed beer in Bangalore
  • There’s a beer for every character and personality. You name your personality and you get the beer of your choice. And what can be more fun than finding your own kind?

And the best part is you do not need any reason to grab a glass of beer. Moreover, even the thought of beer itself makes you happy!  As truly said by Benjamin Franklin, “Beer is a living proof that god loves us and wants us to be happy!!”

Wine drinking

Know the wine basics – Are you sipping it right?

Wine drinking is an art. Some are born with it, some may just have to learn it. And for those who are learning it, we’ve got your back. We will tell you the right way to sip your wine, so you don’t embarrass yourself in front of others.

To start with, you should always treat wine as a holy drink, which by the way is made from fermented grape juice loved across the world. It is much more than opening, pouring and gulping. You should first learn the way to choose the perfect glass, best temperature and the kind of people – there are just too much of science, social, history attached to it. But for a beginner, we give you the step by step process on how you should embrace the taste of wine.

This is how you enjoy a wine drinking session:

  • At first, the wine must be brought to a right temperature. If it’s white, then you should chill it in the fridge for at least an hour and if it’s red, it’s best served at room temperature
  • Make sure there are no sediments in the wine as it needs to be decanted before consumption. If you are confused what is sediments, it’s the protein, grape skin, less, which the winemakers leave intentionally to preserve the colour and give your wine a richer texture
  • Though neglected most of the times, choosing the right glass for wine drinking is of equal importance. Yes, it does make a big difference. If you are drinking red wine, the glasses need to be clear. Whereas, for white wine, glasses are tall and slim as no air contact is required
  • Once the wine is poured in the right glass, you need to allow it to breathe for a moment. Relish this holy drink. And don’t forget to swirl the wine before drinking to bring out the nature and spirit of the wine. Take it from an expert, never fill the glass fully. And it is up to you to see if the glass is half- empty or half – full. Totally up to you!
  • Finally, you are ready to tingle your taste buds. Drink some wine. However, no matter how thirsty you are, never ever gulp the wine. We repeat again, never ever gulp the wine. Rather, take a sip and keep it in your mouth for a few seconds to savour its taste

A perfect glass of wine is important for your self-esteem, confidence and to kill all your insecurities. So, if you are looking for a cool hangout place in Bangalore – visit Murphy’s Brewhouse. Along with the best brewed beer in Bangalore, we give you the best glass of wine – in a perfect glass!


Long Drinks

The Long Drinks!

“Good people drink good cocktail!”

Served in tall glasses, long drinks can know your mood better than you. Mixtures of alcohol and fruit juice or soda, long drinks make sure you get your drinks a little longer. Though diluted in comparison to the short drinks – don’t ever underestimate the power of these drinks!

At Murphy’s Brewhouse, apart from the brewed beer, we also offer a variety of long drinks. So, to make sure you talk like an expert in front of your friends when you visit Murphy’s Brewhouse, we give you a list of our long drinks.

  • The long Island Ice tea – Those who don’t know about LIIT are missing a major source of happiness in their life. Named after America’s largest island – The long Island, LIIT is a mixture of many alcohols like vodka, tequila, rum, gin, triple sec with sweet and sour mix and a splash of Coca Cola. Though it tastes like an iced tea, LIIT can hit you really hard and make you forget about all bad things in the world with just one glass. Trust us, good LIIT gets you high in just a single glass. Again, don’t judge the power of LIIT by its iced tea taste!
  • Bullfrog – Invented in the city of gold – Dubai, bullfrog really turns out to be a piece of gold for all drink enthusiasts. It consists of 4 clear spirits Bacardi Rum, tequila, vodka, blue curacao, gin and a can of red bull. Bullfrog gives you wings!
  • Long Peach Ice Tea – As refreshing and gorgeous as it sounds, long peach ice tea is heaven during summer time. A mixture of rum, vodka, gin and tequila, this drink promises to swirl your head and take you to your happy place. But don’t forget to add Ice cubes!
  • Long Beach Ice Tea – In case, you are still living on the memoirs of your recent vacation in the beach, then come to Murphy’s Brewhouse and re-live your memories with long beach ice tea. Served in a tall glass with 5 white spirits vodka, gin, tequila, triple sec and white rum – this tangy drink is sure to perk you up after a long day. Also, referred as the cousin of Long island ice tea, both cousins can never disappoint you!
  • Scorpion – Originated from the great land of tropical cocktails – Hawaii, there are more variants to this drink than any other drink. We at Murphy’s make sure to keep up with the legacy passed by people from Honolulu, by offering one of the most exciting varients of this drink. Our Scorpion drink consists of 4 Rums and 1 brandy mixed in equal portions of pineapple and orange juice. Long live tropical cocktails of Hawaii!


So, if you are trying to kick off your stress and looking for a hangout place in Bangalore to put you into friendly hellos and conversations – come to Murphy’s Brewhouse. Plus, we have a delicious collection of food items to perfectly pair up your long drink.