Types of Liqueurs by Murphy's Brewhouse

Types of Liqueurs

A liqueur is an alcoholic beverage that has a touch of different flavours such as fruits, cream, herbs, spices, flowers or nuts, and contains added sugar. They are usually served as desserts with coffee, but can also be used while cooking to add distinct flavours. They are served in very small glasses as they are sweet, slightly sticky and fairly alcoholic.

Listed below are some of the best liqueurs:

• Advocaat- Made from eggs, sugar and brandy, this is a traditional Dutch alcoholic beverage. This delicious liqueur is best when served with cold pudding on a Christmas evening.

• Cherry Brandy- This liqueur with a cherry touch has long been a tradition in Europe. As the name suggests, it is made from cherries and brandy. It is an excellent liqueur and gives that extra boast to your dessert.

• Benedictine- Made of herbs, roots, sugar with a cognac base, Benedictine has a very distinct taste. It is a French brandy-based liqueur, which gives a lift to dried fruits or dishes that incorporate dried fruits.

• Tia Maria- Consisting of coffee beans, Jamaican rum, vanilla and sugar as main ingredients, Tia Maria is a dark liqueur. The blend of coffee with vanilla makes this very intriguing. This rum based liqueur is very pleasant to sip on.

• Kummel- It is a sweet, colourless liquid, which is flavoured using caraway seeds, cumin seeds and fennel. It is also called as Kimmel. They taste delicious with seed cake and other types of port dishes.

• Anisette- This liqueur is flavoured using aniseeds from Spain. It is popularly used in traditional Spanish cooking, especially in sea food.

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Food and Drink combinations by Murphy's Brewhouse

Food & Drink Combinations

“The more alcohol you drink, the hungrier you get”, science suggests. Not surprising at all, because alcohol stimulates appetite in a way that increases the craving for high-fat, salty food. While pizza is a classic beer food, it may not be paired best with every alcohol. So, here is a list of some our favourite food and drink combinations

• Sour Patch Candies with Vodka- They are a perfect substitute and make a better chaser when compared to the typical diet coke. You will love this infusion, so simply add a handful of these candies to the bottom of your drink or gulp three-four candies down, right after your vodka shot.

• Cheeselings with Wine– No other combination impresses better than that of cheeselings with wine. This pairing results in a sour taint taste with a creamy finish that fills up your mouth.

• Chocolates with Champagne- Champagne tastes a lot better when you pair them with chocolates.

• Mac n Cheese with Beer- Forget pizzas and say hello to this new Mac n Cheese beer treat. A cold beer with warm Mac n Cheese is sure to make your evening better and extra yummier.

• Caramel Popcorn with Scotch- The crunchy sweet popcorn go very well with the smokey flavour of scotch and these two together perfectly balance each other out.

• Bananas and Peanut with Rum- Sweet rum with classic peanut butter combo is sure a treat. Peanut butter rum is definitely going to tingle your taste buds making you want it more and more.

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The beer pong game by Murphy's Brewhouse

The Beer Pong Game

Everyone enjoys sipping on a cold brewed beer but what makes it more exciting is adding a game touch to simple beer drinking. Beer pong is a popular drinking game; it is extremely fun and can be enjoyed by anyone of legal age. Today, we decided to cover the basic rule of this amazingly fun game.

• Set Up the Table – The first step is to set up the table for the game. Beer pong is usually played on a ping pong table, but any table that is large, flat and stable will do. It is important to have a stable table so the beer won’t spill.

• Set Up the Cups – You can either arrange 6-7 cups in a triangular formation or you can arrange the cups across the length of table on either ends. After arranging the cups, fill it halfway with beer.

• Clean Water Bucket – Sanitation though often overlooked while playing this game, is very important. So make sure to keep a bucket full of clean water so the balls can be cleaned before they are thrown. It is always a good idea to use a towel or a tissue later to dry the ball.

• Teams Or One On One – Beer pong can be played either one on one or in two teams. Teams of two, throw the ball every time they get a turn.

Game Play – Beer pong revolves around the idea of shooting the ball in the opponent’s cup. The opposite team is expected to drink every time you successfully get your ball into the opponent’s cup.

Types of Shot – There are three primary shots- The ‘Arc’ shot, which is a direct method. The ‘Fastball’ shot also known as laser beam. As the name suggests, it might sometimes get out of hand and hence is not allowed under house rules. Last, but not the least is the ‘Bounce’ shot, which is an indirect shot. Here, the shooter usually bounces the ball into the cup.

• Re racking -The cups need to be re-racked at various levels in the game. When the number of cups drops to 6, 4, 3, 2 and 1 or at the end of a team’s turn, the cups are re-racked.

Defence – The opponents can defend by blowing, fingering or by using ball blocking techniques.

Win – To win the Beer Pong game the team needs to make both shots in the final cup. And the losing team needs to drink all of the remaining beer on the table.

4 Different types of rum by Murphy's Brewhouse

4 Different Types of Rum

Rum is a versatile spirit which is made from distilled sugarcane or molasses Like most spirits, and has undergone some changes in the recent years. It is no longer restricted to mojitos, but people are becoming more curious about its myriad uses and diverse flavour profiles. Like most spirits, it comes in a variety of different styles, so here is a little list of different style of spirits.

1. White Rum- Also known as light or silver rum and it has no colour and a light flavour. White rum isn’t usually aged; it is distilled in white oak barrel and then filtered to make it clear. It usually has subtle hints of vanilla and almonds. White rum is the most common rum in a mojito.

2. Black Rum- Black rum is also known as dark rum and this type of rum is aged the longest in charred oak. It has a dark colour and deep, smoky-sweet finish due to vanilla and caramel overtones. Dark rum is used in many tiki drinks.

3. Golden Rum- Golden rum are usually aged in amber oak barrels, which gives it the signature colour and the sweet, rich flavour along with distinct coffee and caramel notes with hints of toasted almonds, bananas with an oaky finish.

4. Spiced Rum- It is aged for as long as black rum and includes flavours ranging from herbs like rosemary to sweet caramel and citrus fruits. It usually has a sweet- spice taste.

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Whiskey Myths: Debunked by Murphy's Brewhouse

Whiskey Myths: Debunked

Are you flooded with questions and facts about the greatest spirit- Whiskey? The prohibition era left a gap in the knowledge of whiskey, leading to a series of myths and misconceptions. So, we decided to pour forth the facts about the legendary Whiskey and clear away the myths, so you can show off your whiskey knowledge next time someone asks you a question about it.

Myth No. 1: The older the whiskey, the better it will be.

We often believe that older is better and a mark of quality. Older usually means expensive and by default people tend to believe if it’s more expensive than it must be better. This is absolutely untrue, in fact there is a limited number of years you can age whiskey, otherwise they end up tasting woody due to excessive wood from the barrel.

Myth No. 2: Whiskey is a man’s drink.

This is a myth that has prevailed for a long time. Women have been drinking and making whiskey for hundreds of years and their love for whiskey dates back to the 19th century. There’s absolutely nothing that should stop a woman from drinking whiskey, so all the woman out there go treat yourself to a shot of whiskey!

Myth No. 3: Making a cocktail with good whiskey is a waste.

Wrong!!! How could that possibly be a waste? If you are making a cocktail, you would want to use your best ingredients and a good whiskey will make your cocktail extremely flavourful. Great whiskeys will make great cocktails.

Myth No. 4: Never add water in whiskey.

A lot of people are scared of adding ice or water to their whiskey. You will often hear people saying “I like my whiskey straight, no water, ice or fancy drink mixed”. But adding a little water or ice will actually open up more flavours and aromas. So feel free to add ice cube, water or anything, experiment a little with your whiskey; it isn’t that delicate.

Myth No. 5: Whiskey is spelled with or without ‘e’.

The question how whisky is spelled keeps resurfacing over and over again! This will surprise you but our favourite drink has two spellings- Whiskey and Whisky. Canadian and scotch distillers generally use the spelling ‘whisky’, while Irish and American brands go for the ‘Whiskey’ spelling. The origin of ‘e’ is unclear, but whatever be the spelling the taste of a good whiskey is all that one needs!

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WIne Myths: Debunked by Murphy's Brewhouse

Wine Myths: Debunked

Most common wine thinking is just misconceptions and myths floating around. So, this week we decided to help you clean your palate of these popular misconceptions and debunk the common wine myths for you.

· Expensive wines are better wines- Wine prices are never swayed by the factors such as the taste and the quality of the wine, but the location, celebrity endorsement and image dedicate their price. So, don’t be fooled into thinking that expensive wines will always taste better.

· Age Worthy Wines Should be Sealed with a Cork- Another misconception! Low quality wine is always associated with screw caps. But contrary to this belief, screw capped wines can age very well as screw capped wine promotes quality control. This eliminates the worry associated with spoiling of the bottle.

· Red Wine Should Always be Served At Room Temperature- This misconception popularly surfaced during the 19th This is purely a myth; the actual rule is that red wine should not be served over 20 degree Celsius. The recommended temperature for serving red wine is 14 to 18 degrees.

· Aging improves wine- Usually, there is no benefit involved with aging of wine unless they are very special. This is because wine is typically consumed within the first few years of its production and some within the same year. So go ahead and taste your wine sooner rather than later.

· Only Red Wines Have Health Benefits- Yes, it is true that red wine contains more antioxidant than white wine, but that does not mean white wine has no health benefits. This is just a myth. Both red and white wine contain same amount of nutrients and are equally beneficial for health.

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8 Top Mocktrails by Murphy's Brewhouse

Top 8 Mocktails

Mocktails are non-alcoholic beverages; they are typically non-alcoholic versions of alcoholic beverages. They are the perfect party drinks for both who consume alcohol and who don’t. They are cool, refreshing and completely party friendly. So here is the list of mocktails that will tantalise your taste buds.

1. Shirley Temple- This traditional mix of ginger ale with grenadine and garnished with a maraschino cherry is everyone’s favourite and is sure to please everyone, be it a kid or an adult.

2. Italian Cream Soda- Watermelon, passion fruit flavoured syrup, carbonated water and cream are all blended to provide a sense of indulgence.

3. Safe Sex on the Beach- A non-alcoholic version of our very own sex on the beach is here. The orange, cranberry and peach mixture brings a refreshing experience. They are perfect to be sipped on a sunny day at a beach.

4. Virgin Margarita- This is a virgin version of the classic margarita. Its refreshing properties make it a reminiscent of a sunny day. But the flavourful properties make it hard to resist even during the month of January.

5. Queens Punch- Spicy, tasteful, tantalising, rich and refreshing. Want to have a taste of all these flavours in one sip, then opt for a queens punch mocktail. As the name suggests, the quality makes it a perfect fit for a queen.

6. Chocolate Liquer Shake- A mouth-watering drink, the chocolate liquer shake, with its chocolate infused with vanilla, coffee and almond flavour is a must try.

7. Cinderella- This fruity mocktail involves pineapple, lemon, orange and a dash of grenadine. This when served chill is sure to impress and please everyone.

8. Sundowner- It is a sophisticated mocktail, which includes grapes, sparkling water and mint sprig. The mint leaves used in this brings out the best flavours.

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Five Mysterious Facts About Irish Beer by Murphy's Brewhouse

Five Mysterious Facts About Irish Beer

Beer! Beer! Beer! That’s the word on everyone’s lips in Ireland. To an Irish man the neighbouring pub is their second home and favourite hangout place. Irish palates are discerning, therefore poor quality beer can never be in the market for a long time, they usually disappear. Last week we gave you a list of must try beers and now it’s time for us to tell you five things you never knew about Irish beers!

Keeping the Cool – The temperature of your beer will affect your overall drinking experience. A colder beer is more refreshing, while a warm beer reveals more flavour. Your experience also varies according to the type of beer you are drinking but people generally prefer a colder beer as it is lighter on the stomach.

Ancient-ness – Brewing in Ireland has a long history, you can trace it back to no fewer than 5000 years, back into the earliest days of Irish agriculture. Beer is the oldest drink around and historically Ireland produces ale, without the use of hops.

The Science – Water, something starchy- to be converted into sugar and fermented, yeast- for fermentation and a flavour are the basic ingredients of beer. The end result of the beer is affected by the type of water used as beer is mostly water. Dublin, capital of Ireland excels at making beer as its water is quite hard.

Pair it up – Beer with food, can your evening get any better? And by food, we don’t mean just the pizzas. The flavours of beer are enhanced when you pair your beer up with a right kind of munchies. Beer and food is surely a match made in heaven.

Beer consumption – The Irish are known to be alcohol lovers and for having great breweries, yet they do not hold the title for the world’s greatest beer loving country.

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8 Irish-Style Beers to Drink by Murphy's Brewhouse

8 Irish Style Beers to Drink

Irish people love beer and if it’s one thing the Irish do well, it’s brewing a good pint. Ireland is the home to big breweries and Irish beer range from light and crisp to thick and creamy, perfect for thirst-quenching and as a companion for spicy food. So here is the list of 8 Irish beer that every beer enthusiast should try!

1. Kinnegar Rustbucket – It is a rye beer style with barley malt in a perfect balance. Rye combines its spiciness nicely with hops that contributes a citrus note. Though rye ale is relatively unusual, the rye ale beer is with plenty of flavour and has a rougher rye edge, which makes it unique. If you are looking for something different, go give this one a try.

2. Brown Paper Bag Project Oxman – This has an intriguing blend of flavours: a dark, nutty brown ale with a pleasing dryness, which is made in a wide variety of different styles. It uses smoked wheat, which blends three different flavours – Weizen, Rauch and sour notes together. This impeccable beer should be tried by all.

3. Of Foam and Fury – It is a double IPA which means powerful flavours with extra alcoholic-ness! It has delicious aroma of tropical fruits, a hint of caramel and a slight smell of pine, all these are combined together to make a beer to savour

4. O’Hara’s Irish Wheat – It is a perfect blend of fruits such as banana, peaches, plums and traditional hops. This golden wheat ale is smooth and is perfect for those who prefer a lighter and easy-drinking option.

5. O’Haras Leann Follain – This is a fantastic example for a full-bodied extra Irish stout. It is full malt stout with a very strong and powerful coffee and chocolate flavours balanced by a delicate hoppy spiciness. This has a smokey finish which is distinctive and lingers on your tongue for a long time.

6. Fulcrum (5% ABV) – It is a crafted beer that strikes perfect balance between crisp depth of taste and satisfying refreshment. It is a wheat beer that blends soft fruits with citrus lemon and lime. This is a sourly refreshing beer with a distinct clove finish, which one should definitely try!

7. Dungarvan Coffee and Oatmeal Stout – Made with actual coffee and actual oatmeal, this drink is full of flavours. Though it doesn’t taste like coffee, it is delicious. Oatmeal imparts a rich smoothness and there is a subtle hint of espresso in the background. It is a perfect companion during winter days.

8. Metalman Pale Ale – It is a delicious, hoppy, easy-drinking beer. It was the first Irish beer in a can. Dark gold in colour with delicate white head citrus and floral aromas with a dry bitter finish makes this an enjoyable and refreshing beer.

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Know how your beer is brewed by Murphy's Brewhouse

Know How Your Beer Is Brewed

Beer has a large variety, there are at least four hundred types of beer. Wedding anniversaries, birthdays, office parties, be it any occasion- beer is the drink to have. But do you know how it is brewed? Brewing process in a brewery is classified into 7 different stages

1. Milling the grain – Different grains are used in the milling process. They are crushed together to leave behind the peels of the grain and separate the part of the malt grain that is soluble. The peel of the grain is used during the filtration process.

2. Mashing – In this process, the malted grain is heated up with water at a high temperature. The natural enzymes in the malt break down the starch into sugar.

3. Filtering – After making the mash which contains only fermentable sugars, the malt is then transferred into a kettle, where the mash can be divided into two components. One is sweet liquid called wort and the second one is insoluble solid component called draff. They are separated through filtering process in the kettle. Draff can be removed once the wort is sent to the boiling kettle.

4. Boiling – In this process, the wort is boiled to avoid any infections to ensure sterility. Hops are added during boiling. Hops are the flowers of the hop plant, which give bitterness and tangy flavour to the beer. Hops are added to get the bitterness, aroma and flavour to the beer. Boiling also coagulates the proteins and maintains the PH level of the beer. After boiling, the wort is sent to whirlpool where the hops are removed from the bitter wort. Many breweries have separate whirlpools. Small breweries uses brew kettle as whirlpool. The wort is cooled and sent to the fermentation kettle.

5. Fermentation – Yeasts are added during fermentation of the wort in the vessel. Yeast enzymes convert the cooled wort to alcohol and carbon dioxide. This is the first point at which the product is called  beer.

6. Conditioning – All the sugar in the beer is allowed to get digested completely. Then the fermentation slows down. The yeasts get settled at the bottom of the container. The beer is cooled, which makes its flavour smoother and stronger.

7. Filtration – After beer has completely developed its flavours, it is filtered to remove carbon dioxide and other flavours. Filtering gives beer its stabilized flavour and shine. After the filtration, the beer is sent to the container where it can be served.

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