fun drinking games

Fun Drinking Games

Aren’t you bored of jazzing up your Saturday nights with the same old music, conversations and dancing lights? Want to make it better and cooler? Then try some sweetly old fashioned drinking games! So to satisfy your drinking pleasure, we bring you a list of fun drinking games that you should definitely play.

• The Name Game- This game is simple and fun, as it requires no props. It involves taking names of a famous people based on the last letter of the previous name. The drinking begins when a player can’t think of a name immediately. The player is expected to drink till he comes up with a name.

• FUBAR- FUBAR id best enjoyed with a large number of people. It is a card game in which each card has funny and crazy drinking challenges, and you have to perform the challenge that your card reads. The cards include commands such as drink a beer; take a shot of vodka etc.

• Never Have I Ever-Want to know your friend’s secret, while getting drunk? Play ‘never have I ever’! This game involves sharing something that you have never done and the people who have done what you mentioned, need to take a sip of their drink.

• Flip Cup- This is a fun drinking game. Simply arrange cups of beer on a table, and race to chug your beer down. After chugging your beer, you need to flip your cup upside down. The team that flips all their cups first, wins!

• Straight Face- Have you ever had difficulty keeping a straight face after getting drunk? Yes, this game exactly challenges that weakness. This game involves a bunch of chits that has funny or inappropriate sentences written on them. The key is to pick up a chit and try to keep a straight face after reading the chit.

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debunking liquor myths

Tequila and Its Types

Tequila- a distilled beverage is a regional specific name. Distillation of the juice from the blue agave plant results in tequila. Pure tequila begins its life with the fermentation process, while Mixto tequila is first mixed sugar or molasses. Then, the subsequent processes decide the type of tequila.

• Gold Tequila– Typically, gold tequila is a mixto. The colour of gold tequila is from the caramel colour and flavours added to tequila prior to fermentation. They usually contain only 51% agave tequila and are normally not aged.

• Silver Tequila– Often referred as Blanco, silver tequila is not aged for more than a couple of weeks. Silver tequila is considered as the purest form of tequila, and is often used in margaritas.

• Reposado- Reposado means rested in Spanish, and as the name suggests the first step of making this tequila involved resting and aging. Wood barrels or storage tanks are used for the resting process, which results in a gold hue to the tequila.

• AñejoConsidered as the best type of tequila, they are aged from one to three years. They are darker in colour when compared to Reposado, but have a smooth flavour to them.

• Extra Añejo- This is a new type of tequila that is aged for over three years. This tequila is the most expensive, because of its improved taste and the type of distilleries used for ageing.

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debunking liquor myths

Debunking Liquor Myths

The world’s most used drug- alcohol is surrounded by misconceptions and myths. You would have probably read about them, heard them around or uttered it yourself. The story of liquor spreads wide and far, but sadly not all of them are true. And now, it’s time to debunk some of these myths.

• The Myth: One Drink in an Hour And Safe To Drink-The popular theory that our body naturally takes an hour to metabolise a drink is false. It actually takes two hours. The average metabolism rate is 100 milligrams of alcohol per kilogram of bodyweight per hour.

The Myth: Drinking Beer Gives You a Belly- Beer doesn’t give you a belly, an excess of beer gives you a belly. But over consumption of anything will make you gain weight.

•  The Myth: Darker Alcohols Are Healthier- The darker alcohols generally contain toxic chemicals, such as cogeners. The presence of cogeners can actually make you feel worse the next day.

The Myth: Older Wine Is Better- Usually, there is no benefit involved with ageing of wine unless they are very special. This is because wine is typically consumed within the first few years of its production and some within the same year. So go ahead and taste your wine sooner rather than later.

The Myth: Beer before Liquor Makes You Sick– More than the type of alcohol, the quantity and how you mix them matters. Consuming too much of any liquor quickly can make you feel uneasy.

Now, that we have cleared these common misconceptions, come to Murphy’s Brewhouse- the best hangout  in Bangalore and enjoy your favourite liquor, without any worries!

Vodka: Mysteries and Myths

Vodka: Mysteries and Myths

From being tasteless to being tagged as a ‘women’s drink’, there are many tales attached to the Hollywood’s most preferred drink- Vodka. But, do you think all the tales are factual? Think again, there are many misbeliefs’ attached to vodka- a popular drink. So, today Murphy’s Brewhouse, which is the best brewery in Bangalore, decided to debunk some of these myths.

Myth No.1: It Doesn’t Matter Which Vodka You Use In Cocktail.

Vodka has a simple, subtle taste, and hence is a neutral spirit. The truth is that different vodka brings out different taste. For instance, higher proof vodka will bring out a taste that is different from the taste that lower proof vodka would bring out. Super fact: Vodka that has a strong taste, but a neutral smell will make better cocktails.

Myth No.2: All Vodkas Are Not The Same.

According to the bookish definition, vodka is a rectified spirit, which has no recognizably different taste. False and false! Repeat after us, all vodkas are not the same. The truth is, vodka comes in a wide variety of taste depending on where they are distilled. Other factors that influence the taste of vodka are the raw materials and their quality.

Myth No.3: Vodkas Are Made Only From Potatoes.

Not true! In fact, very few vodka is made from potatoes. Vodka can be prepared from any starch or sugar-rich plant. For example, soybeans, grapes, rice, sugar beets or fruits can all be used to make vodka.

Myth No.4: Vodkas Is Odourless and Tasteless.

No Odour? No Taste? Are we talking about water or an alcoholic beverage here? This myth is the most ridiculous one. Of course vodkas have taste and odour, ranging from very light to very strong and empowering tastes and odours.

Myth No.5: Vodka Is a Women’s Drink.

Initially yes, vodka was considered as a women’s drink, but now the times have changed and now, vodka is considered as a cool and happening drink by both men and women.

Playlist of beer songs by Murphy's Brewhouse

Let’s Make a Playlist about Beer

If you think beer is undoubtedly the best drink in the world, you definitely need to make a playlist about beer. So, when you are drinking with your other beer loving friends, it could be a really fun.

Here is the list of popular songs about our beloved beer:

• The roadhouse blues – Written by an American poet Jim Morrison and performed by The Doors, The roadhouse blues is a must-have song if you are making a playlist about beer. “I woke up this morning, and I got myself a beer, the future’s uncertain, and the end is always near!” This single line of the song is enough for beer lovers and beer enthusiasts like us to feel good about our cherished drink, which will be there through thick and thin

• Oh good Ale – To all those Ale lovers, here is the song that must be in your playlist. Here, the Copper Family is perfectly sharing the same feeling of every Ale enthusiasts, how Ale helps you make new friends or sometimes an enemy and how the ale has become the source of happiness in life. “O, good ale, thou art my darling, thou art my joy both night and morning!” Very true!

• La biere – A beautiful Finnish song written by Jacques Brel is all about the love for beer. The loose translation goes “It smells of beer from London to Berlin, It smells of beer, god we feel good!” Definitely, if it smells like beer, we are bound to feel good. So, if you don’t know Finnish, you may not understand the lyrics of the song but love of beer needs no language

• Drinkin’ beer – Imagine drinking beer while listening to Jimmy Witherspoon’s Drinkin’ beer. That will just melt your stress and let you enjoy the beauty of life. “Let’s have a party and drink up a lot of beer. Well, wine is fine but give me lots of beer!” This song exactly expresses the feeling of all beer lovers

• Duff beer song – If you know Homer Simpson, you are no new to love for beer and this song. Short and sweet in one paragraph, the duff beer song makes us boozy – “Duff beer for me, duff beer for you, I’ll have a duff, you’ll have one too!” Easy lyrics to sing with, the duff beer song can actually be the theme song of you and your beer loving friends!

And in case you are looking for the best brewed beer in Bangalore, visit Murphy’s Brewhouse. Along with amazing brewed beer, we also have the perfect playlist to play while drinking beer.

What do you need to open a bar? by Murphy's Brewhouse

What do you need to open a Brewhouse?

So, you finally decided you want to open a bar, but you have no idea from where you want to start? In order, to give you a fair bit of idea about the things or documents that is required for you to open a bar, here is the list:

• You first have to know that you have huge competition: The very first thing before you even dream of owning a bar is to know the fact that you will have huge competition. With lots of Brewhouses, pubs and clubs coming in the city, you will face competition from them. So, if you really think you will have a good demand and traffic flow, then go ahead!

• Prepare for a different work schedule – You have to mentally prepare yourself that you will have to work on a different timing which may take your work-life balance. When you have your own bar you may have to manage everything on your own for first few years. Therefore, you may actually have to stay till 4-5 am in the morning and come and open the bar at 11 am. This may mess up your social life. So our suggestion is be mentally prepared!

• Look for a liquor License – The main document that you will need to open a bar legally is to obtain a liquor license. For different countries and even states, the rule to obtain a liquor license is different, so be aware about the policies and make sure you know all the rules to save yourself from any legal trouble. So, to keep your liquor oasis stocked up, make sure you have a liquor license

• Create a well-developed business plan – Now that you have fulfilled your legal and social obligation, you are fit to open a bar. All you need to do is prepare a well researched and detailed business plan. First, decide what kind of bar you want to open and accordingly outline your paper. The business plan is very important when it comes to giving your business a start!

So, now you are ready to open your own bar. May your bar be full of people and you never run out of beer for them!

Beer Cocktail by Murphy's Brewhouse

Beer cocktail – A perfect summer drink!

A wise man once said, whatever good things we build, end up building us. And sensible people over the history proved it by making a super delicious beer cocktail, which surely ended up building good times for us. Beer cocktails are a perfect summer drink. Whether you are having abrasive or knotty situations in life, there is no feeling that these cocktails cannot untangle. During hot and humid weather, these cocktails are a blessing. So, here are some of the beer cocktails that you must try this summer.

Weissen Sour – Who doesn’t like a little sunshine in their life? This bright cocktail contains bourbon, lemon juice, orange marmalade and a white ale. This basically is an enhanced version of whiskey sour and as usual beer’s making it better!

How to make it: Combine bourbon, fresh lime juice, orange marmalade, orange bitters and make it boozy by adding white ale. Don’t forget to add ice and gently shake this drink and let your blithe spirit out!

The end zone – After a tedious day in the office, the end zone can be your soul mate to add a good finishing touch to your day.

How to make it: Combine bourbon, any light beer, frozen lemonade in a pitcher and stir. This easy to make drink is as promising as hot coffee in a cold day

Black Velvet – So, if you have a champagne as well as Irish stout beer, which one should you drink first? The answer is both. The answer is always both.

How to make it: Add equal amounts of champagne and Irish stout beer in a glass and stir

El Ayudacal – As classy as the name sounds, El ayudacal is a must try beer cocktail during summer. In case you think drinking Pilsner beer direct from the bottle is too mainstream for your classy style, try El ayudacal

How to make it: Combine lime juice, agave nectar, and lime zest in a glass and top it up with Pilsner styled beer and stir gently. If you think this is yet to touch your level of sophistication, garnish it with a lime wheel

The fluttering shandy – The fluttering shandy is the beer cocktail that promises to flirt with your taste buds and give you the much awaited tantalizing sensation. Mixed with any soft drink, shandy is ever ready to guarantee a great taste

How to make it: Pour a soft drink of your choice into a glass filled with ice. Add lime and top with beer!

he art of drinking single malt whisky by Murphy's Brewhouse

The Art of Drinking Single Malt Whisky

It is said that, drinking single malt whisky is an art in itself. And if you don’t know what single malt whisky is, you are probably in a very wrong place. Still to help you out, single malt whisky is malt whisky from a single distillery, which is distilled from a fermented mash made exclusively using malted grain.

Now moving forward, people may say the only rule to drink whisky is not to impose any rule. But don’t believe those people. To unlock the real flavour of single malt whisky, the best way to drink is the way it is really meant to.

• Step 1 – Buy single malt whisky – If you don’t know the best single malt whisky in your town, ask your friends or relatives who are labelled as whisky gurus. And in case you don’t know any experts on single malt, you can always take help from your liquor store friend. But make sure you get the best one

• Step 2 – Buy a good glass – In case you think you have the perfect glass to enjoy your liquor, think again! If it is not the most preferred tulip glass, which focuses on the aromas and splashes of good old single malt onto the tongue, go and buy one. Though some whisky lovers prefer tumblers and snifters, we suggest you to go for tulip

• Step 3 – Pour yourself a drink – Depending on your need and experience, pour yourself a drink. But make sure its anywhere between half an ounce to two ounces

• Step 4 – Tilt and turn the glass – In order to let the whisky coat your glass, tilt and turn it. This helps in greater evaporation to enhance the aroma of the single malt

• Step 5 – Nose the whisky – In order to know the different kinds of aromas in the glass, place your nose a few inches away from the glass and smell it. Also, you can slightly open your mouth to get the taste of different aromas from single malt whisky

• Step 6 – Add water, ice cubes or neat – Based on your preference, you can either add water, ice cubes or neat like a professional. If you are adding water, add as much as half or as little as few drops. We let you decide on this one

• Step 7 – Gently agitate the whisky – Now after adding water to your drink, nose it again. You can change the distance and angle of the glass for different aromas. But as whisky and water take good amount of time to get married, have patience!

• Step 8 – Take a sip – Please don’t gulp the drink! Take just enough whisky to coat your mouth and slowly swirl it around your tongue. You will experience different kinds of mouth-feels from different brands of whisky

• Taste the whisky – In order to notice all the flavours that single malt whisky has to provide, try to hold the whisky in your mouth for sometime

After tingling your taste buds from the distinct flavours single malt whisky has to provide, swallow it. And repeat the same thing again! And to try the best single malt whisky in the Bangalore, visit Murphy’s Brewhouse. We pour the best tasting single malt whisky in the prefect glass!





The best first date night drinks by Murphy's Brewhouse

The Best First Date Night Drinks

For some people, “The first impression is the last impression”! So, if you are going on the first date with the one you actually want to spend more time with, you need to read this article. You have to be very careful, especially when it comes to drinking on your first date. So, here we give you the list of perfect drinks that are well tailored and labeled as the best first date night drinks. You’re welcome!

• The Manhattan – In case you are a martini person but don’t want to expose your love for them on the very first date, we recommend you to order the Manhattan. This has the perfect pinch of your love for the martini and exact amount of sophistication you are allowed to carry on your first date. And you can lavishly enjoy this beauty without the eye-roll from your date

• The beer and a shot – We know. Though it sounds like a weird combination to order, this can be the perfect way to start your relationship. In case your date is a beer loving person, they will instantly fall in love with you. In case, the person is not, you still have your shots to save your date! This is actually the fun, unserious drink, which is exactly the point of the first date

• Old Fashioned – In case, you want to impress your date in a James bond style, go old fashioned. Big ice cubes, no soda water, not too sweet and of course whiskey of your choice with the twist of citrus rind. What can go wrong? And remind yourself, if your date orders this old fashioned with the exact whiskey or brandy, you better start planning your wedding right then and there

• Negroni – If your date orders a Negroni to start a night, just remember the saying – “If you want to impress your date – order Negroni!” They are totally into impressing you. And if you want to impress your date, order Negroni! This elegant, beautiful drink is the cupid of your long beautiful date night

• Gin and Tonic – If it wasn’t for the class gin and tonic holds, it would have never made it to the classic Billy Joel’s song – Piano man. “There is an old man sitting next to me, making love to his tonic and gin!” The thing is, gin and tonic is a classic for a reason. This is a light and refreshing drink, which is impossible to ever go wrong with. Even when the place is crowded, it is a perfect order to make sure you don’t ruin your happy mood waiting for drinks!

In case, you are looking for the best hangout place in Bangalore for a date, come visit Murphy’s Brewhouse. We know our drinks better than anyone in the city.

Best Chasers for Alcoholic Beverages by Murphy's Brewhouse

Best Chasers for Alcoholic Beverages

A chaser is typically a non alcohol based drink that is typically consumed after a strong alcoholic drink. Chasers can be either mildly alcoholic or non alcoholic. So here we list the best chasers for alcoholic beverages

• Beer Chaser- The weak alcohol content and the pleasant taste make beer a good chaser. It is also known as beer back. Beer softens the harsh and foul flavour of stronger liquor in the mouth, as beer itself has a strong flavour. The most famous chaser combination is boilermaker. Boilermaker consists of a whiskey shot followed by a glass of beer.

• Water- There is no chaser more effective than water when it comes to vodka. Water chaser helps in enhancing your vodka experience by making sure you taste all the flavours of vodka each time you take a sip.

• Cranberry Juice- Cranberry juice as a chaser is good for vodka drinkers with a sweet tooth. This juice contains citric acids, which adds a little punch to your vodka. It makes sure to keep your palate clean enough so you can enjoy and experience every flavour of your vodka.

• Soft Drink and Juice- If you are looking for a non alcoholic yet flavourful chaser, soft drink and juice could be the best option for you. Fizzy soft drinks are good as chasers, as they complement the taste of liquors, while  juice usually has a strong taste that helps in softening the harsh taste of the alcoholic drink.

• Energy Drink- Energy drink with vodka shooters make an excellent combination. The caffeine in the energy drink will kick start your evening and keep you moving. Energy drink chasers are used with most types of alcohol such as brandy, tequila, vodka and gin.

Want to drink your alcohol with these awesome chaser combinations? Come down to Murphy’s Brewhouse and get the best beer chaser, as it is the best brewery in Bangalore. Go give these combinations a try and see for yourself which is your favourite chaser.