whiskey cocktails

Whiskey Cocktails You Must Try

Cocktail is a usually made from a mixture of one or more strong alcoholic drinks and fruit juice. Whether your style is scotch on the rocks or classic bourbon and Irish whiskey, we have got a plenty of whiskey cocktails lined up.

We assure that variety of whiskey cocktails will only enhance your love for whiskey


  1. Honey whiskey lemonade: Mix lemon juice, honey whiskey, simple syrup, and ice in a shaker. Pour it into a glass and garnish with lime.
  1. Bourbon peach sweet tea: For this cocktail you will need sweet tea, bourbon, peach slices, and ice. Mix all the ingredients together and it’s good to go.
  1. Strawberry whiskey sour: This features strawberries, bourbon, lemon juice, and some simple syrup. Put all the ingredients in a mixer. Mix until it combines well and gives the desired consistency. Alternatively, you can prepare strawberry puree separately and add it in. Pour it over crushed ice with a strawberry garnish.
  1. Ruthless: Ruthless is a combination of whiskey, cranberry juice, crushed litchi pulp, mint, and lime. Over gently muddled lime and mint, pour whiskey and litchi pulp. Shake well with some ice. Serve over crushed ice and decorate with a dash of cranberry juice and lime pieces.
  1. The blinker: This is an easy mix with whiskey, grapefruit juice, and raspberry syrup. Shake well over ice to mix. Top up with lemon garnish
  1. Jameson and Ginger: Pour a shot of Jameson Irish whiskey in a glass over ice. Go on and fill the glass with ginger ale and squeeze a lime wedge to garnish.


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cool beer

“Cool Beer” Hacks

Beers are best served chilled. However, we don’t always have the luxury to crack open a cold one.

Rather than make do’s with warm beer, give these hacks a try to cool beer and, keep the booze fresh and cold.


  1. Warm to cold in 10 minutes:

Take a paper towel, soak it and then wrap it around the beer bottle. Next, place the bottle in the freezer for approximately 10 minutes. You should see frost in the bottle.

  1. DIY cooler:

Have tons of beer but no cooler? Worry not. Get a carton of beer first. Take all the bottles out and put a plastic bag in the box. Pop the beer back into the carton box and fill it with ice. You have the option of closing the plastic bag and the carton. There you go, easy peasy beer cooler.

  1. Fridge logistics:

We all know the trouble of stacking beer in the fridge when there are one too many of those. To load up beer, fasten a binder clip (paper clip) to the fridge shelf. Now stack the beers in a pyramid formation. The clips act as resting edges and will hold the bottles in place.

  1. Pitcher cooling:

If you have a pitcher of beer that is getting warm, this simple hack will freshen it up. Fill up ice in a plastic cup and place it in the pitcher. The cup will float and cool your beer without watering it down.

  1. Drink in Public:

This hack is for when you want to walk public areas sipping beer. For that, you will need a soda cup with lid, straw, ice and a can of beer. Pour some ice into the empty soda cup and place the open can of beer on top of it. Close the lid, insert the straw and sip away from your very own beer cooler soda cup. No one is going to figure out!

  1. Fast cool:

Put ice and water in a bucket and submerge beer in it. To make the beer cool faster, add salt to the box. Adding salt lowers the freezing temperature of water causing it to melt-cooling beers quicker.

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summer sangria

Summer Sangria Recipes

A typical beverage from Spain and Portugal, Sangria screams summer in a glass. Normally consisting of wine, chopped fruit, a sweetener, and a small amount of added brandy, sangria these days is enjoyed with vodka, rum and beer too. Fruits in a summer sangria can include orange, lemon, lime, apple, peach, cherries, melon, berries, pineapple, grape, kiwifruit, and mango.

Here are some tried, tested and well-received versions of refreshing summer Sangria for all the wine lovers out there, with a little something for beer lovers as well.

You will need a large pitcher or a mixing bowl, fruits, and drinks of your choice for the preparation. It’s best if you let the Sangria sit overnight to let all the beautiful flavors incorporate. In case overnight is not an option, at least an hour will suffice. Serve chilled, and beat the summer heat!

  1. Traditional Sangria: Mix your favorite red wine, some brandy, orange juice, apple and orange slices, some sugar and raspberries (or strawberries). Add few cinnamon sticks and soda water to the pitcher. Let the essence do its magic and serve chilled!


  1. Peachy Summer Sangria: Put together peach puree, slices of green apple and peach, grapes, lemon juice, chopped fresh basil, raspberries, raspberry liquor, sugar, white wine and soda water. Stir well and refrigerate.


  1. Beer Sangria: Take pleasure in the newly discovered tropical flavor with this beautiful blend of white ale, white wine, and brandy. White grape juice can be used in place of white wine. Combine it well with fresh orange, grapes, lemon, lime, pineapple, pears, and strawberry. Add in some sugar and oh, don’t forget the BEER.


  1. Vodka-Melon Sangria: This sangria takes its flavor and color from the entire melon family; watermelon, cantaloupe, and honeydew melon. Take scoops of each fruit and put it in the pitcher. Add agave syrup or honey, watermelon flavored vodka, white wine and lime slices to it. Chill well, and you are good to go.


  1. Cool green Sangria: This literally tastes like a spa in a glass. Dice up some honeydew melon, slice cucumbers, mint leaves, sugar, white wine and soda water into a pitcher and let it sit. The beautiful color and invigorating taste will stir you up in no time.


  1. Red, Red Sangria: This variety features all things red- berries, pomegranate, and wine. Combine blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, and pomegranate juice or pomegranate liquor, red wine and op it off with soda water. Don’t worry, it’s an antioxidant powerhouse so quit the guilty trip and enjoy.


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12 strongest beers

12 strongest beers

Most people will agree, beer is possibly the greatest inventions of all time. The smell is amazing, taste is fabulous, and after some gulping and chugging, it makes you feel great. With the trend of amazing craft beers, microbreweries around the world are focused on creating high-quality beer with higher alcohol content (so that it can survive an apocalypse. Just kidding, but really it CAN). The quest for the strongest beer in the world consists of a handful of microbreweries, who continuously introduce stronger creations every few years.

Below are 12 strongest beers from around the world. Proceed with caution.

  1. BrewDog: Watt Dickie

Watt Dickie is uncarbonated and very malty and sweet in taste. It has an aroma of caramel, alcohol and chocolate and designed to be drunk and enjoyed as a spirit: have it on the rocks, have it neat or even make a cocktail with it. Its ABV is at 35%.

  1. Struise black damnation VI – Messy

Brewed by De Struise Brouwers in Belgium, the ABV in this beer is 39%. This Imperial Stout is just about pitch black, and carries some nice notes of coffee, dark chocolate, roasted malts and even peat for you whiskey enthusiasts out there.

  1. Baladin: Esprit de Noel

This is brewed by Baladin in Italy and its ABV is 40%. This straw yellow colour beer is smooth, with light wooden and chocolate notes and it has been left to rest in oak barrels until a perfect harmony between the spirit and aroma of the barrel was created.

  1. BrewDog: Sink the Bismarck

STB is the child of BrewDog with an ABV of 41%. Many people credit the Scotland-based team at BrewDog for popularizing the whole quest for the world’s strongest beer. Price: 100 USD.

  1. Schorschbrau: Schorschbock 43

This Eisbock boasts intense fruit notes and enough alcohol to knock out Shaquille O’Neal. It’s brewed in Germany by the brewery Schorschbräu and has an ABV of 43% and is priced at USD 155 per bottle.

  1. Koelschip: Obilix:

Like many of the other beers on the list, this thing was a limited edition brew and is extremely difficult to get your hands on. It’s a heavy alcoholic drink with the ingredients water, malt, hops and yeast and an ABV of 45%.

  1. BrewDog: The end of history

The folks at BrewDog make another appearance on the list. This ultra limited blond Belgian ale wins the award for the coolest packaging on the list, seeing that the bottle case is a dead squirrel. At $780 a bottle is also considered the most expensive beer as well. AVB: 55%

  1. Schorschbrau schorschbock 57

Germans are definitely on a quest to earn the number one spot. While their flagship Schorschbock 57 did fall short of that position, the aptly titled brew is acutely strong. ABV: 57%

  1. Koelschip: Start the future

The beer was created in The Netherlands in response to BrewDog’s 55% ABV the end of history, and is said to taste more like rubbing alcohol than actual beer. Its ABV is 60%

  1. Brewmeister: Armageddon

This Scottish brewery blew everyone out of the water by releasing the 65% abv armageddon, the world’s new strongest beer. Meant to be consumed like a fine whiskey, this blend is crafted from wheat, crystal malt, flaked oats, and 100% Scottish spring water.

  1. Brewmeister: Snake venom

The brewery went a step ahead by rolling out the new belt holder for the world’s strongest beer. The aptly titled snake venom is made with smoked peat malt along with champagne and ale yeast. The price for this bad boy for 9-ounce bottle is rough $80.

  1. Koelschip: Mystery of beer

Brewmeister had their share of fun, but Koelschip is the winner of this little contest (for the time being, at least). Mystery of beer is at 70% ABV, and at around $50 USD per bottle. Many people can’t handle it, though, as it is approaching the strength of Bacardi 151.

beer ingredients

5 Weird Beer Ingredients

Everyone loves a good brew and we all know that beer is a versatile beverage. Brewers craft spectacular beers with minimal ingredients and the rich and aromatic liquid in hand is surely something all beer enthusiasts like to relish. But some brewers decided to bring a twist to their drink and added some weird beer ingredients that might  intrigue, inspire, horrify, or even downright disgust you. Read on:

  • Collagen: Won’t it be great to drink your beer and not worry about aging? Well, there’s a light lager which uses collagen as the active ingredient. What a great way to replenish the most abundant protein in the human body. This lager tastes light and helps the beer lover look younger and keep their skin clear
  • Pizza: Since beer and pizza go so well together, why not mix them up in a glass? Yes, you read that right. Back in 2006, two homebrewers dunked a margarita pizza encased in a cheesecloth into some beer. What they got from it was a brew with high carbonation, with a garlicky tomato aftertaste and hints of dough and spices. Liquid pizza with a buzz!
  • Civet Poop: …that’s something used to make an African style beer. The weasel-like civet feasts on the ripest and richest coffee beans which are broken down by the mammal’s stomach acid, bringing out strong and exceptionally rich flavors for the coffee, forming the base of this stout. Will you dare to try this dark stout that smells like freshly ground coffee?
  • Beard: Since beers are known as a manly drink, some brewers decided to take it up a notch by adding male facial hair in their The base of this beard beer was a yeast strain cultivated on the facial hair
  • Goat Brains: This brings a whole new meaning to “walking dead”. The best beer for zombie lovers, eh? Well, in this brew, fresh goat brains are what imparts to the dark, smoky appearance and flavor
what not to do when you are drunk

What Not to Do When You’re Drunk

Yes, we all have our own drunk escapades and it’s okay to unwind and embrace your wild side. But that doesn’t mean you do things you’ll regret later, right? Want to know what are the big no-nos when you’re drunk? Well, read on!

  • Uploading pictures on social media: It’s not a sin to be a selfie addict but don’t just keep uploading pictures onto your social media accounts in your sloshed state if you wish to save yourself from being the butt of all jokes. On the internet, you can never unsee the things you come across
  • Drunk texting: Starting a conversation with someone when you’re in “high spirits” is not really something a wise person would do. You tend to be a wee bit too honest after you down some drinks and trust us, you don’t want to get in trouble for telling someone something you might not even remember the next day
  • Flirting with a Stranger: Beauty lies in the eyes of the beer-holder. If you do score with a good-looking stranger you feel is a jackpot, you risk regretting your actions the next morning. As the illusion fades away as your alcohol haze passes, you might just be doing a walk of shame
  • Talking to your Ex: They’re your Ex for a reason. So let’s keep it that way and stay away from that number in your contact list, shall we? When you get emotional, which most of us do after drinking, you feel that talking to your ex is the best solution. Wrong! Resist the temptation
  • Responding to anything work-related: Mixing work with pleasure is not something we’ll advise. You don’t want to be responding to an official email or phone call with, “Hey, boss man. Got the attachment. Will keep u posted. Peace.”

So, now that you know what are the things you need to avoid while you’re out drinking, why don’t you head down to Murphy’s Brewhouse for the best Irish beers in the city? Our staff will help prevent you from doing irrational stuff.

summer cocktail

5 Vodka Cocktails Best for the Summer

Who doesn’t like a chilled drink to beat the Summer heat? As the temperatures are on the rise in Bangalore, we’re sure you’d want to kick off your shoes and sit down with a summer cooler. What can be better than mixing your favourite spirit with some ice and mixers to help you cool down? Vodka is so versatile. It blends seamlessly with anything from vegetable juice to crushed fruits and even iced tea. So here are 5 cocktails will keep you cool and buzzed:

  • Vodka Collins: This is a variant of the Tom Collins which switches gin with vodka. Made with vodka, lemon juice, sugar and club soda, this is a classic summer drink. A refreshing sweet lemonade that can get you tipsy. So what more do you want?
  • Blue Hawaii: This pretty blue cocktail is yummy too! When Vodka, White rum, Pineapple juice, Blue curacao and Lemon Juice is combined, you are left with a Blue Hawaii. Sip on this and you’ll feel you’re on a beach vacation
  • Watermelon Cooler: When you think Summer, the first fruit that comes to mind is a watermelon. And they go together so well! Just Add some fresh chunks of watermelon to some Vodka, Orange liqueur and freshly squeezed lime juice and voilà! Perfect summer drink
  • Minty Fresh: Do you know the recipe of air-conditioning in a glass? Well, that’s just a mix of Mint, Cucumber slices, Lime juice, Vodka and Agave syrup. Minty fresh will be your cool saviour on a hot and sticky day
  • Bloody Mary: The classic start to a lazy summer day. A bloody Mary is easy to whip up as the ingredients are those you’ll find sitting on your kitchen shelf. Vodka, Tomato juice, Freshly squeezed lime, some radish pulp and salt and pepper for taste. These are all the things you need for a traditional Bloody Mary

10 Must try Shooters!

Be it a night out with your friends or just unwinding after a long day of work, you are sure to grab a drink sometime in your week. A good shot which is perfect for an occasion is a necessity! Nothing sets the mood like a great shooter which will give you your much-needed high and keep it nice and tasty! So here are 10 shots you just have to try and we’re sure you’ll fall in love with it:

  • Pineapple Upside Down Cake – This shooter is for  all the sweet-tooths who crave for a sugar high. This shooter is made of Stolichannya, Jim Beam, Peach Schnapps, Pineapple juice and a splash Maraschino Cherry Juice. It’s sweet and tastes just like it’s name
  • Jägerbomb – Made with a shot of Jägermeister and redbull, this shot gives you the kick of alcohol with a jolt of caffeine. The higher the better, right?
  • B-52 – This shot is truly a bomb! Smooth and sweet, this baby made with Irish Cream, Kahlua, and Grand Marnier goes down easy and gives you the kick you need
  • Kamikaze – Since the ‘70’s this shooter has been the life of parties. Made with Vodka, Triple Sec, and Lime juice, this shooter gives you the reminiscence of a Margarita but instead of Tequila, uses vodka
  • White Gummy Bear – Like it’s named, this shooter whipped up using Cherry Vodka, Peach Schnapps, Pineapple Juice and a splash of Sprite has a sweet and tart quality which will give you the best of both childhood and adulthood
  • Mad Dog – This shooter surely packs a punch as it is made using Vodka, Raspberry syrup and a few drops of Hot sauce. A shot of this one and you will surely be up and buzzing
  • Panty Man – This shooter consists of Absolut Kurant Vodka, Cranberry Juice, and Sour Mix. Being tart, this one is a lip pucker shot but surely worth it!
  • Mind Eraser – Want to forget all about the night? Then this shot is for you! Vodka, Kahlua, and tonic water form this concoction and we bet you’ll lose track of the night after you down a few of these
  • Kick in the Balls – Well, the name says it all! We’re sure your liver will need a vacation after a few shots of this heady mix made of Tequila, Whiskey and Yukon Jack; a 100 proof liquor from Canada
  • Melon Ball – This one of those subtle yet strongly flavoured shooters that mask alcohol pretty well so you get high and there’s no smell. Made with Melon liqueur, Pineapple Juice, and Vodka, this shooter is the one for you if you can’t really take the smell of alcohol
Things you do when you are drunk

Things you do when you are drunk

Have you ever woken up after a long blurry night thinking what the hell did you do last night? You may have had a difficult time to recollect the reasons why your friends are laughing at you. Why is your back hurting? And why is that you feel like ripping your head off to end this unbearable headache? Welcome to the guilt phase of drinking. Here, you will promise yourself, you’ll quit drinking! You may even announce your retirement in front of friends, which they for sure know is not going to happen. Therefore, here in this article, we give you the list of the most embarrassing things you actually attempt only after getting drunk. This will help you mentally prepare yourself to overcome this guilt phase of drinking!

  • Some Michael Jackson moves with no respect for others’ personal space – The beauty of drinking is that it makes you believe you can dance. Music in the background actually doesn’t matter, your aggressive badass moves will just go with the flow! But we hope you don’t have a friend who will make a video of your crazy dance and make you an internet sensation overnight!
  • Drunk dialing your Ex – Alcohol does bring unwanted memories of the people buried deep down in your head. Texting emotional messages to the people listed on the “Do not text” group in your phone is well, pretty common. Or in some cases calling and singing, “I just called to say I love you!” You will regret this so much the next morning. But the good thing is there are phone apps available to keep you away from those people when drunk. Better download those apps before you decide for a long drinking session!
  • Get extremely emotional and listen to miserable songs – When the alcohol hits your head, even the most dreadful songs start making sense. You may start crying over your high school crush, who recently got married. Prepare yourself for some weird overflowing emotions!
  • You bond with random people – Alcohol does make people socialize. You may not realize but sometimes with a little help from alcohol, you end up being friends with some random female while waiting in bathroom lines. Don’t forget to check your phone, you may have saved the number as “Best fryand!”
  • Make random plans – Alcohol surely makes you spontaneous. You may plan something up which you’ll probably, completely forget! Or you may actually end up buying Slash’s concert ticket just to prove the point you are a metal head and Slash is the love of your life! Based on a true story!

You can run, you can hide but you cannot refuse to drink when asked. So, instead of giving false promises to yourself about not drinking, better prepare yourself for the next long drinking session. And for a good time, don’t forget to visit Murphy’s Brewhouse – the best microbrewery in Bangalore.

art of drinking single malt whiskey

The Art of Drinking Single Malt Whisky

It is said that drinking single malt whisky is an art in itself. And if you don’t know what single malt whisky is, you are probably in a very wrong place. Still to help you out, single malt whisky is malt whisky from a single distillery, which is distilled from a fermented mash made exclusively using malted grain. Now moving forward, people may say the only rule to drink whisky is not to impose any rule. But don’t believe those people. To unlock the real flavour of single malt whisky, the best way to drink is the way it is really meant to.

  • Step 1 – Buy single malt whisky – If you don’t know the best single malt whisky in your town, ask your friends or relatives who are labelled as whisky gurus. And in case you don’t know any experts on single malt, you can always take help from your liquor store friend. But make sure you get the best one
  • Step 2 – Buy a good glass – In case you think you have the perfect glass to enjoy your liquor, think again! If it is not the most preferred tulip glass, which focuses on the aromas and splashes of good old single malt onto the tongue, go and buy one. Though some whisky lovers prefer tumblers and snifters, we suggest you go for tulip
  • Step 3 – Pour yourself a drink – Depending on your need and experience, pour yourself a drink. But make sure it’s anywhere between half an ounce to two ounces
  • Step 4 – Tilt and turn the glass – In order to let the whisky coat your glass, tilt and turn it. This helps in greater evaporation to enhance the aroma of the single malt
  • Step 5 – Nose the whisky – In order to know the different kinds of aromas in the glass, place your nose a few inches away from the glass and smell it. Also, you can slightly open your mouth to get the taste of different aromas from single malt whisky
  • Step 6 – Add water, ice cubes or neat – Based on your preference, you can either add water, ice cubes or neat like a professional. If you are adding water, add as much as half or as little as few drops. We let you decide on this one
  • Step 7 – Gently agitate the whisky – Now after adding water to your drink, nose it again. You can change the distance and angle of the glass for different aromas. But as whisky and water take a good amount of time to get married, have patience!
  • Step 8 – Take a sip – Please don’t gulp the drink! Take just enough whisky to coat your mouth and slowly swirl it around your tongue. You will experience different kinds of mouth-feels from different brands of whisky
  • Taste the whisky – In order to notice all the flavours that single malt whisky has to provide, try to hold the whisky in your mouth for some time

After tingling your taste buds from the distinct flavours single malt whisky has to provide, swallow it. And repeat the same thing again! And to try the best single malt whisky in the Bangalore, visit Murphy’s Brewhouse. We pour the best tasting single malt whisky in the perfect glass!