5 Microbreweries loving countries

Fresh Beer from microbreweries is the most loved alcoholic beverage in the world. It is a perfect drink for every occasion. You don’t need a reason to open a bottle of beer. Beer is an official fun drink for hangouts with friends, festivals, weekends or any other occasion you can think of. Beer has become the vital part of tradition in some of the countries. Here are the lists of countries that have adopted beer as a part of their national culture.

  • Ireland – Irish people’s lives revolves around the pub. Almost half of the alcohol that is consumed in Ireland is beer. Ireland is famous for beers like Stout and Guinness to the world. They have given St. Patrick day the official drinking day, which is gaining popularity around the world. In short, Irish knows their beer like Roger Federer knows tennis.
  • Germany – Beer is an integral part of German culture. Especially, Brewed beer and Germans have a long history together. They have their own unique sets of quality, variety and complexity in their brewing style. Also, the biggest beer festival, which has inspired other beer festivals around the world, Oktoberfest is German-borne. Germans are emotionally attached to beer, which makes them one of the top beer loving countries in the world.
  • Czech Republic – In the year 2014, Czech Republic became the highest beer consuming country in the world. Brewed beer in the Czech Republic is the part of every celebration. They have a long past with brewing and beers. Pilsnerlager, a world famous brew house pale lager, was first brewed in the Czech Republic. To mark the first brewery of Pilsner, every year they organize a 2 day beer festival in the Pilsner Urquell Brewery in Pilsen. Many beer enthusiasts around the world attend this festival, which is full of music, dance and brewed beer.
  • United States – Beer has become the core part of American culture. It has become their companion for weekends, sports, outings and every other activities they are involved in. They have made a full-fledged tradition out of beer and American sports. American lager, holds the emotional part of Americans. The celebration of the Great American Beer Festival shows that the Americans love their beer.
  • Belgium – Who would have thought that the right beer bottles give the right taste? The Belgians. Very serious about their drink, Belgium has almost 180 breweries ranging from international to local brew houses. It is stated that on an average, a Belgian drinks 84l of beer annually. So, you can guess what kind of beer lovers the Belgians must be.

Even in a country like India, brewed  beer is getting huge popularity. Especially in metro cities like Bangalore, microbreweries have become the best hangout place. Microbreweries are in race to provide the best brewed in Bangalore. Therefore, it won’t be a surprise, if microbrewery like Murphy’s Brewhouse in Bangalore soon become the best hangout place of the city.




Brewed Beer! For the best or worst

“There is no such thing as a bad beer. It is just that some beers taste better than others.”

Brewed beer is one of the most loved beverage in the world. Whether it be Dublin or Bangalore, brewed beer is one of the most preferred alcoholic beverage. It has been the part of relaxation, celebration and perfect drink to hang out with friends. Its fresh and intoxicating taste has become the charm of Brewhouse around the world. People want to drink a great brewed beer which is refreshing in nature.  So, what it takes for this beer to be the perfect one?

  • Appearance – Though it is said don’t judge a book by its cover, but in the case of well brewed beer, visual appearance does matter. The outlook of a beer represents its colour, nature and density. Imagine the situation when you ordered for a pale lager and you get deep coloured one. Though it may taste good, but the appearance will drench out your excitement for a beer.
  • Aroma – The aroma of a fresh brewed beer brings the thirst and craving for more beer. It makes you forget all your worries and bring refreshing desire for a beer. During the brewing process, various flavors are added in malt and barley to bring out the aromatic strength. Fruit and spice flavor are used to bring in a sweet-smelling profile.
  • Flavour – The flavour in a brewed beer comes from the type of malt or barley used to brew it. Hop, malt, smoke and roast are the flavours of beer based on the ingredient used. Then yeast is added to bring the bitterness in the beer. It is usually based on the Brewhouse and their strategic mixture that the taste of a beer is dependent on.
  • Strength – What so you think is the average strength of brewed beer that you drink in Bangalore? The amount of alcohol present in the beer regulates the strength of the brewed beer. Light strength beer contains 3%, mid strength contains 3-4% and full strength beer contains more than 4%. So, on your next visit to a Brewhouse don’t forget to check the strength of beer you ordered.
  • Gravity – Gravity in the brewed beer is the density of a beer. Original gravity in a beer is measured before the brewing process in accordance to the strength of a beer that is required. Gravity in a beer is required to measure the percentage of alcohol in a brewed beer. So be careful, high gravity beer on your date can really make you pour your heart out, more than required.

These essentials have to be checked if you are a non-geek drinker and want to know what is there in the glass of beer you are holding! For best brewed beer in Bangalore, visit Murphy’s Brewhouse.

irish stout beer

Stout Beer Guide

He was a wise man who invented beer.”

And he was a wiser man who invented Stout beer.

Have you ever thought that you might be missing out the best tasting beers in the world by ordering same beer every day? Or why the Irish are culturally known for good quality beer and famous for having a good time? That’s because they know what to drink better than anyone else. So, if you are a beer drinker but don’t know much about beer, then this guide is perfect for you. Stout beer is the Irish’s best gift to this world. Stout is a bold and strong beer, which stands out for its roasted flavor. And if it doesn’t contain 8% or more alcohol, then it is not a good stout. Its intoxicating taste and deep flavour will surely bring back your good times. Here, are the list of best stout beers which shouldn’t be missed by a beer enthusiast.

  • Dry or Irish stout – This is the most common stout beer in the world. This is deep in colour with a thick and long lasting flavor. This is famous for its dark roasted aroma which will probably remind you of coffee, barley or chocolate. Named after the Irish themselves, this beer surely promises to give you excellent taste and a good time.

Shepard’s pie and steak go perfectly with this drink.

  • Milk stout – This is also called as cream stout because of its creamy nature. As you can perhaps tell from the name itself, it balances the bitterness of beer with its sweet nature. You can think of it as the sweetness of chocolate and caramel. This is the most preferred beer in Great Britain.

The combination of milk stout with barbeque or spicy Asian dishes is amazing.

  • Oatmeal stout – Adding of oatmeal during the brewing process gives this beer a slightly sweeter taste. It is a great beer for people who are drinking stout beer for the first time. Your taste buds will thank you the smoothness that this beer brings.

Beef Barbeque and cheesy food go well with this beer.

  • American Stout – Inspired by the English and the Irish, the Americans have added their own version of stout and taken it to a whole new level. American breweries are really proud of this innovation. They add chocolate and coffee to complement the roasted flavor of the beer.

This beer pairs up well with grilled and smoked chicken.

  • Porter – This stout stands out for its roasted and smoky flavor. This beer is usually a blend of 3 different beers – old ale, new ale and weak ale. The original taste of porter is chocolaty and a bit spicy, with a distinct roasted grain and dark malt flavor.

Roasted meat and sausage blends well with the porter.

Did you know Murphy’s Brewhouse (Irish Brewery) serves the best Irish stout beer in Bangalore?

sports and fresh beer

Fresh Beer, Sports and the Best Hangout Place

“Football needs beer and beer needs football”.

The story of beer and sports go a long way back. Be it the American Super Bowl game or the English Premier League, you can see supporters cheering on their team in their best hangout place with fresh beer in their hands. Whether your team is winning or losing, beer will always stay by your side. Pubs, bars and microbreweries around the world provide authentic decor and fresh beer to build a lively place for sports and beer lovers. So, here are a few more reasons to visit a sport bars to watch the match!

  • Unlimited beer – The worst scenario for a beer and sports enthusiast is when they run out of beer while watching a game. Therefore, we advise, go to a pub and enjoy the match as the pub will never run out of beer. Also, you will have various options of fresh beer when you visit microbreweries for a game.
  • Interactive atmosphere – Match in a bar means cold beers and fun-friendly environment. Like you, there will be many drinking supporters who understand your sentiment towards the game. Those people will also be high on energy like you. So, for an electrifying and exciting environment, go to a sports bar for the next game.
  • Impressive food menu – Generally, pubs are famous for their excellent food menu that goes perfectly with your beer. Hence, you don’t have to worry about your food in those places. The fresh beer and burger would taste great in that electrifying atmosphere.
  • Lively Ambiance/Huge screens – The ultimate goal of showing a game in the bar is to provide the experience very close to attending the live game. Multiple TV screens, tall bar stools and vibrant colors are the essence of giving such experience.
  • Best hangout place with friends – Bars are the perfect place to catch the game and play a few rounds of foosball with your friends. These kinds of places have been the full-fledged tradition for many people, who want to grab a good beer and swear towards the opponent team.

Chilled fresh beer, high fan enthusiasm and your best hangout place, what more can a beer loving-sports enthusiast ask for?





Best Hangout – Murphy’s Brewhouse

What Makes Murphy’s the Best Hangout?

“It is a lot easier to start a day when you know it will end with a beer.” And if it’s soul refreshing Irish-Craft-Brewed, Guinness and Stout beer, then definitely you can’t wait to start your day. Stating the truth, Murphy’s gives the best brewed beer in the Bangalore. Still, if you need other reasons apart from the perfectly balanced beer and best hangout in Bangalore, then we proudly we give you why Murphy’s should be your first choice with your friends.

  • Great ambiance and deeply flavored beer – At Murphy’s you won’t be disappointed with the interior and exterior décor. We’ve worked hard to maintain the overall look and feel of an Irish pub. This Hollywood-movie-like-décor for sure will give you more reason to hangout here. Also, we give you a lush rooftop which will be the best hangout with a beer in your hand.
  • Cheerful, pleasant and energetic employees and freshly-brewed beer – Our employee carries our vision, giving you the best time in Irish way. Our staff do a great job in taking care of our guest. So, next time you go there, don’t hesitate to call them at your service.
  • Good music and dense brewed beer – Apart from giving the right brewed beer, we believe music, temperature and lighting should blend together. Music connects with people and helps to relax. Therefore, we choose the appropriate genre of music. Moreover, we are also famous for live music. So, if you are both, beer and music enthusiast, then Murphy’s surely will be your best hangout.
  • Authentic and interesting bar food menu with a bold and bitter beer – We at Murphy’s, take our food menu very seriously. We have tried hard to create heart-winning food menu to perfectly go with the beer. Whether it be fried food or sandwiches, pizza or chicken wings, we try to give you a mouthwatering dish. Also, we put old Irish soul for a good blend of food and brewed beer. And we all understand Irish spells for a good time. More food, more beer, more fun.
  • Live entertainment and aromatic brewed beer – At Murphy’s we do live screening of the football matches so that you enjoy a beer, food and a great game. Truly, we cover all bases to make it the best hangout in Bangalore.

So, all you need to do is make an effort to visit Murphy’s and we will put our energy to show why it should be your best hangout!


Beer Festivals Around The World

Beer Festivals around the World!

Beer festivals are organized to give a chance for all beer lovers to taste and purchase  wide range of beers that they might not be aware of. With lots of fun events, competitions, parades that you will be surrounded by, don’t expect to remain sober. Here, we are giving you the list of 5 greatest beer festivals that should not be missed by a beer enthusiast.

The Great American Beer Festival– This 3 day annual event is held in Denver, US in late September or early October. Along with beer sampling this festival is also about competitions. Many brewing companies of US enter this competition to win “Brewery of the year”. You can expect to get the best tasting US brewed beer in this festival.

Pilsner Fest- Czech republic– On 4th October every year in order to celebrate the first brewery of Pilsner Urquell, this festival is organized. This festival is known to celebrate the history of the Brewery. Master Bartender competition and pleasing music programs are the main attractions of this festival.

The Great British Beer Festival– This is an annual beer festival for Cask Ale lovers. First full week of Aug, from Tuesday to Saturday, drinks are served to around 55,000 people. The venue is styled as the biggest pub in the world where you can get 450 beers from British Breweries and 200 foreign beers. This place sure is the heaven for beer lovers. Along, with beer, music festival is also organized.

The Belgian Beer Weekend– If you wish to hold brewed beer throughout the weekend, then visit this Belgian Beer weekend. All kinds of brewed beer- Blond beer, fruit beer, white beer, strong beer are the fascination of this festival. You can even join the parade with historic beer carts in traditional costumes. It is held on the first weekend of September.

Oktoberfest– King of all beer Fest, this is the world’s largest fair held annually in Munich, Germany. The history of Oktoberfest goes back to 1810. This 16 day festival, which starts on last week of September and goes up till the first weekend of October has inspired Oktoberfest celebration in other cities around the world. Traditional foods, Amusement rides and beers are the main attractions of this festival. It has recorded to serve up to 7 million liters of beer.


Brewed Beer

Dishes to pair up with Brewed Beer

Have you ever been the one, when asked about food to order at a pub, go completely blank?  Or you still have no idea what food goes well with which beer? So, to give you more confidence in your food choice with the best experience, we have collected the list of food items to perfectly pair with your brewed beer.

Cheesy Pizza with Strong beer– It is a universally known truth that pizza goes perfectly well with your beer. And to make it even better, next time try cheesy pizza and strong beer’s combination. More the cheesy the pizza is, better it goes with strong beer.

At Murphy’s we serve you both. Murphy’s Brewhouse is well known for its delicious, cheesy pizzas it offers. So, next time you visit Murphy’s make sure you order Paddy’s poison and any pizza because all are delicious.

Spicy Buffalo chicken wings with Spicy beer– Both being spicy, this may not be your first choice in the order, but this combination of spicy buffalo chicken wings and spicy beer is mind blowing. Hence, spice up your life with this combination on your next visit to the bar.

For this spicy combo we suggest Murphy’s Buffalo chicken wings and holly sally at Murphy’s. Both being spicy you surely will have zing and sizzle in your mouth.

Roasted meat with Sweet beer– The other combo that goes very well together is roasted meat and sweet beer. The smoky, perfectly cooked meat when combined with dark and sweet flavor beer with the hint of caramel, toffee and nuts, they can be the best mutual choice in the bar.

Taken at Murphy’s, the best food and drink to meet this combo is Beef shashlik with mustard sauce and Black Beard. Black beard being a dark beer which is a blend of roasted caramel, a kiss of a chocolate and a touch of smoky flavor goes perfectly with Beef shashlik with mustard sauce.

Fried foods with lighter creamy beer– Fried food such as salty French fries, crispy chilly potatoes goes well with lighter beers. The taste of light beer makes sure that it doesn’t take away the taste of fried food and make this combination work well.

So, at Murphy’s we highly recommend our food items like Murphy’s cheesy fries, Crunchy squid rings, Mexican crispy chilly potatoes and Braised chilly fish with Good golly. Good Golly is a full bodied premium lager with a creamy, rich texture combined with a delicate balance of flavors. Combined with fried food items, it will surely sweep you off your feet.





Classic Bar Songs

Classic Pub Songs

Music is the world’s best medium to relieve stress. There is a song for every occasion, whether you fall in love or get heartbroken, you can always find a song to best describe your situation. When it’s combined with beer, it becomes a killer combo! So, here we give you the list of the 10 coolest classic songs that for sure, boost your experience while in a pub.

  • Sweet Home Alabama – Lynyrd Skynyrd: “Sweet Home Alabama Lord, I am coming home to you”. This famous southern hard rock song is the anthem of the many pubs around the world. This song has a power to bring out the hidden singer in you. So, the next time when you’re drinking, make sure this song plays in the background.
  • Hotel California- The Eagles: This Grammy award winning song by The Eagles will surely take you to the place you wish to be in. This is one of the best songs written in the rock era. Luckily, it blends perfectly with your beer! 
  • Sweet Child O’ Mine- Guns and Roses: Axl Rose’s voice, Slash on guitar and you holding glass of beer. Now use your imagination and think of a better life than that!
  • Smells like teen Spirit- Nirvana: “I’m worse at what I do best. And for this gift I feel blessed.” Listen to this song while drinking and remind yourself what a great musician Kurt Cobain was. May his soul rest in peace.
  • Alabama Song- The doors: Jim Morrison makes sure that everyone in the pub has a good time. His vocal tone and lyrics asking way to the next whiskey shot will surely make you forget yourself.
  • Sweet Caroline- Neil Diamond: Alcohol does remind you of love. So, here is a song by Neil Diamond to take you through the time when you felt you were in love. The moment when you thought you two are enough for each other. This soft rock definitely makes you fall in love with one another all over again. Remember, alcohol and love has a long history.
  • Last Kiss– Pearl Jam: A guy deeply in love, borrows his dad’s car to take his sweetheart on a ride, but due to a twist of fate, he meets with an accident and loses the love of his life. The guy vows to be a good person so that he can reunite with his love in heaven. The beautiful lyrics in a distinctive and powerful voice of Eddie Vedder is an all-time classic. It has been the heart of playlist for many pubs around the world. 
  • Whiskey in the Jar- Thin Lizzy: This song is one of the best Irish rock song. During 70’s, this song was aired the most on radio stations. So, this Irish ballad will surely add flavor to your Irish drinks and give you the much needed trip. So, make sure you add this to your playlist right now!
  • Save water, Drink Beer- Chris Young: As catchy as the song title itself, this country song surely will hike your drinking mood.
  • Piano Man- Billy Joel: In the end, we cannot miss the signature song by Billy Joel. Here, he tries to tell the story of a regular customer of the pub and his reason for the visit. The song perfectly blends in with your inner charm and gets you grooving, RETRO STYLE!

So, from next time, enjoy your drink better with this all time favorite classic pub playlist.







Irish drinking game

Irish Drinking Games

These three best Irish drinking games work best when you and your pals are looking for an excuse to have fun. You don’t need anything fancy to start playing the three best Irish drinking games, all you need is a deck or cards, a set of dice and the willingness to let yourself loose.

Irish Quarters
One of the best Irish drinking game. Fill a cup with as much booze as you want your opponent to drink. Then spin a quarter, as the quarter spins, your opponent has to drink as much as he/she can before the quarter stops spinning. Whoever drinks the most wins the match. At least try to keep a scorecard!

Irish Poker
Get a deck of cards and deal four cards face down to each player, don’t let anyone look at the cards until the game begins. The person to the left of the dealer has to guess if the card that they turn over is going to be black or red. If they guess right, then they get to command the other players to take as many shots as they can handle in a short span of time. If they guess wrong, then they have to do the shot. Be careful when you’re playing this one, you’ll fall flat before you know it.

Irish Roulette
Everyone who wants to play takes a set of dice, few shots and rolls their dice. The person with the lowest number has to do the first shot. If two people tie for a low number, then they have to yell “shotgun”, the last person to say “shotgun” takes the shot. This one of the three best Irish drinking games is designed to keep you going until you can’t see the numbers on the dice anymore.






The Perfect Pour

What makes a perfect pour?

A perfect pour is one which goes right through the taste of the beer and keeps its essence and flavors. Pouring a beer is more of an art than science. Appreciating a great beer and how to pour right through to the taste is very essential.

Here at Murphy’s Brew house, we will teach you how to pour the perfect pint and appreciate this fine art.

To pour a perfect pint you have 6 steps

  1. You need a clean and dry beer glass
  2. Hold the glass at a 45 degree angle and try to aim at the heart (1 inch below the head) of the glass
  3. Slowly pour the beer into the glass and make sure you take your time to pour. As the beer gets filled till the heart of the glass, stop pouring and slowly tilt the glass back to 90 degree angle.
  4. This is where the beer basically comes to life. What happens here is that there is a surge of millions of gas bubbles coming through the glass and forming a creamy beer foam at the top. You can notice that the beer is coming to life and the head is growing bigger and bigger. You get that lovely mix of gases rising up to the top of the glass, giving you that distinct essence. All the beer ingredients rise up to the top of the glass and you can see the foam gently accumulating
  5. Leave the beer for a minute to rise up through the glass. This step is important as it takes time for the beer to settle down to give you that distinct taste of a crafted beer. You can notice that the beer is getting darker at the bottom
  6. Now the last part is to hold the beer glass straight and slowly pour the beer till the head of the glass. This will create a beautiful dome effect on the top of the beer. It’s essential to pour slowly to avoid overspill and to create a foam which settles on top of the beer forming a dome effect

Just before you gulp down, take your time to admire the beer. A true enthusiast will admire every glass of beer before gulping it down like a champ.