What Not to Do When You’re Drunk

what not to do when you are drunk

Yes, we all have our own drunk escapades and it’s okay to unwind and embrace your wild side. But that doesn’t mean you do things you’ll regret later, right? Want to know what are the big no-nos when you’re drunk? Well, read on!

  • Uploading pictures on social media: It’s not a sin to be a selfie addict but don’t just keep uploading pictures onto your social media accounts in your sloshed state if you wish to save yourself from being the butt of all jokes. On the internet, you can never unsee the things you come across
  • Drunk texting: Starting a conversation with someone when you’re in “high spirits” is not really something a wise person would do. You tend to be a wee bit too honest after you down some drinks and trust us, you don’t want to get in trouble for telling someone something you might not even remember the next day
  • Flirting with a Stranger: Beauty lies in the eyes of the beer-holder. If you do score with a good-looking stranger you feel is a jackpot, you risk regretting your actions the next morning. As the illusion fades away as your alcohol haze passes, you might just be doing a walk of shame
  • Talking to your Ex: They’re your Ex for a reason. So let’s keep it that way and stay away from that number in your contact list, shall we? When you get emotional, which most of us do after drinking, you feel that talking to your ex is the best solution. Wrong! Resist the temptation
  • Responding to anything work-related: Mixing work with pleasure is not something we’ll advise. You don’t want to be responding to an official email or phone call with, “Hey, boss man. Got the attachment. Will keep u posted. Peace.”

So, now that you know what are the things you need to avoid while you’re out drinking, why don’t you head down to Murphy’s Brewhouse for the best Irish beers in the city? Our staff will help prevent you from doing irrational stuff.