Murphy’s 5 best hangover cures

best hangover cures

Murphy is an expert at curing hangovers. He’s been there and done that about 365 days every year. Here is Murphy’s list of five (5) best hangover cures:

  1. Raw eggs: If you have the stomach for it, then a couple of raw eggs for breakfast and then again for lunch would neutralize the alcohol in your system so that you could head for Murphy’s Brewhouse again!


  1. Water, plenty of it: In fact you can just place your chair, bed, mattress, whatever below the tap itself. If you wake up, just open the tap, take one big swig and go back to sleep.


  1. Sauna: If you can reach a sauna in time, you can sweat out the beer. Head straight to your watering hole once you start craving for beer again.


  1. Swim in the Atlantic: If you can find the Atlantic, you can be sure that your hangover is more or less cured. To do the last bit, you can take a dip in the cold water.


  1. The ultimate Irish hangover cure – This is what has kept Murphy going for years. Keep drinking: If you are still hung-over just retrace your steps to the pub and keep drinking. If you can’t beat the hangover, distill it.