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Beer is a versatile alcoholic beverage that can cater to everyone’s specific needs and tastes. A preference for a certain type of beer may be influenced by factors like the appearance (colour of the beer), aroma (malty, floral or fruity) and taste. While there are some who prefer their beer strong there are others who like it toned down a bit. Also for many the alcohol content influences the beer that they drink.

How is the alcohol content in beer calculated?

The alcohol content in beer is calculated in abv (alcohol by volume). The percentage of alcohol by volume is representative of the amount of ethanol present in 100 mili litres of the beverage. The alcohol content depends on the type of beer.

Lager: A German beer type that relies on low temperature during the fermentation process. Also the used in the production of lager is different from the yeast used in the production of other types of beer. The yeasts used in lager beers tends to bring out crisp, clean and cereal like flavours in beer. Most of the lager beers are on the low alcohol content. Alcohol content- 4% -5 % alcohol by volume

Stout: Stout are strong and dark beers made roasted barley/ malt and hops. Stout beers have various variants such as Imperial Stout, Dry Stouts etc. Alcohol Content- 5 %- 10% alcohol by volume

Pale Ale: A beer made by using pale malt and warm fermentation. Indian pale ale is a popular sub- type. Alcohol Content- 6- 7% alcohol by volume (for Indian Pale Ale)

Porter: Porter is dark ale, darker than brown ale. Porter was the classical English pub drink for many years. Alcohol Content- 4- 5 % alcohol by volume