Mint Flavored Beer

mint flavored beer

“Nothing except mint can make money without advertisement”

Grains, hop, yeast, water and mint when brewed together gives delicious beer. Yes! Mint flavoured beer. If you are the kind of person who loves both mint and beer, then surely mint flavoured beer will be a treat for you. This can be your best hangout drink. Some of these amazing mint beers are listed below

  • Chocolate Mint Ale – As delicious as it sounds, this beer will remind you of a Choco-mint ice-cream. If you are a sweet tooth and like chocolaty, minty flavor, then this beer is definitely for you. This is a wheat beer brewed with peppermint and chocolate, especially during the festival season. And remember, this lighter beer is best enjoyed in a shaker or lager glass
  • Summer Mint Beer – Perfect for the summer, this beer is an all malt beer brewed using malted wheat and natural mint. Light and dry in nature, this beer is a perfectly refreshing and  a thirst quenching beer. You will get a well-blended, distinctive mint and wheat flavor in this beer. And this beer teamed up with kebabs and spicy pizzas, will surely make you feel wonderful
  • Mint-Ginger Ale – If you haven’t tried this beer but love the revitalizing flavor of ginger and mint, then this can be your best hangout autumn drink. Fresh ginger brewed in this drink, can hit you with its spiciness. So, if you like the flavor of fresh ginger with a touch of mint, then give this beer a try
  • Peppermint Pale Ale – This piney, candy tasting beer is brewed in few microbreweries around the world. The addition of peppermint in the pale ale raises the crisp and cool flavor of the beer. The peppermint actually spices up the pale ale. So, if you are tired of drinking the same pale ale every time, then try peppermint ale, which is actually a refreshing drink while you hang out with your group.