Microbreweries and Spring


Best Beer for Spring

Spring is coming! This is the season of happiness, festivals and gatherings. It marks the end of brutal chilly cold days and the start of long sunny days. It is a perfect season for a barbeque, get together and outings. And what can be the perfect thing to welcome such joyous season? A perfect beer. Microbreweries around the world start mixing and matching the ingredients to make flawless beer for this season. These microbreweries are in a pressure to give the well-balanced, dense, bold beer which suits this season.

The list of brewed beer that is considered as the well-suited beer for spring are as follows:

  • Irish Stout – Irish people surely know how to celebrate good things. Microbreweries around the world brew this famous dry stout, which is known for its dark roasted aroma which will probably remind you of coffee, barley or chocolate. Being light in nature, calories and alcohol content, this beer is good for a long drinking session.
  • American double IPA – This brewed beer is highly acclaimed beer of American microbreweries. Stronger version of an Indian pale ale, American double IPA is highly emphasized on hops. In microbreweries, citrus fruits like fresh grapefruit are added to it to give the sour taste which perfectly balances the bitterness of this beer. This beer is perfect for a guy’s night out!
  • Blonde Ale – Microbreweries have reserved malty beers for the spring. The maltier the beer, the better it is. Therefore, blonde ale made from the dried malt is good for spring. These beers are light and refreshing with a slight hint of honey. Crisp, clear and dry in nature, this beer adds refreshment to your spring days.
  • Fruit Beer – Spring represents flowers and fruits. And drinking fruit beer in this fruity season is what spring is all about. Fruits like raspberry, peach and cherry are some of common additions to brewed beer. These beers retain the delightful flavor and aroma which is ideal for outings and picnics.
  • Belgian White beer – This is a spicy beer, very pale and cloudy in appearance. High level of wheat is brewed with spicy ingredients like coriander, herbs or spices to make a good Belgian white beer. American microbreweries love this beer and didn’t change its brewing style which they usually do for other brewed beers. This beer will do well in slightly cold spring nights.


Murphy’s Brewhouse is all set to welcome the spring season in style,  March 14 till March 21, the mother of all beer festivals. Happy March!