Myths about beer!

Myths about drinking beer

Whether you are a beer enthusiast or just another beer drinker, you might say that you know a lot about beer. Due to your regular visits to microbreweries in Bangalore, you might think you know everything. We agree, you might know about the best hangout place in Bangalore or where can you find fresh beer in Bangalore but there are few myths about your favorite brewed beer that you are totally unaware of. Probably, might have heard few things about this godly drink here and there. And surely, not everything you hear is true right? So, here we bust few myths about brewed beer.

  • Myth: Dark beer has more alcohol than light beer

Myth Buster: Most people think that darker the beer, higher is the alcohol content.  This is just a myth. The truth is, color of a brewed beer depends on the type of malt used while brewing and the alcohol content depends on the proportion of malted barley added to the mash

  • Myth: Beer should be served cold

Myth Buster: When beer is served cold, the sensation of coldness inhibits the tongue’s receptors. As a result, the taste of the beer is not felt. Beer is at its best when it’s served between room and ice cold temperature, so that you can actually drink beer in all its glory

  • Myth: Less foam is better

Myth Buster: The foam on top of the brewed beer stores carbon dioxide and aromatics which provides a unique fragrance. The foam is generally called the head of the beer

  • Myth: The shape of the beer glass makes no difference to the taste

Myth Buster: Beer glasses are uniquely designed to release all the flavors in a craft beer

  • Myth: A low calorie beer is better

Myth Buster: There not much difference between a low-calorie beer and a normal calorie beer. A normal beer has about 150 calories and a low-calorie beer has 100 calories. There isn’t much difference in the calorie content but a huge difference in the taste. So, drink a lower calorie beer to reach the buzz going. Grab a normal calorie beer to indulge in its flavors.

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