Low Calorie Beer!

Low calorie beer

Beer doesn’t make you fat, it makes you lean against doors, tables and walls!

When brewers brew an ultra-beer or low-calories beer, it’s not just the calorie they decrease. They also reduce the alcohol content. Sadly, you have to drink more bottles of beer to match the mellow buzz. So, before you grab a low-calorie craft beer, you have to set your mind that you are just getting the taste of beer and not clouding your head with an alcohol. In case, if you are a person who loves beer but is also a diet conscious person worried about beer belly, then here are few low calorie beer which taste exactly how a beer should taste like.

  • Levitation Ale – Don’t judge the book by its colour! Although this beer has dark reddish black appearance giving you a hint of strong beer but in reality, this beer contains only 4.4% ABV. This outstanding ale has grassy, floral and pine underlying hops. After drinking, this beer leaves nice lacing behind. Best for long drinking session, if you are a person looking low-calorie craft beer, grab this bottle!
  • Murphy’s Irish Stout – If you are a beginner and want to have an ultimate Irish stout experience, then be happy you have your perfect beer. Light on flavour, this beer has 4.00% ABV. This fulfilling drink has coffee bitterness and creamy white, pillowy head. For best result, this beer is perfect combined with oysters
  • Brooklyn Pilsner – This light bodied German Pilsner contains in an average 5.10% ABV. This beer has great presence of sweet malt and spice. All these sweet malt, spice and grains blend together gives you a perfect low-calorie beer
  • Victory Lager – If you are scared of weight and calories, this is a flawless drink for you. This beer gives you the feeling of Oktoberfest in a bottle. This beer has sweet bread and caramel malt with a hint of hops. This low calorie beer is light and tea like. Giving a bit herbal taste. So, this is like drinking green tea of beer