Local Brewhouse!

Reasons why you should support your local brewhouse

Let’s face it, brewing is hard work and it takes some effort to get that perfectly brewed beer we serve every evening. But showing support for your local brewhouse doesn’t just pay us for the effort, it has a ton of other benefits which helps brewing as a business in the long haul! Here are a few reasons why you should support your local brewhouse:

Choices: The different kinds of craft beers offered at local brewhouses are unrivalled. You will have a ton of choices at local breweries, and they are always concocting something new to please your tastebuds! With all these unique beers, you will always be spoilt for choices

Breweries create jobs and help the economy: Wait you mean brewed beer helps people? Really?? But honestly, buying local actually brings that money back to your community. Brewhouses also employ a ton of (very lucky) people! Heading to a local brewery is good for the country so be a good patriot and visit your local brewhouse

Brewers are fun to talk to and always free to share their knowledge: You can’t really strike up a conversation with an employee of a large corporate brewing company. However, the same cannot be said about local brewhouses. So when you are at one, find the brewer and start a conversation with them. These folks love their brewed beer and will be more than happy to share their brewery knowledge with you

Brewhouses are never boring: It’s always a small crowd, so people are friendly and willing to get to know each other. You can start a conversation with your bartender, your server, or the guy sitting next to you, and most times you won’t have to worry about coming across as a creepy drunk (unless you are one, then we can’t really help you)

Craft beer is better: Beer brewing is an art, something large companies often tend to forget. The brewer knows what he’s doing, he has almost a lifetime of experience on the matter after all. Brewed beer has fresh ingredients and unique recipes, all of which are finely crafted, unlike beer that has been mass produced and bottled.

So for a fun time out with some of the best crafted beer, head to Murphy’s Brewhouse!