Let’s Make a Playlist about Beer

Playlist of beer songs by Murphy's Brewhouse

If you think beer is undoubtedly the best drink in the world, you definitely need to make a playlist about beer. So, when you are drinking with your other beer loving friends, it could be a really fun.

Here is the list of popular songs about our beloved beer:

• The roadhouse blues – Written by an American poet Jim Morrison and performed by The Doors, The roadhouse blues is a must-have song if you are making a playlist about beer. “I woke up this morning, and I got myself a beer, the future’s uncertain, and the end is always near!” This single line of the song is enough for beer lovers and beer enthusiasts like us to feel good about our cherished drink, which will be there through thick and thin

• Oh good Ale – To all those Ale lovers, here is the song that must be in your playlist. Here, the Copper Family is perfectly sharing the same feeling of every Ale enthusiasts, how Ale helps you make new friends or sometimes an enemy and how the ale has become the source of happiness in life. “O, good ale, thou art my darling, thou art my joy both night and morning!” Very true!

• La biere – A beautiful Finnish song written by Jacques Brel is all about the love for beer. The loose translation goes “It smells of beer from London to Berlin, It smells of beer, god we feel good!” Definitely, if it smells like beer, we are bound to feel good. So, if you don’t know Finnish, you may not understand the lyrics of the song but love of beer needs no language

• Drinkin’ beer – Imagine drinking beer while listening to Jimmy Witherspoon’s Drinkin’ beer. That will just melt your stress and let you enjoy the beauty of life. “Let’s have a party and drink up a lot of beer. Well, wine is fine but give me lots of beer!” This song exactly expresses the feeling of all beer lovers

• Duff beer song – If you know Homer Simpson, you are no new to love for beer and this song. Short and sweet in one paragraph, the duff beer song makes us boozy – “Duff beer for me, duff beer for you, I’ll have a duff, you’ll have one too!” Easy lyrics to sing with, the duff beer song can actually be the theme song of you and your beer loving friends!

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