Murphy's brewhouse Bangalore

Interesting game to play with a coin, 2 shot glasses and empty beer cans. As the game progresses, you’ll drink heavily, form new alliances and comrades take your place in the battlefield.

• Coin
• A table to spin the coin
• Couple of shot glasses
• Lots of beer (cans/bottles/mugs)

This game is usually played on a smooth surface, be it a table or a floor. Players stand around the table in a circular fashion and take turns anticlockwise.

Game Play
The first player takes the coin and spins it on the table. As the coin is spinning, the player must take the 2 shots of beer in the same hand they spun the coin and then pick up the coin before it stops spinning also with the original hand. Now this is where it gets interesting. After a beer has been finished by a player, he/she can use it as a landmine to smash the spinning coin of another player, causing them to take the 2 shots and start over. The finished can/bottle can be placed anywhere on the table which acts as a landmine (obstruction) to other players. The player must try not to hit the can/bottle while trying to spin their coin.

As the game progresses the landmines increase and this is where your comrades enter to bust you out. When a player gets stuck in their turn, they can ask their fellow comrades to bust them out by taking their turn. But a player gets only one “bust out” and they can drop out only after drinking an entire beer as penalty.

The game ends when the map (table or floor) is filled with empty beer cans and it’s impossible to spin a coin, this is known as a nuclear fallout.

Get playing and start drinking! At Murphy’s microbrewery in Bangalore!