Know How Your Beer Is Brewed

Know how your beer is brewed by Murphy's Brewhouse

Beer has a large variety, there are at least four hundred types of beer. Wedding anniversaries, birthdays, office parties, be it any occasion- beer is the drink to have. But do you know how it is brewed? Brewing process in a brewery is classified into 7 different stages

1. Milling the grain – Different grains are used in the milling process. They are crushed together to leave behind the peels of the grain and separate the part of the malt grain that is soluble. The peel of the grain is used during the filtration process.

2. Mashing – In this process, the malted grain is heated up with water at a high temperature. The natural enzymes in the malt break down the starch into sugar.

3. Filtering – After making the mash which contains only fermentable sugars, the malt is then transferred into a kettle, where the mash can be divided into two components. One is sweet liquid called wort and the second one is insoluble solid component called draff. They are separated through filtering process in the kettle. Draff can be removed once the wort is sent to the boiling kettle.

4. Boiling – In this process, the wort is boiled to avoid any infections to ensure sterility. Hops are added during boiling. Hops are the flowers of the hop plant, which give bitterness and tangy flavour to the beer. Hops are added to get the bitterness, aroma and flavour to the beer. Boiling also coagulates the proteins and maintains the PH level of the beer. After boiling, the wort is sent to whirlpool where the hops are removed from the bitter wort. Many breweries have separate whirlpools. Small breweries uses brew kettle as whirlpool. The wort is cooled and sent to the fermentation kettle.

5. Fermentation – Yeasts are added during fermentation of the wort in the vessel. Yeast enzymes convert the cooled wort to alcohol and carbon dioxide. This is the first point at which the product is called  beer.

6. Conditioning – All the sugar in the beer is allowed to get digested completely. Then the fermentation slows down. The yeasts get settled at the bottom of the container. The beer is cooled, which makes its flavour smoother and stronger.

7. Filtration – After beer has completely developed its flavours, it is filtered to remove carbon dioxide and other flavours. Filtering gives beer its stabilized flavour and shine. After the filtration, the beer is sent to the container where it can be served.

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