Irish Drinking Games

Irish drinking game

These three best Irish drinking games work best when you and your pals are looking for an excuse to have fun. You don’t need anything fancy to start playing the three best Irish drinking games, all you need is a deck or cards, a set of dice and the willingness to let yourself loose.

Irish Quarters
One of the best Irish drinking game. Fill a cup with as much booze as you want your opponent to drink. Then spin a quarter, as the quarter spins, your opponent has to drink as much as he/she can before the quarter stops spinning. Whoever drinks the most wins the match. At least try to keep a scorecard!

Irish Poker
Get a deck of cards and deal four cards face down to each player, don’t let anyone look at the cards until the game begins. The person to the left of the dealer has to guess if the card that they turn over is going to be black or red. If they guess right, then they get to command the other players to take as many shots as they can handle in a short span of time. If they guess wrong, then they have to do the shot. Be careful when you’re playing this one, you’ll fall flat before you know it.

Irish Roulette
Everyone who wants to play takes a set of dice, few shots and rolls their dice. The person with the lowest number has to do the first shot. If two people tie for a low number, then they have to yell “shotgun”, the last person to say “shotgun” takes the shot. This one of the three best Irish drinking games is designed to keep you going until you can’t see the numbers on the dice anymore.