The Tales of Irish Brew Houses around the World

Irish brew houses

“A quick death and an easy one
A pretty girl and an honest one
A cold beer – and another one!”

Ireland is a country known for happy, musical, hardworking and hard drinking people. Their social life circles around pubs. They celebrate their life with Guinness and Stout beer. And they surely know their drink better than anyone! Their pubs are not only about drinking alcohol, but also to socialize, kill the stress and celebrate sports. Their Brew houses has a traditional Irish charm. But, why have Irish pubs become so popular worldwide?

  • Great beers – The Irish are known for great beer. Stout and Guinness are the heart and soul of every Brewhouse in Ireland. Also, other local brewed beers have an authentic Irish taste. Every Irish themed pub around the world tries hard to meet the high standard set by the Irish.
  • Great Music – Ireland is known for its music. Songs like whiskey in the jar and whistling gypsy are the charisma of many pubs around the world, which are originally Irish traditional songs. These kinds of local tunes are the highlight of traditional pubs. Local musicians come, play the local tunes and get paid with glasses of free brewed beer!
  • Pub Grubs – Apart from pubs being famous for music and beer, they are also well-known for their traditional pub foods. These gastro pubs serve you authentic Irish food which goes perfectly well with your beer. Boxty, Irish shepherd’s pie and traditional pasties should not be missed by anyone who visits an Irish brew house.
  • Social place – Irish pubs are the perfect place to hang out with friends. Irish pubs are always full of friendly people. You will never feel lonely or out of place in Irish pubs. Someone will always be there for friendly chitchat.

Irish brew houses are famous all around the world. They stand for joy, celebration and fun. In recent times, with the trendy touch and upbeat music they are able to mix Irish authenticity with modern demand. So, if you decide to visit Irish Brew house in the Bangalore, don’t forget Murphy’s Brewhouse. Where the food is hot and the beers are sexy!