Best Drinks To Pair With Indian Food

indian food

Indian food is full of flavors. Spice, sourness, creamy, buttery- you name it, we have it. When it comes to deciding on alcohol pairing for Indian food, we are usually left baffled. What might taste good?

Below are some general guidelines that will help you pick the right booze while you tantalize your taste buds with Indian food.

As a rule, it is recommended not to drink anything too heavy or complex with Indian food. The food has enough different spices to keep your taste buds content for it to be necessary to complicate matters with booze.

  1. Spirits:

The most common drink in spirits is scotch or vodka. It has been found that vodka is better with Indian food because it does not interfere much with the digestive system. This might be a little tricky for dinner parties because how would the host know what other people prefer? Keeping everyone happy might become a pain!

  1. Beer:

Beer is mostly considered an “afternoon” drink in India. It’s more of a lunchtime drink rather than at dinner. Slightly sweet Belgian beers pair very well with Indian food. It compliments the varied taste of Indian dishes.

  1. Wine:

Wine drinking in India is a fairly recent phenomenon. It has been found that aromatic and unoaked white wines and rose wines work the best with Indian food.  A chilled wine with some sweet aftertaste will be the best combination with it because, in the end, you should get the flavor or both the food and the wine. Wines that compliment Indian food the best will be those which are light and fruity.

In a nutshell, many have started pairing their food with wines these days because they seem to be the perfect match. For instance, when the food is mildly spicy, light reds, whites and even bubbling wine go well. However, if the food is very spicy, a glass of chilled white wine or bubbling wine is preferred.

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