How to taste a beer

Murphy's Microbrewery - tasting a beer

When tasting a particular beer for the first time, most people just gulp it down, burp and say “it’s awesome” or “its crap”. Even though tasting beer is an individual art, we at Murphy’s Microbrewery in Bangalore will teach you how to taste a beer like a true professional that you are:

  1. Look

Take your time to admire the greatness of a fine crafted beer. Marvel away at its greatness before you gulp it down. Don’t hold the beer to direct sunlight as it will mask its true color. Understand the color, consistency and other variances.

  1. Whisk

Gently swirl the beer in your glass. This will bring out the aroma, nuances, stimulates and loosens carbonation.

  1. Smell

Majority of what you experience in a beer is through sense of smell. Gently sniff your beer, breathe twice through your nose with two sniffs and then sniff it once again with your mouth open.

  1. Taste

Now here comes the best part, gently sip your beer and try not to swallow it immediately. Let your taste buds work around and explore the beer. Ensure that you notice how your mouth feels and breathe out during the process. Detect any bitterness, sweetness or salty flavors in your beer. Try to explain what they are or what they resemble.

Mind you! Try tasting a beer when it’s warm. As a chilled beer tend to mask all the flavors. A warm beer will pulse through all the true flavors of a beer and become more distinct.