Home Bar Stocking Tips

stocking your home bar

We usually keep the things and people we love close by. The same should be true for your “spirit”ual needs at your home bar. If you believe that no event is complete without alcohol, read on.

We have great tips to get you started on your very own, home sweet home bar.

You neither want the most expensive stuff nor the bottom line stuff. So look for something mid-range. However, as you and your mate’s get older, your taste becomes more refined and thus, you want to indulge in good quality stuff only (which will get your bucks spending). So follow our advice to learn more on accumulating alcohol for your home bar.

Everything that you want to have at your personal bar doesn’t have to be bought at once. Set yourself a budget and prepare for alcohol frenzy.
Start off with buying the basics of everything; Whiskey, Rum, Tequila, Vodka, and Gin. Pick out the essential ones of each kind- like plain old, flavorless bottle of vodka, and extend the family by slowly purchasing variety. Same goes for the whiskey; buy a simple bottle (Like Jack Daniels) and then you can go about buying a bottle each of Bourbon, Scotch, and Irish whiskey.
Make sure you also keep a bottle of good quality rum and cognac/brandy (like Remy martin and Hennessey) in your bar. You want to put your money on what most people drink so that you can treat your guests well when they come over. If your best friend asks for a Long Island Ice tea, that rum, gin and tonic you rarely drink will come handy.
No bar is complete without liqueurs, so buy the ones that usually go with drinks like Peach schnapps, Triple sec, Bailey’s and Kaluha.
Some people don’t like the taste of raw alcohol so you have to use mixers to make it smoother. Mixers are fruit juices (orange, cranberry, and pineapple), sodas, root beer, club soda, tonic water and also, an energy drink. Do buy soda’s in small cans rather than big bottles (unless you are having a party) to make sure that every time you pour a drink, the fizz stays.
To bring out the bartender in you, make sure you purchase a cocktail mixer and also, the right glasses. To know about the glass wares for a perfect drink, check out our article “A Perfect Glass for a Perfect Drink”.Even better, visit Murphy’s brew house to experience drinks like never before.