How they Cure their Hangover?

How they cure their Hangover

“A good laugh and a long sleep are the two best cures!”

So, you had a fun night yesterday but you forget the bad headache that follows after the fun night. Hangovers are the worst fear of any drink admirers. That weird nauseating feeling and headache makes you forget about the fun you had last night. You cannot think straight. That is the point you promise, you’ll never ever touch alcohol in your life again. But we all have been through those false promises.

Therefore, better we give you the list of hangover cures. Warning! Some of the cures are strange but worth checking out if you’re desperate.

  • Namibia – In this south western African country, people drink buffalo milk to cure their hangover. Now, you might wonder what is so weird about that but it’s probably because they don’t use actual buffalo milk. Instead, they use clotted cream made from cow’s milk, dark rum, spiced rum and cream liqueur. How can you expect to cure your hangover from this drink, which probably gave you the hangover in the first place? Weird!
  • Canada – In order to cure their beer hangover, Canadians prepare a delicious food. They mix a bowl of thick-cut French fries with chunks of Canadian cheese curd and overwhelmed with a flavorful gravy of fresh pepper corns. Thinking about this dish already helps me to calm my aching head
  • Haiti – People use some little old fashioned Voodoo in Haiti to cure their hangover. Next morning when people here wake up with a severe hangover, they stick 13 black headed pins in the cork of the bottle which gave them the hangover. So, more than a cure for a hangover, this is like torturing the bottle of alcohol for giving you the headache. Sweet Revenge indeed!
  • Ireland – The Irish legend says that if you get buried up to your neck in a wet sand river sand, your hangover gets cured. Now knowing the quirkiness of Irish people, this can be a prank from their ancestor to punish their kids for drinking alcohol. But I wonder who will have the courage to go and bury themselves in wet sand when they can barely lift their head up. “Legend gone bad” for sure
  • Vietnam – People of this country think that if you grind rhino’s horn into hot water and drink it, it will cure a hangover. Now, that seems totally illegal. I don’t know about hangover, but this will increase rhino poaching for sure. So, let’s save Rhinos and drink responsibly
  • Turkey – The Turkish, Mexicans and Romanians also think drinking Tripe Soup will cure their hangover. Made up of garlic, onion and cream, this soup is supposed to be blessing on a hangover day. But thinking about this drink on my hangover days doesn’t make my heavy head go light